9.76 – You never know with astral

Wow so guys haha, this chapter was supposed to be about something else, but it really evolved and I ended up making a video, a cc object for pose referencing, and two edited versions of the world I use for Ridgevalley, Auberon. (along with an incredible amount of poses, but that’s nothing new)


Nikolas’ POV

“Oh haha,” She snorted humorlessly. “Are you getting enough sleep?”

I considered my answer. “Well…I do sleep.”

“Then why are you falling asleep in my presence?”

“I didn’t actually fall asleep. I was just thinking.” I clarified. Though I do feel tired. I guess my trick of using astral while my body sleeps doesn’t work that well. I thought I’d found a loophole! While my body slept, I was free to explore the astral world. I could poke around to see if Sebastien’s daughter was close by, or I could test out rewinding time. I ended up revisiting a few things that happened – like the trial. Oh and some of the times I spent with Salandra, in an attempt to figure out…well why.  I ended up finding out that I can’t see my astral self if! I even went back to moments I know I was using astral but I couldn’t see my astral self from then. I’d theorize that going back in time is really just an observing activity, but it doesn’t change the fact that I ended up switching bodies with myself once. There’s still so much to figure out about this power – I’m really curious to know what she’s found out so far.

I glanced up to notice Nikita looking at me with a blank stare, clearly unhappy that I keep not giving her all of my attention. She sighed. “Well anyway, I was saying I bought something for you.”

“What? Why?” I instantly recoiled. Her interests and my interests don’t go well together – I can only fear what she could’ve decided to buy me.

“Cause I felt like it! Is that a problem? You can’t just accept a gift, you have to question it?”

“What is it?”

“Since pa disconnected the phone, I got you another one.” She beamed, pulling out this fat piece of technology.

“You bought me a phone?”

“Yeah you know, communication is important. I have no idea why pa shut down your phone. It was a stupid move.” She said with a shrug.

“I know why – he blames me. For everything.” He probably even blames me for the charges the police are trying to pin on him – something about obstruction of justice and domestic abuse related to our basement.

“No he doesn’t! It’s clearly not your fault.” My sister instantly replied.

I shrugged mockingly. “I don’t know Niki, he suspiciously shut off the phone right after you decided to move out. I bet he blamed me for that.” I stated.

“Tsk, stop it Niko. Pa’s a victim of this too.” Nikita snapped with a patronizing tone.


I returned her glare. “Yeah, cause his husband got whisked to who knows where. And why? Because his son talked and complained.” It’s not like pa has ever shown any sign of the contrary. It’s always been dad first. Which I used to understand.

Nikita bit her cheek, before letting her shoulders sag. “Okay I’m done trying to defend him.”


“Here you go then.” She said, extending the phone towards me. I took it, with a significant amount of hesitation. “It’s important for me that we stay in contact.” She added. Probably referring to how she’d needed to rummage to find our grandpa’s phone number to be able to call me.

“Heh, yeah me too. I want to pay for the phone though.” I added.


“Niko it’s fine, I got it.”  She said with a frown.

“No, really I insist.”

She waved me off again. “It’s not like you have income for this.”

She doesn’t seem to understand that I don’t want to have to rely on her – or anyone for that matter. It’s a nice thought, but…

“I do actually, I didn’t quit my job or anything. They saw the trial, they know why I couldn’t come in for the next few days.” I even got a call from my boss, asking me how things were going for me and to reassure me that I still had a job if I wanted one.

“Oh in that case then, okay.” Nikita finally acquiesced. She played with her hair. “I’ll be getting the lease for the apartment next week. I don’t actually have enough income to live alone, so I’m going to roommate with Maxwell for a little bit.”

“Woah back up! Maxwell? Did I really hear well?” I asked, as Nato slithered his way into the conversation.

“Yeah, well he’s been wanting to leave his home for a while now. He actually called the house asking for you the other day, that’s when we concluded we could manage it together. You’re still invited to come live with me! Still very recommended.” She added. I wasn’t a fan of living together with my sister – but add Maxwell to the mix now? Yeah, I’m going to pass.

“Nah, I’m fine where I am for now.”

“Are you sure? Isn’t the Dragon place like some kind of big community? Don’t you want your personal space?” She inquired.

I shrugged. I hadn’t gotten any problems so far. “I can get personal space when I want to. I’m good. The Dragons are cool.” Sometimes overly nice, but it can be amusing.

