9.37 – When the beast strikes

Warning: Last chapter to Arc 4, and twice my usual size 🙂

Xavier’s POV


Vampires. Think they live in another world.

This particular vampire couldn’t be bothered to warn me he’d be showing up on my doorstep.


With his oversized butcher knife too.

At least his timing isn’t too bad. Nikolas is at school and Nikita is at work. I don’t want to have to start explaining who this is.

Or why he’s allowed to have a sword.


“Kevil, Velor and Assaria are dead. Why do you still carry that weapon? People are going to react if they see you walking around the streets with that. They’re going to consider it supernatural activity.”

I’m tired of these anti-supernaturals. Blowing up a school? Whoever is behind that is absurdly dumb and forced me to put up warning wards around Nikolas’ school.


“Didn’t James advise you to wear colored contacts too? It’s not common knowledge, but I’m sure the people who deal the hardest damage know about your white-eyed importance.” I asked when he didn’t say anything.

“You have a weird way of greeting guests.” He finally stated. “As for the contacts, they hurt my eyes.”

“And the sword?”


“I’m out here searching for Assaria, because you told your father you had a feeling.” Kevil stated. “And I’m hitting a lot of dead ends.”

“See? It wasn’t a real feeling. I don’t know why James sent you searching. She’s dead. We saw it ourselves.” I said with a sigh, the doubt still nipping at my insides. I just can’t seem to accept that the world is finally safe from that woman.


“But I’ve had a few leads.”

My breath stopped on its own. “What kind of leads?”

“They’ve led me here to Ridgevalley. The name Assaria isn’t unheard of in the darker parts of this town. It’s often heard along with The Dragons.” Kevil said, his eyes intent on getting me to believe.

“You’re going on a name?” It’s not enough. Assaria is…she likes to flaunt her power. She wouldn’t have stayed quiet so long. She would’ve come for us one way or another. And either way she’s dead. How could she be alive?


“I agree. A simple name isn’t enough to go on. That’s why I’m here. Can you cast a location spell for her?” Kevil asked.

“I did that the day right after, and I saw her in a morgue. She’s dead Kevil.” I insisted.

“Then it won’t hurt to try.”

I couldn’t argue with that. “Okay.”


I cast the spell, and Kevil and I waited as the blurry image inside the crystal began to sharpen.

It was dark. Very dark.

I forced the spell to zoom out.


“A mausoleum…” I voiced aloud. “See? Dead.”

“She was buried in a crypt?” Kevil asked, and I sighed.

“Kevil she’s dead. There’s no way she can be alive. My feeling was just the leftover of a nightmare. She’s gone.” I affirmed again.

He decided not to reply, staring at Nato, who was watching the snowflakes fall.


“Any news on James and Gretel?” Kevil finally asked and I nodded.

“It’s going well from the sound of it. Well, they lost the mailman. That was… really unfortunate. But James thinks she might be ready soon to help out a bit in his little basement café.”

“Surrounded by all those supernaturals? That’s a lot more tempting than the mailman. I’m the only one she can’t affect. I should’ve stayed.”

“But you didn’t.” I stated matter of factly. A moment later, Kevil spun around, apparently deciding he’d done everything he’d come to do. “Wait.” I called out, and he stopped long enough for me to go retrieve something from our bathroom, casting a quick spell on it as I walked back. “Here. Your colored eye contacts.”

“I told you-”


“I had a feeling you were lying.” I said. He was probably just not enthusiastic at the idea of having to go buy contacts. “These are my daughter’s, but I’ve magically modified them. A common brown color should do the trick. They should be comfy too.”

Kevil reluctantly took them and gave me a final nod before heading out my door, right into the cold beginning of winter.

You can’t help but be a little jealous of a vampire’s resistance to cold.


Zac’s POV


I’ve come to despise Nikolas’ face.

His sister is doing fine from what I hear, I don’t see why he has to keep torturing me like this.

