9.74 – Woof

Nato’s POV

“Oh hello, Nato was it? Curious aren’t you? So am I. Very. I can’t figure it out. Do you smell anything peculiar about it? Maybe your superior dog nose will pick something up. I have my suspicions about it. Though Skyla says I’m wasting my time. That was before what happened at the trial however. Do you want to know a secret?” Whisper. “I think it’s an egg. Annie thinks I may be right too, which is why she supports me researching this. Not that I’ve made a lot of progress.”



“Ah! Masak! The halls are no longer safe!”


“You can’t catch me off guard. An expert is on their feet out of the sparring grounds too. Nice try though.”

“Wait, wait, I miscalculated-”

“OOF, Nato boy haha! This is where you were hanging o- oh god buddy you’re not a puppy anymore, I can’t breathe if you step on my lungs!”

Sigh. “Can’t you at least try to behave? Sparring is meant for the arena not the corridors. Have some respect.”

“It’s okay T, the only one getting hurt here is Niko.”

“I’m not hurt! Nato my face!”

“What if there’d been someone behind that door you threw him through? They would’ve gotten hurt. You’re part of the Dragons, try and show it a little more will you?”

“Bye to you too.”

“Wait- Nato get off for a sec, Tatiana wait up!”

“Tatiana? Is that her full name? Yes Nato go check that out for me, I don’t feel like running after those two.”

“Seriously? Could you not yell my name out for everyone to hear!?”

“What? I didn’t know it was some big secret.”

“Doesn’t matter anymore does it. You’ve shouted it loud enough for everyone to hear. What do you want Nikolas?”

“You’re really just a grumpy person in general aren’t you. I’m really curious though. The Dragons are a great group, so what’s with the getup?”

“That’s my business. Is that really all you had to say? What a waste of my time.”

“The feeling is mutual, but Terrance told me to ask you for details about why you guys went to the bank. He said you were the expert on it.”

“Of course he did. Curses are my expertise.”

“And here I was running after Kaan when you were the one to talk to.”

“Yeah and the conversation just ended. I don’t want to talk about curses with you.”

“Can’t you put your dislike for me aside for one second?”

“Can you stop being a hyperactive brat? Jeez you and Ara are the same. The place was FINE and PERFECT before you two came along. Now it’s all Ara take the lead or Let’s fight for Nikolas. When I got here the Dragons were a tight knit group and now that our founder gets kicked off the throne it’s like we opened our doors to all the stupid vagabonds on the street. Let’s take them all! Doesn’t matter if they’ll rat us out or make our operations fail. Who cares as long as they’re clean and good-looking and can punch without hesitation, then it’s a golden deal!”


“Yeah you’re included too mutt. Not even a care for possible canine allergies.”

“Just leave at this point before Nato bites you.”

“Don’t listen to her Nato, you’re not a mutt. And when Oscar calls you a mutt…I’m sure that’s with a lot of affection.”


“-but aren’t you my age?”


“And you’re the sole leader on all these research projects!?”

“Haha I know it seems like a lot, but keep in mind Annie’s group is really small. And I’m the only one who’s even interested in this stuff, heh…”

“The only one!? But you’re doing research on the lethal properties of fairy dust– And! That egg over there.”

“Ooh you also think it’s an egg? There’s nothing official about it and Annie is the only one who believes me, but-”


“That’s not true! I believe you too!”

“Haha right, sorry Bianca, two believe me.”

“And your mom too. I know she supports your theory too.”

“So wait…Masak right? Masak do you think this could be a…dragon egg? Like as in dragon? That was at the trial?”

“That’s also the conclusion I dared to get to. I know a lot of people think it was just an illusion and that he’s a good light caster, but that dragon really seemed real to me. And it fits the myths I’ve seen in some books. But they were meant to be extinct or actually they’re not meant to be real.”

“I was there, I can tell you it was real! And that magic wasn’t light casting. My sister always makes light shows with her magic and that wasn’t it. That was strong real magic. People can deny it all they want Aleccas Keeper is one of the strongest witches I’ve ever – anyone has ever seen and he has a dragon with him. Just for fun I bet.”

“Even from a tv that was incredible to watch. But where did he go? He really just sort of appeared and then…vanished.”

“I don’t know, he made sure we remembered his name before he left. I’m assuming he’ll pop up again somewhere.”

“Speaking of his name…Keeper. Wasn’t that a famous witch family?”

“I did hear that on the radio too. But it’s an extinct witch family isn’t it? From the witch wars?”

“I don’t know, but do you know who would? Skyla! She’s the number one expert on supernatural history here. Especially wars. It’s kind of her field. Come on, let’s go see if she’s there.”





“-has been a recurrent subject as of late. I was wondering when I’d get visit on this. Yes the Keeper family died out centuries ago.”

“Then how do we explain Aleccas Keeper? And he seems like the real deal, not just someone giving themselves an important title.”

“I wasn’t there at the trial myself Nikolas, but Terrance and Annie said the same thing. The Keeper family in itself was a pretty big deal back in the day. Claiming that title can be pretty provocative. If you boys are willing I can give you a quick history lesson if you’d like. I’ve done my fair share of research on the Witch wars.”