“Alright then.” Nikita said. She started wringing her hands before she set her face onto the table. “Agh, I tried, I tried really hard Niko.”

“What is it?”

“Tyzel still won’t talk to me.” She whined.

“Oh, that.” I resisted rolling my eyes.

“I know, I must be getting annoying with this, but, you have to understand Niko, it’s like I tasted the forbidden fruit and I just can’t get enough.” She elaborated a little too much.

“I don’t need details.” I grimaced.

“He’s wonderful and I messed up and now he won’t talk to me.”

“I would help but – no I don’t really want to.” I snorted.

“Yeah, I know you’re not the best at giving love advice, you might even be the worst.”

“I am capable of taking offense you know.”

She scrunched her face up. “I’m just saying you have a slight track record.”

Hardly, more like you gave me a track record.

Oscar had taken this exact moment to come into the conversation.

“It’s hardly Niko’s fault. He has to deal with crazies!” He provided.  Oscar had apparently noticed something in my attitude and I’d ended up telling him and James about my weird study session with Salandra. From then on Oscar had decided to call her all sorts of names, the most common one being crazy. It was making me feel a little bad for sharing…just a little.

Nikita gave me a highly confused look, demanding information.

“Ah speaking of,” I cleared my throat. “Salandra confessed to me.”

“Ooooh really? How unexpected.” Nikita said with an instant grin.

I sighed at her. “Don’t do that.”

“What? Give you the benefit of the doubt?”

“It went really bad.” I said, trying to emphasize the bad part.

“Oh no…you rejected her?”

“Yeah, and she took it badly.”

“You made her cry!?” Nikita recoiled.

“No! That’s not what I – arg…” Why is she so quick to make me out to be the jerk in this? I wasn’t, right? I tried my best to be polite.

“Jeesus Niko, what happened?”

“Well – she – basically tried to force herself on me.” I struggled out. It’s weird to term it as such, but James and Oscar had really brought it to my attention that, yeah, that’s basically what happened.

“…. Hahahaha! Yeah ok sure.” Nikita snorted.

I frowned. “I’m serious.”

“This is Sallie we’re talking about.”

“I know it is.”

“She wouldn’t do that. She’s so shy it hurts.” Nikita added with another laugh.

“I swear to you, she wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

“You’re exaggerating Niko. You probably thought her smiling at you was harassment after you learned she likes you. Unbelievable.” Nikita rolled her eyes. I can’t believe her.

“Seriously? You can’t just take my word for it? Okay, fine. I’ll show you.” I snapped, as my world instantly leaked itself of color.

I floated, at ease with my astral body, and reached over to pull my sister into the astral realm with me. My body automatically retrieved my wand and cast the spell that brought her in.

My sister knows about my power, but it’s all just been talk for her. So I’m not surprised she had a mini heart attack.

I was a little too angry at the moment to stick around and show off a bit. Still holding her hand, I willed time to rewind, by turning an imaginary gear with my free hand. My sister ripped her hand from mine once I’d done a quick teleport into the Grace household.

“Jeesus Niko! A little warning next time!”

“You’re gonna watch this, and tell me that I’m exaggerating.” I stated.

“Woah wait, did you actually take us-” She began, glancing around.

“Yes, back in time, with my astral power. We’re just observers, so don’t go getting any ideas.” I said crossing my arms.

“This feels so wrong, being in someone else’s house like this.”

“We can’t be seen.”

“Oh here you two come…”

It was weird, watching the events from just a few days ago.

It makes me a little sick.  What the hell got into her?

And thankfully I could tell my sister was growing increasingly disturbed, up till the point where I left the scene.

Niki opened her mouth to speak a few times, before she just sighed into her hand. “Crap. Sallie why?”

“Believe me now?”

“You can’t blame me. I never pegged Sallie to be a girl unable to control herself.” Nikita said. “And you can’t blame her either Niko! She’s going through a tough time. I guess this is her way of coping?”

“It’s weird as fuck.” I grumbled.

“The world works in mysterious ways.” A voice, coming from neither me nor my sister caught our attention.

Salandra was still in the room, collapsed on the floor, even though I’d been gone for a while. Why does she have to look like such a mess? And why does she have to act like one too?

“I thought…It’s not too late.”

“It’s not too late.” She mumbled to herself, and I nearly jumped when the tattoos on her hands began to glow slightly. She closed her fists however, and the raw magic accumulating dissipated.

