9.70 – Magic trial (Part 2)

Day 2 – Continued

“I call James Whitelight to testify.”

It was time for the next two witnesses before lunch time, and Sebastien decided to bring out his second strongest witness off the bat.

James stepped onto the pedestal and gave Sebastien a look. The detective had temporarily forgotten not everyone could read sign language. They would need a translator. Before he could ask the jury or the supervising cops to provide one, Nikolas stood up from his seat.

“I can translate.” He offered, and James gave the suggestion a thumbs up. “Though if there’s someone better, I’m not that good really.”

James shook his head. ‘Nonsense.’ And gestured for Niko to come join him. James would make sure to use only words he knew Nikolas had learned.

Nikolas managed the translation well. He successfully recounted James’ version of the events. Of how Oscar had called him and how he’d done his best to wake Nikolas up.

“I managed to give him a push,” Nikolas said, his eyebrows pulled together in concentration. He was so focused on translating that he only understood the meaning of the words after he’d said them. “But my grandson is strong and woke up on his own.”

James momentarily stopped signing, to give time for the words to register. When they did and Nikolas looked directly at him, he shared a smile that grew contagious and spread to Niko’s face.

James resumed his testimony.

“My son refused to remove the spell for no valid reason. He shouldn’t have cast it in the first place.” Nikolas translated, glancing at Xavier as he said the phrase for both of them.

Sebastien asked the next question. “Has Xavier ever made other similar questionable decisions?”

“About his children, none major that I can think of. But, I wasn’t often allowed there.” Nikolas stated, with more confidence than at the beginning of his translation.

“How come?” Sebastien asked.

“He thinks I’m a bad influence. I believe he fears my power. Does not stop him from asking my help.” James said with a grimace.


“How did this even happen Niko? Who put this tattoo on you?” Xavier demanded. There was a slight pause and James caught Xavier giving him a quick sideways glance.

Is he expecting James to help him pull answers from his boy? James crossed his arms. He was not going to interfere in whatever’s going on between these two.


“Xavier, being your son, would you trust him to properly take care of Nikolas – ignoring the event that transpired?” Sebastien asked.

The silence that followed was heavy as James considered how to transmit his thoughts simply. One shared look with Nikolas gave him the simplest of answers. James didn’t need to sign anything, Nikolas turned to his father, locking gazes with him.


The audience notably moved, and Xavier let out an audible sigh.

“On what grounds?” Sebastien pushed further, and James signed his response.

“As he said in his own …witness? Testimony, he’s lived through a lot in his youth. He hasn’t dealt with that and it’s having consequences on his decision making. My grandson is currently his scape goat for everything. I believe my son is a bad influence.” Nikolas translated, with a smirk at the end.

Sebastien backed up. “That’s all the questions I have.”

“Let’s revisit the quality of your influence.” Xavier brought back with a scorn. “Do you truly believe a murderer is a good influence on any child? And are you not a murderer? Have you not killed before?”

“I can’t deny that.” Nikolas transmitted.

“Then how can you pretend to be a better influence than I am? Without forgetting that you gave me up as a baby because you thought you weren’t a good influence.” Xavier said, staring straight at James. The latter had his eyes glued to the screen.

“I made mistakes, and I wasn’t a good influence for you then. I was aware of it, which is why I made sure you wouldn’t be affected by it. And eventually, I dealt with my past and I grew from it. Now, I know I’m not a bad influence.” James said. He turned to look at Xavier for the last phrase, as Nikolas delivered it. “You’re not there yet.”

Xavier was silenced by those words, simply because he couldn’t think of a follow-up question. His turn ended.

Xavier was prompted to call his next witness as James and Niko headed back to their seats.

The defender eyed the two with difficulty. James and Nikolas had only recently really begun to communicate. Xavier had been with Nikolas his entire life.

He couldn’t remember a time where Nikolas had acted that way with him.

He turned to his daughter. “Make me proud.” He said with a kind smile. Nikita swallowed uneasily before climbing the step.

She tried to stand tall and confident as she placed herself in front of the camera. This was going to be the worst part of the trial for her. She just needed to push through it.

She placed her hand on the pedestal and was asked to recount her version of the event.