“We’d greatly appreciate it Skyla!”

“Witches used to be a lot more intense back in the day and snobby. Their population was separated in terms of families. The most highly viewed families were the most powerful. Among those, the Keepers and the Whitelights, as it happens, were at the very top of the food chain. The Whitelights, your lineage, were known for their spell making. Your ancestors created a lot of the most complex spells there exists. The Keepers were known for their devastating techniques. Precision and technique were their strong points. There was a lot of bickering between families and a lot of the families died out or faded out of existence. The witches were known for incessantly fighting in between themselves. There’s one time in history where they did battle with someone else, and that was in an attempt to stop the ravage of the war between fairies and vampires. Now rumor has it, that the Keepers were killed in that battle, fighting side by side with the Whitelights, which isn’t surprising since the two families had planned to join by marrying their youngsters together. However, there are rumors that the Whitelights betrayed the Keepers in the midst of the battle to secure themselves at the top of the food chain. The cause of the death itself is uncertain, by magic? Fairy dust? Vampire poison? The history books can’t claim anything on that note. But whatever Keepers were left from that battle – if any – faded into the background for the centuries that came after.”

“So theoretically, there could have been some Keepers left alive after all this time!”

“That’s a mighty long time to stay low though.”

“It is a possibility, but his magic seemed very well trained. Annie said the power he possessed wasn’t that high – in terms of raw power she senses more from you Nikolas, but his technique was on point. He was trained by the best of the best. And the best of the best, no longer exist in this day and age.”

“But if there are Keepers still alive, why have they kept low for so long?”

“For their own reasons I’m sure Masak. Though if that truly was a real dragon he brought to the trial…then that in itself may be a reason. Even during the witch wars dragons didn’t exist. Actually in all the history books I’ve read, dragons have been classified as a myth.”

“Wouldn’t that be something?”


“You’re moving out?…no no I think that’s cool! I’m just a little surprised Niki…Well I definitely want to go check out your apartment when you get it.”

Move in with you?…Well YEAH I’m surprised….You’re dropping this on me out of nowhere. You really expect me to believe you’d leave pa alone?”

“I wouldn’t know. I haven’t talked to him since….No he hasn’t, and I haven’t either. I just don’t really feel like it. I bet he’s destroyed over dad disappearing….I don’t know, and I don’t want to know Niki.”


“Let’s take a left turn this time on our jog Nato! The other path was pretty plain yesterday.”

“Mister Terrance, I’m a rickety old robot, please don’t make me beg on my knees.”

“I would if I could Oscar, but giving you an extra set of arms isn’t going to be easy, see impossible. There’s not really space for extra machinery in there.”

“Ok, ok, what about just one? In the back? For multitasking purposes.”

“I don’t really have the expertise to go dealing with adding circuits either. I can’t guarantee your arm would work like you want it too. If even I can add one.”

“But can you at least reduce the creaking in my joints? The noise is really distracting.”

“On that note I might have some oil for you….”


“Yes? Hello? Oh Maxwell…you’re up early…Curious that you’d actually be intrigued. But yeah I’m doing okay. I’m with my grandpa for now…If Aunt Erin wants to talk to me why are you the one calling?…Uhuh, out of concern, not because aunt Erin is angry at me or anything…obviously, the whole family knows they’re best friends since middle school. I wasn’t surprised that she defended him…I’ll take your word for it…Yeah well, I’m a little busy these days, so I’ll call you back on that….yes yes since it’s of primordial importance, I’ll make sure to go see your mom as soon as possible.”

“What is with these people Nato? Whatever come on let’s go.”


“Interested in the groups Nikolas? I’m curious to know what you’re going to help out in.”

“I’m still curious about what everyone does.”

“Well if it can be of any help, I’m personally in charge of anything mythical or that challenges the standard opinion.”

“The existence of dragons for example?”

“Yes exactly, as well as the existence of white-eyeds.”

“Like Kevil?”

“Exactly like him, he happens to be the very last one alive.”

“I hadn’t realized white-eyeds weren’t common knowledge…What else?”

“Some of the subjects I search into lead to nothing. That can’t be helped, but currently I do have an inquiry that no one is working on, if you wanted to look at it for a little while.”

“I’d love to!”

“It’s pretty abstract as far as these go, we only have one book talking about this. But I’ve recently heard rumors and whisperings that have led me to consider this.”

“The Doomsday of Tomorrow?”

“It’s a rather strong subject I know.”

“Is it because of the tensions between supernaturals and naturals? Do you think this could lead to a full out war that would cause something like an apocalypse?”

“I don’t know, but I do know that this book is very old. And has been rewritten a few dozen times to preserve it. The subjects it speaks of also seem to correlate with what I’ve heard. It can seem far fetched, but that’s what my domain is all about. Read it, and if it interests you, come back to see me and we can discuss it.”

“Okay, I will.”

“Hi Grandpa! How’s it going with the whole rescue the girl thing?”


“Me? I’m still doing good.”


