9.72 – Who won?

Start of Volume 1 Arc 7


I know at this point it’s pretty obvious, but I wanted to come out and make it official. This generation is NOT going to end anytime soon. I have too many ideas and no real concrete reason to limit myself. To give you an approximate, I consider arc 1-6 as being the PROLOGUE of this generation. So just a fair warning, though I mean it was pretty obvious. I’ve been writing this generation for a year and half and Niko started as 15 years old and he has a little under 5 months before he’s 17 years old. (he’s an October baby)

I’m practically treating this as a dramatic tv series at this point haha


Salandra’s POV

“-Magic trials have been discontinued. That day’s events demonstrated how ineffective the Hans artifacts were. They promised us safety against supernaturals and not only was the prisoner able to effortlessly get rid of his shackles, but another supernatural burst into the trial without any resistance. At least four people were injured that day.

The newcomer’s staff was found to have a recognizable symbol on it generally associated to the Keeper witch family – which haven’t been heard of in centuries. No experts can yet verify whether truly a dragon was perched on his shoulder. Visually, it seems to be confirmed, but theories suggest the creature may be an illusion or even a robot created by the witch, Aleccas Keeper.

His powerful presence negates all theories that supernaturals are going extinct. That coupled with the appearance of random powers leads researchers to believe this may just be a mutated evolution of the supernatural population. Government considers stopping the funding towards saving the supernaturals from extinction.”

The whereabouts of Xavier Whitelight are still unknown, but witnesses say the Keeper witch declared he would be trialed and sentenced according to proper witch laws. Historians say it’s a mythical trial involving complex spells no longer possible to cast in this day and age. Considering the jury of the magic trial themselves had found Xavier Whitelight guilty and worthy of a sentence, historians judge the witch will fail this ancient trial. Sentences of old could vary from going through a complex ritual to rid someone of their magic or going through a series of obstacles meant to cause a drastic personality change – see even reducing someone to a slave. Whether the Keeper family has kept these traditions is unknown. Nonetheless, it seems doubtful that Xavier Whitelight will be seen again in the near future.”

The radio continued to play vaguely in the background as I fiddled nervously with my phone. I kept cleaning the screen over and over again, but the more I tried to wipe the grease with my thumb the more I simply added grease onto it.

I shouldn’t. It’s too early. The trial was only two days ago.

But I miss him so much. We barely got to see each other at the trial. We were cut short.

I scrolled through the phone, finding the number for his emergency phone. My finger hovered on the call button, before I resigned myself to clinging to the phone. Two days isn’t enough time. A lot of stuff happened. Nikolas can’t go back home because of it all.

I can’t believe there was a dragon with that mysterious black-haired stranger. That was a real dragon wasn’t it? Incredible…

This is unbelievably difficult. I feel we’ve grown apart, even though it hasn’t really been that long. It’s just now that I have this overwhelming hope…

I mean that wasn’t just me was it? When I kissed him on the cheek that day, he didn’t look disgusted or insulted – he smiled. He likes me. I knew it. Even after I broke down when….you know.

Even after that he made sure to be there for me.

I still need him.

He’s going through something big now, I want to be there for him too. I’ll just call him, ask how he’s doing, and if he wants to hang out…my fingers began reaching for the call button again, but I gave up.

I don’t want to sound desperate.

Clearly I’ll just be a bother for now. Since he so easily forgot me the last few days. I was trying to grieve but…

Exactly, I should show my support! But I still don’t want to impose…how can I know if he’s settled into his new life yet?

I guess I’ll just have to wait then.

Either I lose patience and call him, or he calls me.

I’ll admit, I have a preference for the latter.


No one’s POV

It’s the middle of June, but it still smelled like late spring to Arahelel. Well, if she was trying to be precise she’d go with early autumn. But Ridgevalley in general felt humid and foggy to her. It had only been a year and some since she’d left, but she still couldn’t get used to the difference. Cloverfield had clearer skies, since it was further away from the sea.

Arahelel got up and stretched a bit, rolling her shoulders. Using her tattoo always made her shoulders ache for a few hours after. But for some missions…she just needed to use it.

This mission had taken her some time, she’d been gone for several days from the Dragons. It had unexpectedly gotten elongated when some heavy stuff went down in Polshore. It still baffled her how some people reacted to a crisis. They hear of a trial gone wrong in another town by the hands of a supernatural and that’s somehow a valid reason to rampage the streets and drag suspected supernaturals out of their homes? Bleh, Ara needed to take a shower to rid herself of that filthy thinking.

Arahelel easily followed the familiar path to find the entrance to the home that had accepted her in. She’d only been with the Dragons for a few months now…maybe 4 or 5 months? But she had no trouble calling them her family. Even if there were a few who didn’t like her – but that was just because Arahelel was exceptional at what she did. The older members tend to get a little jealous when the newer ones outshine them.