“Tyzel and I heard commotion outside. When we went to see, the robot and my dad were almost at each other’s throats. We saw that dad had cast a spell on Niko that prevented him from talking. We tried to encourage him to take it off but he…cast a spell on us.” The story had already been recounted several times now, but recounting it herself made it suddenly personal again.

Yes that’s true, her father had actually cast a spell on her.

“But you understand, that I only had the best intentions. I was running out of choices.” Xavier followed up.

“He’s in a coma right now,” Tyzel said. Xavier resisted grimacing. It wasn’t a coma. Niko wasn’t in a coma. “because your father won’t take off the fucking spell.”

“Dad probably has his reasons…good ones.” Nikita added, locking gazes with her father. “Right dad? Something about it being dangerous to wake Niko up right now? Dangerous for him?”

“I…thought I did.” Nikita began. “I hoped I did. But I don’t. I don’t understand.” Nikita shook her head. “I don’t understand why we’re trying to make Niko into a bad guy.” She muttered, but it was loud enough to be heard.

“Nikita!” He snapped in a low voice, as to not wake up dad and Niko. Nikita snapped her mouth shut and looked up at him with worried eyes. “Doesn’t matter what your reasons were, Ridgevalley is not a safe place at night, and you sneaking out just means we don’t know where you are in case something happens. Even if I do trust you when it comes to alcohol and strangers, even though I hope you never walk alone at night, it doesn’t matter. What you did was irresponsible, and there will be a punishment attached to it.” Papa said. Niki bit my lip, my eyes drifting down to the floor. “You’ll get your punishment tomorrow, I’m going back to bed.”

But what about Niki?

Something felt a little odd about this exchange…almost as if papa was actually allowing her to go out tonight…but that was crazy wasn’t it?


She’d let these favors towards her go to her head. Her fathers had always let her get away with things. If the situation were reversed, she had absolutely no doubt, that her dad wouldn’t have cast that spell on her. And that used to flatter her ego. It still does, to know she’s the favorite…but she loves her brother and she was starting to see what this meant for him.

“It’s not about making Nikolas the bad guy, it’s about understanding that I was running out of choices to deal with his behavior.” Xavier clarified.

Nikita was almost convinced again, but she was feeling an unease – or actually an anger towards her father, who seemed determined to make her completely give up on her brother. Because that’s what was happening wasn’t it? If she took a solid stance against him…she was going to betray him just as their father had done.

And though her father kept stressing how troublesome he was…

She knew Nikolas.

He was a quirky boy with an insatiable curiosity. A genius at school just because he loved learning new things. He was quick-witted and though his curiosity did lead him to do a few reckless things from time to time, it was always…pure.

It wasn’t like her, whom most of her decisions revolved around herself. She wasn’t going to deny that.

Nikolas is always the first to help others. He says it’s because it’s a new mystery to solve, but it’s simply because he cares.

He is her opposite in many ways…and yes he’s done things that annoyed her, just like she did things that annoyed him. But these were minor things. They are siblings, and she loved him no matter his flaws, just like she knew he did for her.

And in a way these disagreements worked out for the best. Because of that, Nikolas didn’t feel the need to hold back to tell her she was going overboard. He was the only one who could get up in her face to tell her to calm down – especially in high school. Even she had to admit she’d been kind of petty then.

And most importantly, Nikolas was there for her. No matter what she did, how annoying she may have been, how petty and pitiful she may have seemed, her brother was there when she needed him.

Nikita had gone through a lot, she liked to milk it which in retrospect may have in a way blinded her from it, but truth was she hadn’t had it easy. From her dance teacher being a pedophile to fracturing her knees…her fathers seemed to approach that by letting her get away with more things. Since she’d suffered…and that had gotten to her head.

Truth was, right now, this wasn’t about her. It didn’t matter that her father had also cast a spell on her or that he was putting her in an uncomfortable position. If anything that proved that this favoritism was more superficial than anything else. It was like Tyzel had said – or well shouted.

“You’re turning your back on Nikolas! He’s your brother. You were there with me weren’t you? He’s the victim here. Not your fathers and not you, and I’m disgusted that you think that.”