“Whatever it is the answer’s no. I’m done with you thinking you can step all over me when you feel like it.”


“Well if you won’t cooperate…” He said with a tone I really don’t like.

“Again with your blackmail? Don’t you have any standards?”

“That’s ironic coming from you. You and your gang spend your time harassing girls and vandalizing public buildings.” He said with a harsh mocking tone.

Sometimes when he spouts things like this it’s hard to really come to the conclusion that Nikolas is oblivious to his surroundings. There are things he notices.

Then again, though we’ve never been caught, it’s common knowledge that we tend to…remodel.


I’m not any more inclined to listen to his threat though. So I turn around, hoping if I ignore him he’ll just go away. I know better though.

It doesn’t take very long before I hear another set of footsteps falling in synch with mine.

“Don’t follow me.” I snap without looking back. “Venkat’s still itching to teach you a lesson.” I just might be tempted to let Venkat get another suspension for this.


Oh my god this guy is unbelievable. He just won’t quit will he?

“I need you to teleport me somewhere.” He states, one hand on his hip, and his face now a lot more serious.

I try not to rudely laugh at him. “No.”

His serious façade fades.


“Why not? It’ll be cool and in my basement. I have a monster and a jellybean tree.” He spouts out like that’s supposed to be an intriguing offer.

“You’re fucking insane.” I say, really annoyed that we’re still in this mode. We’re lucky no one’s around. Nikolas’ power might let him completely separate himself from his body, but I’m still stuck dragging mine along in this state and anything I say here is heard over there. So for others, I’m suddenly speaking to thin air.

I swipe at the Niko in front of me and I’m not surprised when my hand just phases right through his body. He seems disappointed with my answer, but entirely unphased that I just swiped my arm through his corporeal body in a poor attempt to shove him away.


Once again, without any warning, he switches modes. “You don’t believe me?”

“You really think I’m the type to not believe in supernatural stuff? Niko, I’m the type who doesn’t want to get involved with that shit.” Doesn’t he follow the news? It’s wild out there.

He really couldn’t care less that I don’t want to draw attention to myself could he?


“But the monster’s some kind of mix between a cow and a plant, and the jellybean bush grew from the treasure I found at summer camp. Doesn’t that sound the least bit interesting? Exciting even? You can’t actually make me believe you’re not at the very least curious?” Of course I’m a little curious. But just a little.

I glance around for eavesdroppers again. “Why do you even need me to teleport you there?”

“My dad magically sealed the basement.”


Wow. My mouth hangs slightly open at how this guy really doesn’t seem to get it. Magically sealed basements are usually sealed for good reasons… “I really don’t want to get involved.” I say, with the meaning now doubled.

“What do you want in exchange?” Nikolas asks with a childish determination.

I heave a sigh and just wave him off. “Goodbye.”



Tak tak tak pause tak tak tak pause

I went from one side of the small bathroom to the other, scrunching up my nose each time I stopped pacing.


Venkat groaned in his corner.

“I hate these tile walls. The paint won’t stick well.” He said, looking at his art before smudging it.

I kept pacing.


Maelig sat on the bathroom sink reading some book about politics while his headphones blurted out a remix version of ‘Let it go’. We’ve learned to stop asking about his choice in music.

Apart from my pacing, Venkat’s odd complaints, and the sound of Maelig chomping on little carrots hidden in his lap, the bathroom was only filled with Maelig’s playlist of remixes.

Maelig must’ve grown tired of my pacing. “What’s on your mind?” He asked.


“Fucking Niko.” I mumbled.

“What did that bellyflap do now? I’ll beat him up.” Venkat exclaimed sending some paint onto the urinals.

“Won’t leave me the fuck alone. Trying to rope me in on some stupid project of his.” I grumbled, pacing back the other way again. It’s not like I want to help…

“I thought he hated your guts after what happened to his sister.” Maelig said, lowering his book.