My eyes widened a little. “Do you think this could be about the tattoos?”

My sister eyed me oddly. “I have no idea.”

“That maybe somehow, the fact that she still has her tattoos is messing with her mind? That coupled with grief?” I thought out loud.

“Um I dunno? Maybe? Did they affect you? What do I know about magical tattoos?”

“Right, you’re not the right person to ask. Okay, let’s go back.”

“Ah! Thank you! This is weirding me out.”


After parting ways with my sister, I remembered the call Maxwell had made the other day. Since I was already in town, I decided I might as well stop by to see what aunt Erin wanted to tell me.

…but that didn’t mean I needed to rush over there. The weather was being very accommodating. Not too hot, since summer hadn’t officially arrived yet, but just enough to warm up the skin.

I plopped down on the fountain, as Nato amused himself with slow pigeons.

“Dog you’re not scaring them like that. You need to be aggressive not playful! Look, let me show you.”

I’m not one to appreciate nature, but I don’t know…feels nice today to just sit down and do nothing.

The Dragons are great, but there’s always something going on. Bianca running after Tristan with her shoe. Skyla having full shout out discussions from one room to the next. Tatiana grumbling about some other person who’s annoyed her.

And it’s great! It’s fun, they’re a great group and I’m glad they accepted me so easily. But I guess…I haven’t? I don’t really consider myself a Dragon, or really part of the group. It’s only been a handful days, I’m still an outsider.

That might just be the thing, in a handful of days I went from having a family to…

Not knowing who my family is.

I have all these people who support me, and I’m grateful for it, but… I don’t have a home anymore. It feels like I’m just floating around, just hanging onto the Dragons or my grandpa for a ride. And if I moved in with Nikita – it would just be the same thing. I’m just tagging along with them.

Not that I want to get my own place, I just…

I don’t see where I fit in anymore.

“You’re deep in thought. Is this about Salandra, because if you want my opinion-” Oscar wandered over from the cluster of pigeons.

“No, it’s okay I already have your opinion Oscar.”

“Maybe you should listen to it more. I was right about your dad, was I not?”

“Yes you were, but your methods were questionable.”

“Okay, fine I can agree with that. As long as the end result is the same.” He shrugged with a clink.

“Oscar…how are you adapting to this? Everything is basically new to you isn’t it?”

“Yeah it is, that’s what makes it fun.”

“Don’t you sometimes feel…out of place? What with you being the only robot.”

“I forget about it. It’s not like you and Nato treat me any differently.”

“That makes sense.” If there was any place I did feel right, it was with these two. “So! Do you want to do something fun? Like take the summer exams for me?”

“I think you’d get a better grade if you took them.”

“Probably, but, ugh, not only is that a very boring activity but I’m undoubtedly going to bump into Salandra.”


“Then I will accompany you with my steed, and we will chase her away.” Oscar declared triumphantly.

“Pfft, I think you’re a little heavy for Nato.” I snorted.

“Who knows!” Oscar said, turning to Nato. The pup smirked at us, with a writhing pigeon in his mouth. “Dog why are you eating pigeons!?”



I settled back down, shaking my head a little at myself. I’m thinking too much, way too much, about little things. I need to get more sleep. I thought I was a genius with my body sleeps while I astral technique, but I guess my mind also needs to sleep.

It’s not like I was doing anything incredibly productive in astral, mostly exploring the Dragons’ den – and exploring Ridgevalley a bit. I went back to Seb’s place, hoping that maybe his daughter would be there, but – don’t know what I was thinking really. When things calm down, maybe I can ask Mr.Detective if I can talk with his daughter. He’s kind of busy now, what with him trying to place charges on pa.

I have been wondering how she found me though.  Not at Seb’s apartment – for all I know that could’ve been mere coincidence since he is her dad – no I mean in my dream.

I remember she’d said she’d come to help me get out of this dream, but how did she even know I was in trouble? Oh, unless Sebastien told her. Maybe he thought that was the best way to help me.

Nato suddenly lept beside me to land into the fountain with a resounding splash that soaked my hoodie.

“Haaa! Nato!”

The pup in question just splashed around in the fountain.

Right, I’m thinking too much again aren’t I?

I shook my arms of their excess water droplets, only to feel water splashing my back as Nato played around.