The green-haired teen was pleasantly curious. She’d heard from Terrance that the Dragons had included a new member – and that Terrance was working hard on getting him on their team. Apparently Skyla was fighting just as hard for him. Terr had mentioned getting a déjà vu from when Arahelel had joined. He’d also been headbutting Skyla to get her on his team. Clearly he’d won.

Whichever team the new kid was heading for, Ara was just happy she wouldn’t be the new one anymore.

“Arahelel, welcome back.” One of the top Dragons, Skyla, greeted. “Did everything go well?”

“As well as it could. I have some more names for Terrance.” He wanted to keep a tally of how many children were showing up with unusual tattoos.

“Oh no, there’s even more?” Skyla shook her head.

Ara shrugged. “Yeah, guess they’ve upped their success rates.” The teen made to keep heading for her room, but Skyla stopped her again.

“There’s some activity going on downstairs. It might interest you to go check it out.” Skyla said.

“I don’t know…”

“The new kid’s getting everyone’s panties in a bunch. You might be sad you missed it.”

Arahelel considered the idea with a smirk. It could be worth checking out real quick before she crashed in her room for the day.

She could hear the clamor before she’d even gone down the stairs. A decent amount of people had gathered in the practice arena to watch. Ara made her way over on the familiar floor to catch a glimpse. This area was easily her favorite place in the den. She’d spent hours at a time in this place, sparring alone or with anyone who felt they could take her on.

Everyone had a special ability of their own here. Whether it’d be thanks to a tattoo, weapons of choice, or natural talents. And they were all experts in their own unique way – with tools. Arahelel had easily snatched first place for hand to hand combat.

T had originally been considered the best at that – which was one of the reasons Ara was so disliked by her.

She tried catching a quick glimpse from her spot, swaying right and left in the hopes of seeing what the newbie would bring to their community. She’d heard a rumor that he’d brought a pair of katanas with him, but she didn’t see the flashing of any swords.

Instead she saw Tristan facing another boy crouched in a weird exaggerated position that had Arahelel grimacing. It was horrible posture for sparring. She approached the crowd and was noticed by her mentor, Terrance.

He asked her how her mission had gone and welcomed her back to the den, before answering her yet to be asked questions.

“He’s not the best fighter, he does have some basic skills, but he has a knack for not giving up easily. You know how it is with sparring,” Terrance said. Of course she did, sparring was a lot more relax. People tended to let themselves be beaten a lot more during sparring than they ever would in a real fight. “Well he’s competitive to the point where he keeps narrowly not losing. It’s quite amusing.”

“And that’s another down!” The new kid declared triumphantly as Tristan stumbled back to his feet. “Who’s next?”

Oh he wasn’t just competitive but cocky too. Of course Skyla was also competing to have him on her team.

Terrance tapped Arahelel’s arm with a look and a smirk, but she’d already thought of his idea.

Arahelel made her presence known. “What’s the count?”

The teen turned to her, tilting her head. “Eight.” He answered with a cocky grin.

“AND IT’S ABOUT TO BE NINE.” A robot shouted from the back. A dog barked in approval, but the robot shushed him. “I can cheer for Niko all on my own thank you.”

Ara scoffed, stepping into the middle to face him.

“It’s easy to win if you only spar with unexperienced targets.” She said, stretching her arms.

“Eh?” Tristan exclaimed. “I’m not that inexperienced.”

Some people from the crowd cheered her on. “Yeah Ara! Show it to this cocky kid!”

“Let’s see this experience.” Nikolas grinned, raising his fists up. She mirrored him, her hands loose.

He leapt forwards aiming for a frontal punch, but she could tell it was a feint before he’d even begun to switch. She easily ducked his real attack and fell to a knee.

Using one hand as a lever, she delivered a quick weak punch to the back of his knee. It wasn’t strong, but it was just enough to unbalance him.

She expected to see him fall backwards and lose within two seconds, but somehow something better happened. He’d managed to react quickly to her attack…

And fall into a bridge position instead. Rules of sparring dictated that to lose one needed to actually fall on the ground. He was still safe.

“Oh…fuck.” Nikolas said, realizing what kind of awkward predicament he’d found himself in.

Ara couldn’t help but laugh. “This is too easy.” She snickered, reaching down and tickling Nikolas’ sides. “You’re giving shame to the eight people you’ve already beaten.”

“Haha fuck!” Nikolas struggled as he laughed, managing to get back on his feet in a diagonal motion. “I didn’t lose!” He specified unnecessarily.

Arahelel snorted. “Alright then.”

From then on it became a series of Arahelel locking Nikolas into various holds and him continuously refusing to give up and often times finding a way to slip out. It didn’t change that in a real combat Ara could’ve easily broken all his limbs and then some, but his persistence and his lack of frustration at his obvious inexperience was clearly unparalleled to what Ara had dealt with so far. People were so quick to give up these days.

Their sparring began to drone on, Nikolas repeatedly asking for encores, to the point that their audience rapidly dissipated to go occupy themselves elsewhere. They could only take Ara beating Nikolas so many times.