“Yeah, but I’m useful to him now.” Oh Zac has teleporting powers! Let’s make use of them! Just because you have something doesn’t mean you need to use it.

I wonder how my friends would react if they knew I could teleport…probably not any better.


“Just give me five seconds with this kid.” Venkat stated as Maelig brought his book back up to eye level.

“That’s not going to help things. Believe me.” I sighed. And then something in our conversation struck me. “But…he did basically say he was willing to do anything.” I could make use of this.

“Make him butt flash a teacher.” Venkat snickered.

“Hmmm,” What could I make Niko do that could possibly be advantageous for me? What did I even want?

Well only one thing right now




The locker decides to make a sound as I lean against it. Salandra shakes her head.

“You’ll get a cramp if you lean like that everywhere.” She says, locking her locker.

“You like Niko right?” I rhetorically ask, not wanting to beat around the bush. “Go out on a date with me.”


“How attractive.” She snorts.

“If I get Niko to take you out on a date, will you go out with me? That way you can compare and see how better I am.” I say with a toothy smirk.

“No.” No hesitation. A clean and dry response. But that’s always her first reaction to anything I say.

“Oh come on…it’s not like he’d really listen to me right? You can only gain from this.” I pushed.

She opened her mouth, but no sound came out. She closed it. She couldn’t argue that last fact.


I took a step into her bubble.

“Just say yes.” I added in a lower voice. I swear she stood still for a solid second before pushing me away.

“Fine!” She exclaimed, and the grin on my face grew wider.


“It’ll be worth a date if you can manage something like that.” She laughed in my direction one last time before heading for class.

God why can’t we just go out already?


School ends…


“Nikolas.” I call out as the thorn in my side and his buddy start to head home.

Nikolas looks back at me and seems to realize my intentions, because he shoes his friend away. “I’ll tell you later.”


“Ok.” I say as I try not to slip on the iced over steps.

“Ok, ok?” Nikolas asks, the hope clear in his voice.

“Yes, but I have a condition.”

“Name it.”


“I’ll need a favor.” I say.

He casts me a suspicious glance. “Now I need specifics.” Oh he thinks he can make demands now? He’s asking me to go out of my comfort zone for his benefit-

“Nothing too dramatic.” I reply. “I’ll just need you to…take someone out at some point.”



“Take them out to dinner and a movie or whatever.” I say, leading Niko and I out of view, and deeper into the patches of snow. “They need it. They never go out with….friends.” If I start making it sound like a date he’ll back out for sure.

“Who’s they?”

“That’s not important right now, but when I ask for this favor you need to fill in.” I said, trying to put weight behind my words. He better be the type to keep his word.


I can’t seem to shake off his suspicions.

“Look. Worst thing you’ll need to do is pay for the event. I’m not asking for anything else other than just making sure they get out and breathe town air.” I clarified. And it’s completely true. I wouldn’t want him to go on an actual date with her. If he treats her like a friend, she might be that much closer to be done with his rejection.

“Sounds fishy.” He stated.

“I thought you wanted me to teleport you somewhere? Niko, I’m really liking laying low and not getting mobbed and having my school blown up because I have unnatural powers. Don’t give me the time to change my mind.” I snapped.

“Right. Okay, it’s a deal.” Finally!


I twitched when he switched to his astral mode. Apart from making me look like a crazy person, it also gives my mind an unpleasant fuzzy feeling.

“Cool let’s go.” Nikolas said, apparently wanting to do this now.

“Your basement? Right…small problem. I can only teleport to places I’ve been before.” I said, suddenly remembering this minor detail about my power.


“That would’ve been nice to know earlier…but hey! I’ve been to my basement. And I can do this kind of astral teleporting… I astraled home when I was in summer camp. Maybe we can like merge our powers or something?” Nikolas spouted out.