Ah well, if you can’t beat ‘em…

“You two are crazy. On a robotic standpoint that seems like suicide.”

I flipped backwards into the fountain, with Nato happily splashing around me.

“Are you sure Oscar? The water isn’t deep!” I called, pushing the dripping water out of my face.

“No really I’m good.” Oscar said as Nato jumped on me.

We played around, splashing water at each other, catching glances from random wanderers who simply shook their head at us. I was soaked to the core, but I didn’t mind, it was fun and refreshing.

Though, okay, when I slipped and fell in the water, that was a little less pleasant. You know, when the water starts soaking up in your underwear.

Getting back up, my earlier thought process struck me again.

Wait a second, it doesn’t fit with what I was told. Sebastien came over because Oscar called him, but he didn’t know what to expect. And I woke up shortly afterwards – that means he didn’t have the time to call her or alert her or anything.

Of course there’s also that whole fact that dreams aren’t really astral are they? Or maybe they are on some weird level? Could it be possible that she sensed I was in trouble? I mean, I still don’t know much about astral. I know that when I activate it near Zac he gets pulled in as well. I also have high suspicions that the same happened to me when she appeared in Seb’s place. That has to imply some kind of connection right? I don’t know anything about astral really, maybe, who knows, maybe my brain sent out this distress signal and she ended up hearing it?

Does that sound too farfetched? Water is a good conductor for water, maybe astral is a good conductor of communication?

I got struck with a probably insane idea, but the urge hit me to try it. Plus, you never know unless you test it out.

I jumped and grabbed onto the top part of the fountain, pulling myself up.

“Just please don’t crack open your head.” Oscar said.

“Don’t worry,” I grunted. “I’ve got this.”

I stood on top of the fountain, the water flowing around my shoes, and I brought my hands to my face.

I slowly inhaled, part of my vision draining of color as I prepared myself to shout, into what I hoped, was the astral world.

“Is anybody there?” My voice echoed, yes echoed, into the empty space in front of me. By the look on Oscar’s face, he’d heard me, but it still felt kind of surreal to me the way my voice had carried.

So naturally, I kept some hope out, that maybe I’d been heard.

It was kind of a foolish idea to start with. Not like I’d ever heard anyone shout in astral, and really if she’s not anywhere nearby how would she even hear me?

But…something tingled up my back.

It had worked, but I barely had a few seconds to react or even say hi. As I turned around, I felt my feet start to follow the flow of the water…

And soon enough my whole body followed along with it.

Way to be smooth Niko, slipping off a fountain, damn it.

Oh yes, hello I’m calling you from who knows where only to spectacularly show you how I trip off fountains, yes this is a specialty of-

Two hands grasped onto mine and I suddenly felt lighter for it, floating in between stability and free fall.

The resounding splash we heard – that had us both flinching – revealed that my sudden weightlessness was due to me separating from my body.

“Oops,” She said, her mouth curling up into an apologetic grimace. She pulled me up onto the fountain, my body at this point just floating along, which made it unnecessary for her to help me but I didn’t mention it.

“Thanks anyway.” I said, quieter than I intended, but her expressive eyes indicated she’d still heard me.

“Hopefully, you didn’t get hurt falling.” She said in concern.

I shook my head. “I’m sure I’m fine.” I said, without needing to check on my physical body. It wasn’t that big of a fall.

“Well to answer your question, I’m here.”

“I didn’t think it would work.” I shook my head in amazement.

“It’s crazy, I don’t know how you did that. I was in my living room in Cloverfield and I suddenly heard you out of nowhere! That’s over an hour away.” She exclaimed. I stood, just as wide-eyed as her, realizing I hadn’t thought further than trying to see if this kind of contact was possible.

“I think formal presentations are required,” I stated. “and we’re already holding hands so we’re halfway there.” I said with a slight smirk.

“I didn’t realize dream boy was a bit of a dork.” She said with a barely concealed snort.

“Oh he tries, dream girl’s caught him on a good day.” I replied with a careless shrug, earning another snort. I’ve never heard a girl snort like that, it’s amusing.

“I’m Ashlynn,” She said, before leaning forwards. “But it’s a mouthful, so call me Ashe.”

I leaned forwards as well, as if we were sharing a deep dark secret. In a way, we were. “I’m Nikolas, but you can call me Niko.”

“Niko and Ashe, explorers of the…of the…”

“I call it astral.” I supplied.