Nikolas had only ever been a good brother. He had always been there for her. It would be insulting if she couldn’t return the favor.

“No I don’t understand. Nikolas isn’t troublesome and uncontrollable. He’s just a smart, kind and caring boy who’s gotten himself into a few delicate situations. Nothing that deserves this kind of punishment.” Nikita stated, taking in a deep breath as she stated her position, keeping her gaze forward. She was afraid of seeing her father’s face.

Oh look. She was afraid. So this is what Nikolas meant.

“You say you ran out of choices, but I believe you still had several more options to choose from.”

“Like what?” Her father asked in an emotionless voice. She couldn’t tell if he was angry or not, and that was making her hesitate. When she glanced across the room however, and saw how Nikolas was looking at her, she knew she was making the right decision.

“Just listening for starters. I know you say he doesn’t pay attention to what you tell him, but he does. He’s made an incredible amount of effort to try and please you. He tried to conform as best as he could. He listened to you.”

Xavier attempted a few questions after that, but Nikita’s stance was clear now. Sebastien had no follow-up questions, so the trial was put on break for lunch.


Sebastien took a sip of his coffee, showing James and Nikolas his list of witnesses.

“These are the people I’ll be calling next. These three because they were present as well. Repetition from a different point of view can only help us. I’ll be calling your uncle Evan as well. I know it seems like a long shot, but I know him personally and he’s told me of some things in Xavier’s past that could help push the jury a little more.”

Nikolas slurped his ramen noodles loudly, and one of them whipped and hit him in the face. He recoiled in surprise and then clutched his nose. “Oh god I think I just snorted a noodle!” He exclaimed with a laugh.

James chuckled and handed him a napkin so he could wipe his nose. Sebastien waited for Nikolas to have calmed down, but when the teen started attempting to tie ramen noodles together to make the longest noodle ever and the vampire actually seemed about to contribute, he began to lose a bit of patience.


“I know this feels like a win, but we never know when the tables will flip against us. So far the witnesses Xavier has called haven’t been to his advantage. We don’t know for the next ones though.” Sebastien said. “Don’t start to let loose just yet. I only have four witnesses left to call since you didn’t want to name anyone Nikolas. If Xavier has more, I’ll have to call on you.”

Nikolas shrugged. “I know that. It’s not like we don’t understand the gravity of the situation.” He said, speaking for both. “It’s just lunch break, and you’ve talked about this already at length. I get it.”

“No no no NO NO NO, NOT THE WALL,” Oscar bellowed slamming the mouse down as his character died. “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be violent comrade.” He apologized to the computer.

“What they have games on there?” Nikolas immediately piped up. Oscar nodded, patting the space beside him. Nikolas left his ramen noodles behind to go join him.

It was 5 minutes before the end of the break that Nikita made her appearance. Nikolas had wondered where’d she’d gone, not that her and his pa tended to hang out in the break room…but he’d still sort of hoped to see her.

“And you boast about your video game skills.” Nikita snorted, as Nikolas got a game over. He spun around.

“Niki!” He hopped up from his chair. “Where’d you go all lunch?”

“I made the round trip home. Pa forgot some of his pills, and I thought I’d use the opportunity to go check on your dog.” Nikita replied.

Nikolas grinned. “Thanks! I was getting worried.”

“Yeah I know you were.” She said. “I brought you something else as well.”

She brought him out into the corridor.

“My violin?” Nikolas frowned.

“Yeah well, I know how playing helps you cope and think and stuff so, I thought I’d bring it in case.” She said with a shrug.

Nikolas decided not to question his sister’s random attempt at kindness. “Thanks.”

“Don’t thank me it makes me feel bad.” She sighed. “Look, I know this is going to sound really selfish, and it is, but I’m not going to stay longer…I’ve done my testimony, so I’m going to head home now.”

“Did they…you know, yell at you for what you said?” Nikolas asked.

“Nah, pa expressed a lot of desire for this to be over, and dad talked on the phone with Aunt Erin. She’s come back from her honeymoon. She’s making the drive to come here tomorrow.”

“Fun things to look forwards to. Apparently the media gets let in tomorrow. I hear dad being on trial is kind of a big thing…” Nikolas trailed off.