“Ok.” Nikolas said from his spot on the ground. “You win.”

Arahelel burst out laughing, giving him a soft kick in the side that had him chuckling too. “I think I’ve won more than once at this point.”

“Can you teach me?” Nikolas asked, pushing himself up.

“I may require a salary, but you seem like fun to teach.” She said.

“Ok! If you’re still up for it, let’s go another rou-” RING. “Quick raincheck, I’m being hailed.”

“Hello? Oh hi! How are you?”

“We were certainly,” The robot spoke again. “much better in the game, but Nikolas is still acceptably awesome at this – dog where are you going? Your rightful spot is at my feet.”

Nikolas drew the phone away from his face to stick his tongue out at the robot. “That tall chair is getting to your head Oscar, it’s not a throne you know.”


“What? Oh sorry, I was just talking to Osc-…studying? I’m not really worried about that…well yeah I know we have to take summer exams because we missed the finals, but it’s not like I don’t know these subjects. I know them really well actually. I’ll probably study five minutes and then that’s it.”

Nikolas paused as the situation was presented to him in a long winded explanation.

“Oh, you want my help? Studying?…no no sure, that’s cool. I can help you…study. Tomorrow? Uh well I don’t have anything planned so sounds fine.”

“Perfect! I’ll wait for you then. I’m always up at 5 am so whenever you want to stop by – you can come by as early as you’d like.” Salandra grinned. She clutched the phone with a smile. “Goodbye.” She added in a small voice before the call ended on the other side.

She slowly brought the phone down, staring at it with that same permanent smile.

Yes. Her impatience had won.

She set the phone down on the table beside her, staring blankly at it for a few moments. Now what was she supposed to do before tomorrow arrived?

She eventually decided on something and headed out of the room as her uncle came in to practice a bit.

“I’m going to play a few pieces.” Chase announced.

Salandra turned around and gave him a smile. “Okay, have fun.” She said before leaving the room.

He would’ve thought she’d enjoy listening to him play. She used to ask his exact practicing schedules.

Chase’s eyes caught onto something on the coffee table – as they usually did whenever Salandra let something lie around. Chase was a compulsive cleaner.

Salandra had left the phone he’d bought her on the table, and usually that wouldn’t bother him as much, but something seemed odd about it.

He picked it up and examined it.

“Salandra did you drop your phone? It wasn’t cracked like this, this morning.” Chase said, but Salandra had already disappeared upstairs.

He shrugged and pocketed it. He would get someone to repair the screen for her later in the afternoon.




Hey y’all, Arahelel is another generous and beautiful donation from Livvielove. Yeah I know so many it’s like, like, some kind of, COLLAB.

But hey, I’ve got to mix in some outside genetics right? Throw in some of the neighbor’s genes into my game’s genetic makeup. And Livvie’s got some A+ looking peeps over there.

P.S. Rant note: This simple chapter took ages because my game had a crashing fit (MIDDLE OF SAVING EACH TIME) and it’s back to taking 2 hours to load. I’M GOING TO HAVE TO TRY MY MIRACLE ANTI-LOADING TIMES METHOD. But truly, I may need to invest in a real computer in the near/far future, because this habit of crashing while I’m saving is really cumbersome and may be indication of a memory or disc fail.

Real Life P.S. Continue to expect more last minute updates heh, I’ve officially stepped into very busy lifestyle until the holidays



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  1. Livvielove says:

    Don’t you know by now Blams that we’re all in it for the long haul? I’m too invested in these characters to say goodbye, especially now that James is tagging along. It’s like my dream come true!
    Right-o… Sallie… you’re… uh… oh my. Someone had a temper tantrum. Niko… (leans in to whisper)
    RUN BOI RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was all about Sallie but I’m starting to look back and she’s… oh god. She probably should seek help.
    But anyways ARA! My Ara! ❤ Glorious she is, and her humor is on POINT. I loved her and Niko – they had such a hilarious dynamic. OK YOU WIN. Yes, I think I have won many times. (snorts)
    Then there was Oscar. I demand adoption papers for him. My child he is forever now. I died when I saw him on his throne and his interactions with Nato… ack such a perfect addition. I'm so glad we got to keep him. .> <.< (gulps) D'awwww shucks though. We all have pretty people, we're just lucky to get to share.

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  2. magpie14031983 says:

    If I was still playing TS3, I’d be tempted to send you a couple of my simmies lol then you would have a whole passel of interesting looking townies… Can I make a request? I’d really like to see Jupiter and Ed in this story at some point… Pretty please, with cherries and sprinkles and moonbeams and fairydust!!!!

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  3. shortredrose says:

    I’ve gotta say that I loved this chapter, as usual, but GOD the human population is annoying me. “Well, we’ve seen these two supernaturals with this much power so that MUST mean that ALL supernaturals are completely safe from extinction due to loss of magic, humans killing them, etc…” even though there are naturals being born to supernatural families.
    Unless I’m just reading the whole thing wrong…

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