“Explorers of the astral plane!” She exclaimed with a wide grin.

I shook my head, the grin contagious. “Damn if I’d known this was going to work, I would’ve tried it earlier.”

“But haven’t you been kind of busy? I don’t mean to pry, but my dad worked on your case and I did see it on t.v. – I didn’t think you’d have time or even want to talk about something as trivial as astral.” She said.

“That’s pretty much exactly why! It’d be kind of nice to not talk about that for a while you know?” A breath of fresh air and whatnot.

“Well in that case! I’d love to hear about astral. You look experienced!”

I smiled shyly at the comment. I’m far from experienced. “Ah ha, I’ve only been at this for a year. I’m curious to know how you even knew to come help me back then.”

“Oh yeah…it’s weird, but I was actually sleeping, and I don’t know. My dream became lucid, and I kind of just sensed…?” She started to explain, gesturing with her hands to follow her words.

Thing is, our hands were kind of still linked. I looked down with a small smirk as she dragged my hand along with hers.

“Oh oops!” She exclaimed, noticing it herself. “We probably should let go now.”

“Well we have finished our introductions.” I added.

We let go with small embarrassed chuckles, before Ashe picked up again.

“I didn’t hear anything, not like this time, but I could tell someone was in trouble and I just followed that feeling. And then I found you in what looked like a mental cage, so I thought I’d see if I could help you out. It’s only a few hours after, when I talked to my dad that I found out it hadn’t been a dream.”

“I actually might’ve – probably definitely – heard that conversation with your father. Well bits of it, I didn’t mean to pry.” I confessed.

“Then you might’ve heard my dad telling me I should stay away, but I got curious.” She said, not the least bit concerned with my accidental eavesdropping. “I wanted to see for myself that you’d made it okay.”

“I’m happy you did, or else I would’ve kept thinking you were just part of that induced dream. To think there was someone else who could astral like me all along!”

“I know right? It’s exciting!” She gushed.  “I’ll be honest I’m really in awe, how did you so easily go into astral just now? It usually takes me a good solid few minutes.”

“Just now? Well I have gotten good at shifting into it, but that wasn’t me. I thought you’d somehow pulled me in.” I said in surprise.

“You can bring other people in? Ah well, it must’ve been because you can astral too right?” She suggested.

“No actually, I’ve brought some of my friends in before. My body just needs to cast a spell.”

I realized it, the same moment she said it. “Oh, but I’m not a witch. Or any kind of supernatural, I can’t cast magic.”

“Then how did you…”

“It must’ve been because we can both do it.”

“There might be some truth to that, because – well I don’t want to tire you with the long explanation-” I started, cutting myself early. I’ve been told I can blabber on and on when I get into stuff that interests me.

“Oh no, please do!” Ashe – Ashlynn insisted. They’re both pretty names, I don’t know what to go with.

Anyway, I proceeded to explain to her the experiences I’d had with Zac getting pulled into astral. Comparing them with how I’d gotten dragged back to my body when she’d visited me.

“Which I’m assuming had to be some kind of response, but you also disappeared almost immediately after.”

“Yeah…my time was up, apparently.” She said with a small roll of her pale green eyes.

“That’s what you said in the dream too.”

“Oh yes, but that was different. It’s a little complicated…” She grimaced.

“I’m good with complicated.” I grinned. I’m not a straight-A student for nothing.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to take up too much time-”

“Are you kidding? I’m the one who called you here, I should be asking that question.” I laughed.

“I’m just worried, you seemed to have company.” She said, gesturing behind me, but her eyes not leaving mine. I didn’t need to look either, I knew what she was referring to.

“Nah, they won’t notice it if I stop time.” I said with a dismissive wave.

“Whaaatt?” Her eyes widened.

“Yeah that’s another trick I learned!” I grinned.

“You can stop time? Holy, that’s amazing!”

“Only in astral though.” I said with an attempt at a nonchalant shrug. It thankfully did nothing to temper her excitement.

“Still! You could spend eternity here!”

“Heh, yeah.”

She returned the smile – not that we’d gone without smiling so far – before picking up the conversation again. “How does it work?”

“Oh yeah, I just kind of will it? I tend to imagine I’m stopping a gear or something, just give it a more physical aspect. Like this…” I said, making a motion like I was flipping a switch.