“I have a selfish request.” Nikita began.

“You wouldn’t be yourself if you didn’t.” Niko smirked, getting himself a weak hit on the shoulder.

“Do you think Tyzel might want to…look at me now? He’s on your side of the room, can you like slip a hint or something?” Nikita tempted.

“It becomes selfish if you only went on my side to get on his good side.” Nikolas said.

Nikita shook her head. “No no, but Ty hasn’t answered any of my calls and I was more than happy to ignore him in turn with how rude he’d been, but I kind of expected us to actually be able to look at each other at lea-” Niki’s voice trailed off, before she caught herself. She smiled.

“Oh Niko,” She sighed dramatically, grabbing her brother in a hold. “You’re my brother,” She said as he complained and tried to wrestle free. “and I love you, that’s why I’m on your side.”

He pulled himself out of her grasp, rearranging his bandana. “Yeah, I had my doubts for a moment there.”

“I know, and I’m sorry about that.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to see this through?” Niko asked.

“Yeah I’m sure. I just…it’s a lot. I’ll call you though, and you can tell me how it went.” Nikita offered.

“You’d actually let me have control over a conversation?” Nikolas teased.

Nikita rolled her eyes with a smile. “This is getting old.”

“But is it false?” Niko asked with a smirk.

Nikita pulled her brother into a hug. “Just in case I don’t spot you again before I leave.”

“My sister getting all emotional on me. This is disconcerting.” Niko snorted.

She hugged him a little tighter. “Good luck okay? I really wish it didn’t have to go down this way.”

“I don’t think anybody does.”

Nikita let her brother go with a peck on the cheek.


Sebastien’s next witness was none other than Annie Defount. She came up to the pedestal and beautifully delivered her testimony.

She recounted the same events as all the other witnesses had, but her voice seemed to carry a little more. She also began with, not the event itself, but of her first impression of Xavier.

She left out certain details that the general public didn’t need to know of, but she put emphasis on how Xavier had been very cut and dry with his son.

His – and only his – opinion and decisions seemed to matter.

“One can attempt to justify this to the best of their ability, but in the end there is no true and valid reason to cast this spell on not only your own son, but a minor. His level of ‘difficulty’ cannot justify this reaction.” Annie stated.

Upon Xavier’s turn he retaliated, asking Annie whether that was still the right thing to do if his son got himself killed.

“A different parent would not lead their own child to take their life in a reckless manner.”

Xavier’s third witness was Traz. He hadn’t been sure if Traz would accept to be honest. He’d lost contact with him and Annaliese for a while. The two were important supporters of a pro-supernatural movement, and were often out of town trying to gain sympathy.

Now that the trial had spread through the news, his arrest was becoming something of a changing point for the tensions between supernaturals and naturals. Traz would be able to help him, by stressing that Xavier was not a threat as a supernatural.

Traz fulfilled that, standing in front of the jury, he elaborated on Xavier’s incredible control over his own power and his distinct lack of abuse from it. On the contrary, Xavier was rarely seen using these fabled powers of his. Not that they were in question, but clearly he didn’t rely on them.

“Xavier has indeed messed up as a father, but it does not warrant imprisonment. Everyone makes mistakes, this was just another small one. A quick slap on the wrist should be enough.”

Jesse frowned from his seat as he waited for the alarm or whatever to go off. The pedestal must’ve detected his dad’s lies right? I mean sure it was subtle, but…nope the alarm hadn’t gone off.

“Dad you’re not supposed to lie!” Jesse piped up. He was clearly a far superior detector. Though he couldn’t pinpoint his father’s exact lie, he could tell he had downplayed the truth.

“Jesse it’s not your turn to speak.” Traz warned him.

“You have to tell the truth dad.” Jesse added, before slinking back in his chair. Of all the people, his dad should know better.

Traz turned back to the camera, the jury awaiting the real truth this time.

“Was there something you wanted to add?” Xavier asked.

Traz gripped the pedestal. He could feel Annaliese’s eyes boring into his back. He needed to present this well. In the event that Xavier did go to prison, it had to be as a father who’d mistreated his son, not as a supernatural who’d lost control.