“Like have me do the teleporting and you deciding where we go? I guess it could be worth a try. There’s a split second between when I teleport and when I decide where to go.” It’s usually the only time I see this mode. For a split second, while I visualize where I’m going to teleport.


“And you can teleport more than yourself right?” Nikolas asked. Oh. I haven’t actually tried to teleporting anyone other than myself.

“My clothes always seem fine when I do.” I said with a shrug. We were underprepared for this, but Nikolas seemed really intent on this and the idea of getting it done with was appealing.

“Okay let’s do this before we both chicken out.” Nikolas said.


With a short intake of breath I grabbed a hold of his shoulder. “We’ll try this: when I say go, just really intensely visualize your basement and I’ll just think where Niko wants to go or something similar, okay?”

He nodded and I said go.


Nikolas’ POV

The ride over was weird. I felt my body get pulled along for the ride if that makes any sense. It was a little nauseating and the world must’ve done a spin or three, but it eventually settled down and my feet weren’t deep in snow anymore.


“AW YES!” I exclaimed as I recognized my basement. I slapped my hand over my mouth. Dad shouldn’t be home yet, but you can never be too careful. I know, I know, I should’ve continued to be a good boy and let the adults investigate this place…but I wasn’t done with it. Plus I needed to check on my jellybean tree after all.

“Interesting….basement.” Zac said, casting a look around. And then he saw you know what.


“Holy shit!” Zac exclaimed, jumping a step back. It just kept snoring. “I see what you mean by monster.” He said as his breathing came back.

I smirked. It was getting amusing to see people have the same reaction I did. It was an ugly thing.

“Don’t worry it’s sleeping and nothing can wake it up.” I said, but Zac kept it in his line of sight.


“Why did you need to come down here for?” Zac asked as he turned on a nearby light. “Is that a gun?”

“For this.” I said leaning down to my treasure bush’s level. It was so much better up close in the real world. It looked so lush and green, and had clumps of brightly colored jellybeans hanging off it. Wonderful! I planted one jellybean and got hundreds more!

Hmmm what do I do with them now though?


“Oh right your jellybean tree.” Zac said, crouching as well. I knew he was curious. He plucked one.


“So are these real edible candy jellybeans?”

“No I don’t think so. I read these ones actually have healing properties. Depending on what color they are, or if you smell or eat them, they’ll have different effects.” I said. Bah he can keep it.

He split the jellybean in two and sniffed it. “Smells candy-like…are you sure this isn’t candy?”

“Pretty sure…” I plucked one too, cracking it open and sniffed it. I snorted the air out of my nose. “Ugh rotten eggs.”

Zac grabbed another one and did the same after discarding the old jellybean in the pot. “Smells like hay and horse dung.”

“Pink smells like pineapple.”

“Black smells like…” Zac split it open and this harsh smell suddenly invaded my nose. It was intense and it made my head spin like I’d just chugged 18 cups of coffee. My eyes were wide open and so were Zac’s. “Holy geesus are you sure this isn’t some kind of drug?”

Heart beating way too quickly in my chest and pounding in my ears, it took a few moments to notice something had changed in the room. There was less noise.

There was no snoring.


I looked up, my heart beating from fear now.

The monster had moved. It had straightened itself up, its leaves flapping slowly as its head tilted to the right with a loud sniff.

“Shit Zac…”


It suddenly spun around with so much force we heard its vine straining.

Its mouth drew wide open, revealing a set of crooked teeth, and bathed the area with its foul breath.

I tried to surge forwards and grab Zac to help him, but I wasn’t quick enough.


The monster’s mouth closed in on the back of Zac’s jacket and firmly brought him in the air, shaking him like a rag doll.

It was horrible to watch.

My eyes snapped to the dagger and the gun sitting innocently on the table. Would that even hurt it?

Before I could make the decision, Zac slipped out of his jacket and landed with a harsh thud, as the monster’s head swung back from the sudden lack of weight, the jacket still in between its teeth.


And then another idea struck me.

