~ Hello Again ~

It snowed so harshly that day, that the horizon disappeared in a cloud of grey. September had only just begun, and no one had ever seen a snowfall of the sort so early in the winter.

The causes weren’t unknown however.

The witches had decided to join the battle.

After centuries of the world suffering as the Fairies and the Vampires bickered viciously on any unlucky land – decimating all who stood in their path to dominance – the Witches had gotten fed up. They’d decided to join the war, so they could stop it.

The battle raged between the peaks of Twinbrook’s neighboring mountains. The amount of magic being thrown around was so intensely concentrated that the air vibrated with it – causing light illusions to appear.

A witch stood apart from the battle, content to watch its results from afar. Spectacles of the sort were few and far between.

She was widely known among the witch families as being the Sorceress Supreme. A witch of immense unrivaled power. She had appointed herself General of the Witches, and none had protested.

Assaria Clavez was her name.

She sighed happily as she watched the sparks bounce off the mountain tops. She could not have asked for better entertainment.

The witch watched curiously as someone exited the battlegrounds. They weren’t a witch, nor a fairy, nor even a vampire. But Assaria didn’t sense this newcomer as being a natural either.

The newcomer waved, unflinching at the explosions making the snow tremble behind her.

It took a few moments, but Assaria finally recognized her.

The one woman she seemed to forget – constantly – and the first person who had ever welcomed her in this world.

It had been centuries – no millennia – since that day, yet both ladies hadn’t aged at all. And Assaria still didn’t know this comrade’s name.

Well hello again, it’s been a few decades. Did you find the story you were looking for?

The blue-haired woman grinned. “Yes! I think I quite officially have now.”

Come join me.

Assaria extended her hand, willing a block of ice to form with her magic.

“Oh gracious thank you. I’m quite tired of standing up.”

Assaria wondered momentarily about this woman’s immortality. Her own was simple enough. She simply could not die, but she could be injured. And if she was, it healed as any wound did.

But this mysterious woman never had a wound on her. She’d just stepped out of one of the most vicious battle grounds in supernatural history and she had nothing to show for it.

This war really brings everyone together doesn’t it.” Assaria said with a wicked grin. The Witches were a fickle group, separated in power by family. They were in constant battle between themselves, but this war had given them a united front. Never in history had so many witch families come together to fight arm in arm.

“I’ve been accompanying the Whitelight family. I found them again.” The lady declared.

Among all the witch families, the Whitelights were in the top three. United their power rivaled and even surpassed Assaria’s – not that they needed to come to this realization.

They’re powerful, but they’re quite a reckless bunch. I’d be willing to bet most of those showy explosions come from them.

“I’ve been following their youngest daughter closely. I’ve never met anyone who fit my story criteria so perfectly.”


“I think this is the right one. I feel it, she’s a major part in my story. She’s the cutest thing, with bright red hair-”

As most Whitelights have.

“And bright blue eyes. She’s quite the tomboy. Her parents have promised her to the heir of the Keeper family to join their bloodlines. She’s not happy about that.” She chuckled. “What about you? Have you found your elusive white-eyed?”

I’ve found his name Tarnowak. I still have yet to find him. He hides in the gutters. But it’s only a matter of time. I’ve hired every one of the witch families to find him for me. They believe it to be a sacred mission.” Assaria laughed.

The blue lady sighed contentedly, watching the spectacle as well.

“Rosahelminthe will make a fine witch I’m sure of it. I’m excited to tell her story.”

If she’s anything like her ancestors, I’m sure we’ll be treated to quite a show.



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6 Responses to ~ Hello Again ~

  1. Livvielove says:

    Yaaaas. I love these one shots.
    Assie and ST have an absolute beautiful gromance.
    That was a KEEPER name drop oh and a Rosa name drop and so many goodies. Can we talk about how BA Assie looks, just casually plunked out in the middle of a goddamn blizzard just shooting the shit with ST?

    Damn this is so great. ❤

    Liked by 3 people

  2. fabtiffsim says:

    I’m new around here, but your impressive screenshots lured me in! I’m gonna find out what the holy heck is happening!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. magpie14031983 says:

    Nope… Not as good…. Better (if you can imagine a brilliance so divine)

    Liked by 1 person

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