“It was a big mistake…but it was a calculated one. It wasn’t naïve or uncontrolled or impulsive. As it is known, Xavier also has a sixth sense that helps him predict consequences as well as evaluate danger.” Traz said. Xavier finished his questions, not wanting to have Traz stumble on his words any further.


Sebastien had lent Nikolas use his phone so he could watch some of the news reports during the afternoon break.

Xavier Whitelight, famous for being the most powerful witch and also in the top most powerful supernaturals still alive, is on a magic trial currently in Polshore for casting a harmful spell on his son. Rumors are this may be more about his ability as a supernatural than as a father. Several have voiced a preference for jail – one less over powered man on the streets they say. Tomorrow the Polshore trial will be open to the general public. Everyone is invited to come witness what may just be in an important pivotal point in the history of tensions between supernaturals and naturals.

“Well that’s one way to twist it.” Nikolas scoffed.

“I’m going to play on that this afternoon Nikolas, just as a warning. I’ll be calling Terrance on the stand. I know him well and he has quite the experience on this.” Sebastien said.


“I’m telling you this because it’ll diverge a bit from the main subject – it being your father abusing you.” Sebastien explained cautiously.

Nikolas shrugged. “Hey, this just means you’ll be touching how dad has affected others right?”


“Then it clearly doesn’t have to be just about me.”


“You have experience in magical impairments and disasters do you not?” Sebastien asked.

Terrance nodded. “Yes I do.”

“How would you judge Xavier, on a magical standpoint?”


“Hasn’t it just been proven that Xavier barely uses his magic?” Sebastien asked.

“That happens to be the root of the problem. A witch, in particular, needs constant practice of his magic to attain a true control. If not a build-up may occur, which it has several times in Xavier’s past. There are records of an explosive display of magic near Ridgevalley’s harbor, as well as in the countryside – to name a few. Xavier being the source.” Terrance elaborated.

“But those were decades ago.” Sebastien added innocently. “Would you say he’s attained a stable control now?”

“One thing Xavier is especially known for is his lack of supernatural participation. He is never seen using magic, however he hasn’t lost control. Now either he’s found another way to maintain his abnormally high magic levels – through meditation perhaps – or he uses them constantly for small things, such as cleaning the house, cooking, and others. Now in both cases, it limits the magical use to the house itself, which can cause a toxic accumulation of magic. Some sensitive people can be susceptible to that. I believe everyone is familiar now with Edmund Pallen’s magically induced heart condition.”

“Would this not just be another ignorant mistake?” Sebastien asked.

“It could be dismissed as such, but as previously mentioned Xavier possesses a sixth sense. It grants him some prediction abilities and he can sense when things are out of norm.  Theoretically, Xavier should’ve been able to sense this change in his husband as well as his son’s distress and true intentions.”

“Doesn’t his sixth sense simply imply a vague sense of danger?”

“Yes, and clearly it was ignored and not looked further into.” Terrance replied. “I see here the actions of a man trying to isolate himself and his family, by keeping said family locked inside the house and limiting any contact with the outside. Now as an individual, there is no judgement to be made on someone who wishes to be alone. But in this case, his family has suffered from it. If not jail, I suggest a therapist.”

Sebastien no longer had any questions to ask, and Xavier felt the need to reply.

“Imagine,” Xavier began, his voice carrying easily across the room. “Every time you wake up you get a sinking feeling in your stomach. Every day, you can feel that something horrible is ahead. How do you even begin to address that? Our world is so full of horrible things about to happen, that I get this gut feeling from everything. Would you encourage your children to put themselves in harm’s way, when each time they leave the house this gut feeling hits you?”

“Locking someone away is, nevertheless, not the answer.” Terrance replied. Xavier waved his hand carelessly, letting his head fall onto his other hand.

The second day of the trial was ending with Tina Jales as a witness. Xavier’s adoptive mother took confident strides towards the podium, placing her hand on the pedestal. The trial had disturbed her so far, and she hoped she’d be able to clear everyone’s mind on this matter.

“Do you believe in these claims?” Xavier asked, immediately referring to Terrance’s testimony.

Tina straightened herself and prepared to deliver the speech she had devised. “I believe my son has suffered through a lot.”