Zac scrambled to his feet as I rushed to his side. He grabbed onto my arm, his face red. “Let’s get out of here now!” He said, already reaching for the door. Which anyway was still sealed by dad’s magic. We could teleport but-

“No, let’s teleport it.” I said, standing my ground.

“What?” Zac stared at me like I was out of my mind. The monster shook the jacket out of its mouth.


“Just teleport only it out Zac! I’ll take care of where!” I said, grabbing his hand mostly so he couldn’t flee without me. “We can’t leave it here.”


“You’re fucking INSANE!” He shouted at me as the monster let out a shiver inducing growl. He tugged at his hand, but I held it firmly as the monster reared its head up, its mouth wide open, giving us a beautiful view of its throat.


“Time’s up!” I announced as that toothy jaw came crashing down towards us.



Don’t fail me now Zac.


Somewhere else…

No one’s POV


“Oh I am pissed. Oh I am very pissed.”

“We can ignore what I just said about my lead on the kidnappings. That’s cool.”

“Who do these people think they are?? Blowing up a school!? I’m going to find them and strangle them myself.”


Please. Grace us with your plan of action.

“Assaria is right. Waving our fists at thin air won’t do anything.”

screenshot-52 screenshot-53

What is it?


“I found him.”





End of Arc 4 Volume 1



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50 Responses to 9.37 – When the beast strikes

  1. Livvielove says:

    And Xav, I love you honey, but you’re turning into that old man that asks too many questions of the sexy vampire.

    Lots of love for Kevil.
    Oh Zac and Niko.
    Honestly, throw Sallie out. LET THE NIZAC SHIP BEGIN. XD

    (Snickers), now let's count down the minutes until I'm crucified by Magpie… ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. magpie14031983 says:

    *considers Niczak and Sal having their nooboo(s)

    I actually have no issue with that!

    *helps Livvie and Blams lift their jaws off the floor

    Heck, even better, we could have like a polygamous marriage or something. Like Niko gets with Zac AND Sal because he realises he loves them both

    *helps Livvie and Blams with the jaw thing again

    Ok, now that I’ve shocked the bejeebers out of y’all. I love Sal! She just gets prettier every time I see her. I admire Niko’s ballsy attitude to put his hand in the monster’s mouth but, I sure hope it works and we don’t end up with an armless Niko! Tatiana is with Assie O_O ok, did NOT see that one coming!

    K-evil, you just get more handsome with every years! I lol hearing about James and Gretel “losing” the mailman ;D

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I know its the perfect solution to a love triangle BUT

      Yeah that’s a lot of faith Niko’s putting in the guy who accidently got his sister handicapped.

      Kevil’s like fine wine


    • Livvielove says:

      (passes out foam fingers).


      Liked by 1 person

      • blamsart says:

        NO STOP STOP *takes foam fingers away* ITS NOT HAPPENING STOP

        Yeeessss magpie did you see the guest person?? I won’t credit till we see a face XP

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        • Livvielove says:


          Liked by 1 person

          • blamsart says:

            The insertion of this character has also changed the whole course of several plot points BECAUSE UP TO A WEEK OR SO AGO THIS PERSON DID NOT EXIST.
            But now they do and they’re taking up space. Important space. Important space I had not realized was available.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Livvielove says:

              YES. SQUEEEEEE!
              (Zips mouth before she says something)
              I’M SO EXCITED.
              IT’LL BE FANTASTIC.
              Hopefully changed in a good way… or a not complicated/bad way. I’d hate to see you troubled over that.

              Liked by 1 person

              • blamsart says:

                Complicated=good in this story at this point it also =inevitable
                But no it’s all good things. WELL from a certain perspective I suppose.

