Behind the scenes – 9.90

Made a really short video on an astral edit for the last chapter. Still getting the hang of youtube and well what a video length should be XD

I’m elbow deep in setting up Volume 2 (which is a lot of fun, it’s a one year time jump, right, which means MAKEOVERS, and also means AGING UP for some) but once I’ve gotten the ball rolling for Volume 2 I’ll start planning the tutorial videos I had in mind!

Meanwhile I’m going to keep making behind the scenes videos to keep practicing at making youtube videos. Next one should be pretty fun, for some of you who follow me on tumblr then you might’ve seen me post this awhile ago:

It’s a dragon mesh I converted from another platform to work for sims 3. It was in my early days off CC making so I really slaved over it haha, but YES I made it for the one shot that’s coming up next!
And I took the time to bone this mesh so I could really have fun with this one shot. So next video is going to be about me prepping this dragon.
Also, I’ll most likely post the Behind the scenes BEFORE the one shot comes out. I’m trying to build up a reservoir of chapters here so I can post them every week at the same date. For now it’s every two weeks on Monday, but when I have enough chapters it’ll be every week on Monday (with the length I’m making these chapters it’s going to take a while XD).
Anyway all this to say feel free to check out my channel for sneak peaks!

OH one last thing
I WON’T be making a separate post for the behind the scenes EACH time. Instead I’ll place the link at the end of the chapter – just to avoid spamming. But you guys know these exist now so I don’t need to make a post to announce it each time XP



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2 Responses to Behind the scenes – 9.90

  1. Lila Remonn says:

    It’s interesting to see how you edit them into astral mode! I’ve always thought those pictures look so cool 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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