“Ah but I have Nato and Oscar to keep me company. Plus there’s also Ara and Tristan and Masak and Bianca, to list just a few.”


“Um yeah I know, but, I don’t really want to? I guess I’m a little afraid of calling my other friends. I know they aren’t angry at me or anything, but…they were practically all there at the trial. They saw everything go down. It was kind of a…hard moment for me, I don’t want to relive it just yet. If they call me though I’ll answer and we’ll talk and everything! I just don’t feel like calling them right now.”



“Oh that? A book Annie gave me. About the end of the world apparently. Should make for some interesting reading.”

Top top top top


“Nato puppy! What are you doing on the couch!? Are your paws clean? Oh you’re a lucky boy I would not have been happy if you’d dirtied my cushion. Tristan already spilled juice on it yesterday.”

“Oh sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt anything, I’ll step out now, bye.”

“See grandpa, A+ company. You never know where it’ll pop out from here.”


“It’s my favorite place to eat in Ridgevalley and it’s walking distance!”

“How old are you Tristan?”

“I’m 13!”

“Oh I’m still the youngest.”

“Aren’t you just a few weeks old?”

“Yes which makes it hard to be older than anyone around here.”

“The youngest are the ones who get away with more stuff you know! Or at least that’s what I hear. I don’t have any siblings so I can’t attest to that.”

“I haven’t seen your parents around. They let you leave the dragons as you want?”

“Considering they don’t exist…well they’re dead actually. Terrance took me in and he’s pretty relax about everything like I’m sure you’ve noticed.”

“I don’t know he’s very stubborn about not giving me arms.”

“Maybe you should try asking for something else Oscar.”

“Like a rocket launcher?”

“Haha, maybe you could learn to make modifications to yourself. That way you don’t have to rely on Terr, he already has a lot to do.”

“Hmm, maybe…”

“Well here it is!”

Rinnnng “Oh someone’s calling me.”

“I’ll go get us a seat then.”

“Hello?…Hi Sal! How’s it…going?…Well that’s great to hear!”

“Nato don’t you find it a little weird? Don’t get me wrong, I also like Salandra, but he hasn’t talked about his visit to her house at all.”

“Yes…that’s…wonderful. As long as everything is clear between us….Sure we can hang out…some time…I’ll uh call you back.”

“Yeah I think something happened Nato. And I’m not happy about it.”


“I’m a horrible friend aren’t I?”

“What makes you say that Nikolas?”

“I don’t want to see her, even though she’s going through things right now. Salandra I mean.”

“On the contrary, I think it makes you a good friend. Give her time to breathe. I don’t think you should see her for a while. A long while. An undetermined while. Now let’s go eat! I’m famished!”

“I don’t think they sell anything that can be eaten by robots.”

“I will feed on their electrical system.”


“As your personal self-assigned alarm clock Niko, it’s about time to call your sister.”

“Yes, yes, I wasn’t forgetting.”

“Of course not, you don’t forget anything Niko.”

“Is that sarcasm?”

“I don’t know because I really can’t remember a time where you forgot something. I may have the same affliction you do.”

“What happened? She didn’t answer?”

“The phone’s been disconnected.”

“That’s weird, did your dad forget to pay the bill?”


“He wouldn’t have dared to-”

“It’s not important, I need to go to sleep.”



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5 Responses to 9.74 – Woof

  1. *Mpart* says:

    Oh Nato…
    I’m attached to Bianca and Masak already! Oh my goodness! Why the hell would Ed disconnect his phone? That little asshole. That hug at the end? Adorable. GOODNESS I’M A MESS OF EMOTIONS.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Livvielove says:

    I really love how this chapter was laid out; things had been really heavy for quite a while – all the things Niko had endured. It was nice to take a step back, yet still watch as Niko perseveres. Nato’s perspective, while not very VERBOSE was absolutely touching.
    You somehow managed to portray emotions without description… The last few pictures absolutely broke my heart. I’m so glad that Niko has Nato looking out for him. ❤
    This chapter was beautiful and there were a lot of subtle details I'll need to reread to make sure I get.
    You never cease to challenge my understanding of how chapters can be great.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. magpie14031983 says:

    Wow. That was… brilliant! The idea to see the story from Nato’s viewpoint was and is inspired. Yet another reason why I adore this story.

    I have to admit that my favourite parts were Tat telling Niko off for calling her name out loud, and Nato’s take on a convo with James 😂 Hi my lovely, amazing, gorgeous and powerful James “…” I’m good thanks and yourself? “…” well, obviously that’s not how it went 😁 imagine if Niko had a crush on his grandpa!!! Eeewwww! That is totally left up to me, and Liv, and Mpart to be the James fangirls club!


    • blamsart says:

      Tat’s little rant was indeed amusing if only to laugh at her XD
      As for James, well it’s not easy to resist idolizing him a little but i wouldn’t use the term CRUSH, that sends weird heebie jeebies!

      Liked by 2 people

      • magpie14031983 says:

        You’re right, as always! James can’t be a “crush”! I’m full blown, utterly devoted to him!

        #FangirlAlert #JamesWhitelightRulesTheWorld
        Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!


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