                Liked by 1 person

                • magpie14031983 says:

                  Crap, no, I missed it… Gonna go back quickly and see whether I’m not so blind now!
                  Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

                  Liked by 1 person

                • magpie14031983 says:

                  Ok, I’m definitely blind. It had to have been in the last scene with Assie, but, I’m just not seeing it! Someone send me a PM please!!!
                  Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

                  Liked by 1 person

  3. Lila Remonn says:

    I am jumping onto the Nizac ship! But let’s see how the Niko/Sal ‘date’ goes first…
    Hopefully they get out of there without Niko’s arm getting chomped off!
    And hmm… Grace…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. cynanyx says:

    Okay, I’ll consider supporting Nizac.
    Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on how quickly Niko can stop being so blind…

    Either way, Niko is once again proving his… hmm… bravery? Yeah, okay, that was brave, I guess. And reckless.

    Oh, the intrigue… very interesting end scene you got there.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Duiricloud13 says:

    Gah and now this chapter has me questioning my ships for this generation; Niko and Sal, Niko and Zac, all three, or none? The suspense is going to kill me, I’m sure, along with Niko’s obliviousness towards dating and love. ^-^

    We’re getting closer and closer to that moment when Niko and Zac teleport – I guess it would be teleporting? – Niko back in time. Really excited for that, because I have a feeling when we get there it’s going to be really amazing! Then again, this entire story is amazing as it is.

    Zac cracks me up, to be honest. Even to himself, he tries to sound uninterested in Niko’s ability to get into trouble so easily, but then he gives in to curiosity and then the two scream for their lives as they run for cover. And that, I can see, is a friendship in the making, no matter how much Zac wants to disagree.

    Can’t wait for the next arc!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Oh god another one jumps onto the Nikzac ship! Ah! (Well I suppose I didn’t help with that screenshot)
      *claps excitedly* Yes! Someone remembers!
      We are indeed getting closer to that fancy event which Niko has already shoved in the back of his mind along with all that other information he accumulates in a day.
      I’m also very excited for that. I can finally start dropping clues and leads to how it evolves to Niko going back in time…
      Haha, Zac imagines himself to be a cool gangster 😛


  6. Iomai says:

    IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN. Holy feces, that cliffhanger though… Like I’m at a loss for words I’m so excited for the next arc!!! -runs in circles-

    Liked by 1 person

  7. simplyfox456 says:

    The Nikzac ship has begun! Can’t wait for the next arc.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. raymondsanti says:

    Ooooh this was so exciting! I really like Zac and Niko together (as friends… or as something more XD) Haha I’m kidding… Maybe

    Gosh I love how Zac and Niko’s powers can be combined to do stuff like that. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. What do you mean you found him, Tatiana? Did the red head ponytail lady really not notice Niko working in that restaurant? Yeesh, talk about oblivious. Guess it’s a good thing they have Tatiana working for them or else they’d never found Niko, even if he’d just leapt onto their shoulders. Wait, what the hell am I saying? GOOD THING? NO. This can only spell BAD.


    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      WELL OK
      Assaria didn’t give the dragon fam much to go on here: Teenage boy. Bandana. Dark red hair and that he was in the vicinity of the cemetery.
      Not only is the café not anywhere close to the graveyard, but our boy didn’t have his bandana on. It was just too vague for miss red-head to spot him.

      Tatiana had already seen him at summer camp, and probably told the dragons about it once the search for him started.


      Liked by 1 person

  10. Oh and gahhhh I actually love how protective Xavier is, and not just over his own family, but over the entire town as well really. My heart…..but it’s so heavy now with his sense that something awful is coming. Ughhhh. *covers head with arms* I can’ttt. I just can’t. And it’s funny because he says he doesn’t know what’s coming, but he has this vague sense Assaria is alive, and Kevil has even heard things, and would the location spell even work on remains? I kind of doubt it….He’s simultaneously hyper-aware and in deep denial. Quite the combination indeed. Not that I blame him…he knows she was killed and imagining her back is literally the stuff of nightmares. I just….T_T *hugs Xavier tightly*

    Liked by 1 person

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