“Already at a young age he was suffering from severe attacks of claustrophobia. Add onto that, that he was being bullied at school, and we learned later that his best friend was being physically abused at home which had consequences on him as well. But he pushed through that! My brave boy went to see a therapist for his claustrophobia, he stood up to his bullies and helped save his friend.”

“That wasn’t all, Xavier was born in a generation that hated on supernaturals, so he felt the need to hide his identity as a witch. He also lost a friend to an illness and was subject to his boyfriend’s father’s homophobic decisions. All of that before he had graduated high school! University was supposed to be a return to normal for him. A period of time to digest what had happened. He was working on being attuned with his magic side.”

“But life was unfair to him again. He met his biological father, who needed help in saving Xavier’s half-sister. So Xavier had to discover a whole other side of his family, and all the supernaturals things that came with it. He suffered another tragic loss at Uni too. It’s only natural that Xavier went through some troubling times, where he had difficulty controlling his powers.”

“Like any of us, I’m sure, and even more so for Xavier. He was dealt a bad hand in life and had to carry that. But he managed to cope with that, he did deal with his past and it’s made him into the man he is today. He built himself a family and established a normal life.

It’s only normal, after everything he’s lived through, that he’d rather keep to himself and most importantly – keep his family from danger.”

“Anything, and any decision, Xavier has ever made was to keep everyone around him safe. He’s a father now and he wouldn’t wish the pain he’s suffered on anyone – especially not to his own children. Can you really blame a father for that? His family fighting against him is the problem here. They need to understand where he’s coming from. Xavier is pushed to these limits because he’s afraid of losing them and because they draw away from him. If everyone could come together in this common goal – staying safe – it would all be much simpler.”

Sebastien crossed his arms. “His intentions may be pure, but his actions are not. Do you not agree, that as father, he should not under any circumstances have crossed this line?”

“I say you should all put yourselves in his shoes, even for a moment.” She said before leaving the pedestal.


As promised, Nikolas recounted the trial’s events to Nikita that night. Particularly his adoptive grandmother’s point of view.

“I suppose it’s not false.” Nikita sighed. “If what she says is true then dad is just suffering. And we should get him help.”

“That’s PEANUT BUTTER.” Oscar clanged loudly enough so Nikita could hear him.

“What?” Nikita asked.

“That’s just Oscar using his new found curse word. There was a…peanut butter accident during supper. Oscar’s declared war on it.”

“I’ve still got some stuck in my clogs! I can feel it!” Oscar said, shaking his behind.

“Well tell your robot to stop insulting me. It’s not like I’m saying what dad did is justified. Just that…I sort of get what Tina was trying to say. Look Niko if you ever get called on…you could bring up a lot of things.”

“Elaborate please.”

“I can’t believe I’m suggesting this, but in a way we’ll call it a test okay? I love our fathers, but as you said this event seems to be bringing out the best in us, so let’s see who dad really is.” Nikita said.

“You’re doubting it too?”

“I’ve been thinking a lot.”

Nikolas snorted. “I hope you take frequent breaks. Your poor brain must be exhausted.”

“Hear that? The sound of me hitting your head.” Nikita threatened. “I’m just saying, some time away has made me realize that dad and pa may not be that wonderful.”

“You really are slow on the uptake.”

“Look basically, I weighed the pros and cons, and dad going to jail happens to be the better option.” Nikita stopped beating around the bush.

“Damn, dad should really have known better than to dare cast a spell on you. You flipped fast.” Nikolas mocked.

“I didn’t flip, I was on both sides. I just ended up falling on yours.”

“Out of convenience.”

“And common sense. Can I get to the point now?” Nikita asked impatiently.

“Yeah yeah.”

Nikita sighed, picking up again. “I’m just saying, dad might’ve done some things that make him a little pretentious.”

“We know where you got it from now.”

“Will you stop attacking me.” Nikita asked in a deadpan voice.

“Right right, sorry you’re just giving me all these openings!” Nikolas chuckled.

“Look, things like the basement right? Or dad knowing about that game experiment and not doing anything about it.”

“I get what you’re getting at.”