She turned to the fountain which had slowly stopped gushing water, as I drifted down to the flock of pigeons, who were no longer picking at the ground.

“Yup completely stopped.” I said, glancing back at the fountain where Ashlynn had watched me drift down with an expression of awe.

With a small jump, she also started floating down.

As her form glided down she started laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“I just hadn’t realized you could even fly here. Is there no end to what you can do in astral?” She grinned at me, as she landed beside me.

“It gets even better.” I said. “I can rewind time. Look at the past.”

“Wow…how far?” She asked, jumping a little on her feet.

“I…actually have no idea. I haven’t tried to see how far.” Now I’m really curious though.

“We can try together! If you don’t mind me, I’d love to try and learn myself.” She said and I reassured her instantly.

“No, of course! It would’ve been so much easier if someone had showed me how, okay here try…”

It didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would. She was a rapid study and quickly mastered turning time off and on. From what I gathered she’d only just recently figured out she had this ability. Helping her learn how to rewind time was just as much of a breeze.

As she rewound it, using my trick of physically imagining a gear in front of her, I let myself watch the world spin around us in rapid motion. I watched as the tall Ridgevalley skyscrapers gradually lost their height and more and more supernaturals filled the streets. Eventually time started to rewind slower, and I noticed Ashe seemed to be growing a little tired.

“My turn,” I grinned, grabbing onto the imaginary wheel. She let me take over, and I spun the gear back again at a rapid speed. It was her turn to watch the hypnotizing decline of technology. The town was reduced to having only a mere barely built tavern on the edge of a harbor when I started to feel the fatigue. It was like somebody had pulled the plug and I was feeling out of breath without physically having any symptoms of that.

“Let’s see how far we get if we combine our forces!” Ashe pitched in. I got a boost of energy and nodded, watching as she placed her hands almost perfectly on this imaginary gear we’d concocted – to the point where I swear I could almost see the outline of a gear.

We both put our astral selves into it, twisting and willing time to go back as far as it could. Farther, and farther, and farther, and farther, and farther, and-

The gear locked so harshly, Ashe and I were both thrown forwards onto the ground. A little dazed, we looked around at the distinct lack of civilization.

“Did we…” I got up, grabbing onto the gear and tugging it at it – but it wouldn’t even move an inch.

“Could we have actually reached the beginning?” Ashe wondered as she climbed to her feet.

We both looked out at the harbor, where a dim light could be seen at the edge of the horizon. I let time resume its normal course, watching as the sun very slowly crept up.

“That seems impossible.”

“But logically, we’d have felt a slowing down of time if we were getting tired.”

“You’re right it stopped way too harshly.” I agreed.

“I can’t believe it, we may actually be witnessing the beginning of our world!”

We both watched in awe, as the sun rose for what might be the first time, illuminating the landscape with a surreal shine.

There was a strange softness in the air that had me believing that this really could be possible.

“You know, I read a book once,” Ashe picked up. “That said the world just kept recycling itself. That there was no real beginning and no real end.”

I let out a breathy laugh. “So did I!”

“This,” She said, gesturing at the hypnotizing display. “makes me believe in that theory.”

“Every sunrise would be the first one then, in a way.”

“Yeah, and every sunset would be the start of something new, just like every sunrise is.”

We stayed and laid witness to the first sunrise anyone would probably ever see in this world, and its only when the sun had risen well above the horizon that we concluded we’d better head back to our present.

“You might want to hold on,” I said, offering her my hand. “the ride back is kind of – shocking.” I don’t know if holding hands would really do anything to help prevent that, but it was a good safety measure to avoid getting lost too. You can’t be sure with astral.

She grabbed onto my hand without any hesitation, before asking,“Should I be worried?”

“I actually have no idea. The longest jump back I’ve made was one year and that had me nauseous. I can’t imagine what hundreds and hundreds of years will do.” I admitted.

“Okay I’ll be sure to aim for the fountain.” She said, and I snorted.

“On the count of three…”




The jump back was even worse than I expected and we both somehow ended up on the ground with our heads turning. We stayed there for a few moments as we waited for the daze to pass.

“Ow that was one hell of a ride!” Ashe exclaimed.

“Holy shit that was intense.” I said, my eyes glued to a pack of pigeons flying by.

We burst out laughing then, probably more from the rush we’d just gotten than anything else.

“I feel numb. I think this has really taken a toll on me.” Ashlynn admitted.

