9. 4 years!

Hey guys! It’s been FOUR years, holy! Per usual, I wanted to do at least a little something 😀

For this anniversary I decided to make something light and amusing. I made all my heirs into children and put them in a school like setting!

I made a small introduction that I’m going to put here and then I made maybe 15 mini episodes of little things that happen at school. I won’t put those episodes here, I’ll be posting them during the week on this tumblr, since they have more of a tumblr format. I’ve made 15, but I may end up making more if I feel like it. It’s just little goodies for fun!

So in a way, you can consider this intro as a Pilot ;D

“-and then a dragon swoops down, breathing fire…No no, that’s a whole other level of complicated. Gah, why do I always try to add dragons in everything? Where did I put the eraser?…hey things have been pretty calm haven’t they? If we ignore all the random drama and recent kidnapping…maybe it’s about time someone died…what do you think?”

Cain: Killing again? You should try keeping everyone alive.

“Well yes I guess that would be ideal.”

Cain: If you kill everyone there won’t be anyone left.

“Hmm, that’s also a good point.”

“Oh…everyone’s gone again?”

Cain: They all left when you started talking about meteors.

“Well, they lasted longer than usual!”

Cain: We have a guest by the way!

“Can you show them around? I just had an idea! Involving a very protective german shepherd…”

Cain: Ok, ok, I’ll do your job for you.

Cain: Hello! My name is Cain. I’m kind of the smartest here. There’s only one other kid who has as good grades as I do! But we don’t really care about that here. Oh yeah, welcome to Whitelight Institute! A school with a total of nine students and a teacher that isn’t actually certified to teach.

“Don’t make us look bad Cain.”

Cain: The one over there playing with blocks is Balthier. He’s nice. His grades are pretty average. He’s really known as the guy ready to play anything.

Balt: Pff, you’re not scary at all.

Cain: The one roaring even louder now is Rosahelminthe. She’s kind of the weird one of the group. She’s also a little bit of a bully, but that’s for later. She breaks a lot of bones trying to jump off the slide to fly off like a bird. Like I said. A little weird.

Cain: The two girls over there are Sariel and Zyla. They’re sweet, but it’s almost impossible to separate them. They always have to do EVERYTHING together. It can get a little annoying. Just a little.

Cain: The two playing on the console are Millie and Nikolas, they-

Millie: HAHA, I beat you! Take that! I beat all the high scores too.

Niko: I’m not a bad loser okay, but you cheated.

Millie: Noooo, it’s not my fault if you didn’t know the cheat code.

Niko: Notice the word cheat in cheat code.

Cain: Anyway, we also have-


Xav: Ahhh!

Rosa: SEE BALT. I am scary.

Xav: Why do you always pick on me Rosa??

Rosa: Because it’s really easy.

Xav: That’s mean.

Rosa: You’ll be finnne

Cain: That’s Xavier. He gets picked on a lot by the others.

Cain: And lastly…

Zyla: Come on! We want to go outside!

Sariel: I want to build a sand castle.

Zyla: And I want to go on the slide.

James: What’s the password?

Zyla: I don’t now…Peanut butter?

Sariel: You can’t do this!

James: Wrong. Beep! If you don’t have the password you can pay me.

Sariel: Ok fine. Here have a granola bar.

James: Accepted. No refunds allowed.

“Girls! What are you doing? You know we’re going to eat lunch soon. You can play after.”

Zyla: Oh right I forgot.

Sariel: Arg. My granola bar.

Cain: And that’s James. He’s a troll.

“James? A granola bar?”

James: *tosses granola bar over, still laughing*

Cain: To be honest, I think he does it really just to be a troll. Anyway, yeah, welcome.


Whitelight Institute


Thanks guys for sticking around! Here’s to another year of this crazy story!

god knows I’m still gonna be with Niko in one year



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5 Responses to 9. 4 years!

  1. raymondsanti says:

    Haha I love the Whitelight Institute idea, congrats on four years!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. magpie14031983 says:

    4 years O_o holy moly, and I’ve been here for over 3 of them lol you must be doing something right, that you keep getting repeat “business” ;-D

    I’m gonna go and [s]troll[/s] check out that Simblr tomorrow after work (if I can wait that long) I need to have something good for the long weekend ;-D Friday is Youth Day or some such here and it’s a public holiday baby!!! So I gotta start my weekend right! And what is more right than the Whitelight’s!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. magpie14031983 says:

    And, just ’cause I forgot to say it in my previous post: JAAAAAAMMMMMEEEEESSSSS! My Hunny has a voice now? Bet it’s like melted chocolate, or one of those smokey, bedroom voices *swoon
    Geez, for an Ace, I really can get worked up over a “guy” can’t I ;-D consider it due to you amazing writing, my natural inclinations take a backseat XD
    Oh, and a little (not sure if I meant this literally or as a pun or what, but it works lol) Assie and Ke-vil (*sticks tongue out at Livvie for going on Honeymoon and leaving us behind) and Gretel would also be shweet! Do people even say shweet anymore? Well, I’m a people (I think? I could be an alien… Or a Dragon… Man, I’d KILL to be a Dragon!) Where was I? Oh yeah, I’m a person and I say shweet, so I guess people do still say shweet… And if you followed that… Well, you’ve know me over 3 years ;D I’m pretty sure you got it ;D

    Anyway, short story long, congratz on 4 years, and it might be another 4 before Gen 10 appears #JustSaying not that you see any of us complaining about that XD

    Love you always, you crazy Dragon you ❤ ❤
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Lol, James’ voice has got to be a mix of those two XD

      hahaha, IT COULD BE another 4 years XD. I wouldn’t complain either, I love these characters!
      Thanks for still reading Magpie!


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