“Good. I’m totally on your side Niko and I…want to see who dad really is. Him refusing to take off the spell, hearing him talk at the trial…It’s like I’m seeing a new side to him that was actually always there. And it’s a little scary.”

“You want to be proven wrong.”

“Don’t you?” Nikita asked.

“Yeah of course. Contrary to what you three seem to think, I do want things to go back to normal. I miss that. And I wonder if it really would’ve been easier if I’d listened to dad word for word.” Nikolas thought out loud.

“But our normal isn’t the best it could be. And we’re pretty exceptional you and I, we deserve the best. I don’t need parents who smother me and cushion me and you don’t need parents who choke you and blindfold you.”

“HERE HERE,” Oscar declared with a clap.

“By the way,” Niki picked up again. “Your dog peed on dad and pa’s bed.”

Nikolas burst out laughing. “Surprisingly I’m not surprised.”

“Oh hey Niko, did you get to, you know, talk to Tyzel?”

“Nope and I’m not going to help you win him back.”

“Ack ok ok, I’ll wait till after the trial.” Nikita acquiesced.

“You really are learning. I’m so proud of you.”

Nikolas could practically see his sister roll her eyes as she hung up on him.

“She’s still super rude.” Oscar said.

“I don’t think that’s ever gonna change.” Nikolas scoffed. He put his ‘emergency’ phone on the dresser, but he didn’t feel tired enough to go to bed just yet.

His eyes drifted to the violin his sister had brought over. He was tempted, but he didn’t think these walls were sound proof enough for that.

He didn’t want to wake Sebastien or his grandpa and put them off their game for tomorrow. Apparently if all went well…at the end of tomorrow the jury would convene and decide the final result. It was going to be a big day.


To be continued…

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  1. Livvielove says:

    Ok here we go again! (cracks knuckles).
    James’s testimony really warmed my heart. Niko looked so happy to have someone praise him and I… the way Xav reacted was just… ack. It’s hard to find a lot of words to describe how you can make someone feel, Blams, but just know you’ve really hit a string of emotions in me.
    Niki REALLY caught me by surprise but in such a good way! She’s still selfish as all shit but at least she’s learning to acknowledge that.
    I got a little pissed when she wanted to see if Ty would reconsider being with her – I really hope he’s done with her. While she’s grown a lot I think going back to Ty would only make her revert to her selfish self.
    I do understand why she doesn’t want to stay and be caught in the middle of the trial… I REALLY get it, but… I’m still disappointed. While I understand it, I’m 100% on Niko’s side and I wish she was too. I’m not really mad at her though. I DO get it.
    Annie really hit home and Traz was a total sleeze.
    Once again, Oscar keeps things bearable with his humor and adorable wit. PEANUT BUTTER indeed.

    I have to say, Blams, you’ve really fucking outdone yourself. This chapter is emotionally hard-hitting and it’s nice to see Xav being forced to face what person he’s become. I did get a little weak when his adoptive mom testified but honestly all that shit is in the past. You can’t justify horrific actions because of a bad past. That’s not how abuse works.
    This comment is getting long, but I just thought you ought to know that you’ve got me hooked and I hear this next part has someone special in it? 😉

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  2. magpie14031983 says:

    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s chapter to drop! I love Xav to bits (how could I not, after all I’ve watched him go through in his Gen *thinks of Oliver and wails* and come out the other side relatively ok) but, I don’t like the way he’s been with the kids. I am interested to know how this would have turned out if Niki was the heir, but, I am so glad we get to see through Niko’s eyes. I find it hard to judge everyone from the previous Gen because of what happened. That being said, I totally do NOT condone what Xav did.

    Anyway, great chapter, as always. I think that one way or another (does anyone else now have that song in their heads, sorry… Off topic) I’m going to be gutted… That being said, I hope Xav maybe gets a magic “lobotomy” of sorts, rather than jail. And, then, James can get a house close to Sallie and Niko (and Oscar) can go live with him… *waves Team James flag and foam finger*

    Liked by 1 person

    • magpie14031983 says:

      Oh and I’m waving a Team Sallie flag and finger as well… Step back Seb’s daughter… Our heir is spoken for already *glares at unknown girl*

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