I nodded, my head lolling a bit. “Same. It’s like my body is tugging at me now. It’s actually an effort to resist.”

Ashe tilted on her side and I did the same. “It’s probably safer if we don’t resist.” She said and I acquiesced. Yeah, still don’t know with astral. “We need to do this again sometime.”

I grinned. “Definitely! There’s still a lot I haven’t showed you yet!”

“Heh, I can’t wait!” She said. “So you call me, or I call you, or really however we see fit.”

“Astral has no distance or time charges, so we’re pretty good on that.” I said and she snorted.

“See you later!” She said and I waved her off, before returning to my own body.

The ride back to my body was an uncomfortable one – what with it still being soaked to the core.

“See dog, I am a certified lifeguard.” I heard Oscar’s metallic voice. “WELCOME BACK NIKO!”

“I…holy guys,” I muttered. “I just had one hell of an adventure. I met this girl, you know the astral girl, oh you need to hear this…”




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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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12 Responses to 9.76 – You never know with astral

  1. Livvielove says:

    Ahem anyways, to start from the top: Niki… I hated you, then loved you, then HATED you again, and now I’m only at strong dislike. You better work on yourself. Fuck when Niko had that thought process about family right after? That really crushed my soul. I’ve been sad that James has been so hands off, but I guess that’s not… unusual for him.
    FUCk why do I have to feel so many things?
    That moment with Ashe – WE HAVE A NAME FINALLY – was INCREDIBLE! That whole fountain sequence had me at the edge of my seat, squealing like a little girl. Niko’s got it SO BAD! He could barely think straight! Hehe, I also love how they called each other ‘Dream Boy’ and ‘Dream Girl’ (snort) DORKS. DOOOOOORKS.
    Also this line: “Oh yes, hello I’m calling you from who knows where only to spectacularly show you how I trip off fountains, yes this is a specialty of-”
    needs to be repeated for all of history. SPECIALTY OF NIKO’S.
    Falling off fountains.
    (and I mean this in the most affectionate way)
    Watching them geek out together was literally the highlight of my day. Holy fuck Blams I would give you a standing ovation but I got a cat in me lap so just pretend I’m giving you one, kay? ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Aw SHIT Livvie XD
      Niki is playing with fire. SOMETIMES she lives in my plots, SOMETIMES she doesnt.
      Hehhehe they’re really a pair of dorks it’s ridiculous, but I love it.
      THANKS for your comments, they’re always so shiny and I don’t know how to be afterwards

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow. Just WOW!
    That was a fun and intense ride. Imagine what knowledge they could unlock by observing the past. What spells he could learn. What events he could witness. What secrets he could unravel. And with the ability to stop time, he could do it all in his lifetime.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I don’t think anyone’s realized until now how POWERFUL astral can be. Not even Niko himself! It’s really limitless!


      • magpie14031983 says:

        Although… We don’t quite know whether his stopping time means he stops aging. Iean, yeah, time is standing still OUTSIDE astral, but, IN astral, a form of time is running. So, he could (theoretically) enter astral as a teen and exit as a YA. Albeit in a teen body.

        Or am I waaaaay overthinking this?!?

        Liked by 1 person

  3. raymondsanti says:

    OOooooooohhhh I love astral more and more each time you bring it up. And *squeals* Ashe is adorable! Her and Niko seem to have a thing for each other 😉 I hope he sees her again soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. magpie14031983 says:

    Ok, I have now officially jumped off the Niksal ship and onto the Ashiko ship! She’s just, so, perfect for him! Can you imagine the adorable dorkiness of dorkdom that we could have for the next 100 chapters (or more… I’m hoping for more!)

    And those freckles!!! I’m starting to have a Livvie-like obsession and appreciation for freckles…


    Oh, yeah, and the astral stuff was great too… just… Ashiko… sigh…

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Ashiko? Hooooo I hadn’t heard THAT one!
      They’re a couple of dorks that’s for sure hahahhaha!
      100 chapters? Yeah you know seems legit XD

      Haha, I’m going to take ‘sigh…’ as a good sign XD


      • magpie14031983 says:

        It was a good sign! It was a fangirl sigh. Like the sigh you give as your celebrity crush walks past and throws a smile in your general direction. You know the smile is for everyone, but, in your 💓 it was yours alone… THAT kind of sigh 😁😘

        Liked by 1 person

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