9.113 – Another step

Warning: For mobile users, I got some gifs in this you might not be able to see.

(wheeze) Guys, at this point in my story, still using the name “Legacy Island II” for the vampire town gives me pain. Haha I wanted to give credit to the original creator this way when I did, now it’s painfully unrealistic to write in my story haaaaaaa, the things I do for consistency.

This is a short chapter guys, it’s kind of an intermission inside the arc if you will hahaha, a transition chapter.


Mouse’s POV


I didn’t know what that meant a few years ago.

I think it’s people you feel safe with. That make you feel like the monsters aren’t real.

I thought that was the Talent Troupe.

Now that two new strangers have come in….I don’t feel safe anymore.

I don’t like strangers.

Haginda says you can’t like everyone. She says not everyone is perfect, but everyone has a role to play. I’m going to follow them and see what role they have.

Xavier scares me. He’s very impatient and speaks loudly. And ever since he got here, I’ve been getting bad feelings. Just a general sense of doom. Haginda says I’m becoming like her and she asks me if I can sense Fenlarcy.

But I don’t know.

“You see him too?” Xavier asked.

He’s way more talkative to other members now that the mini explosion happened.

“Everyone sees him.”

“But people say you’ve actually talked to him. What is he? He’s a ghost isn’t he? How come we can see him?” He pestered her with questions.

“Maybe Fenlarcy? Someone who can pull a ghost out of the ghost dimension would be behind this.” She shrugged, inching away.

He doesn’t seem satisfied with her answer. He grimaces and looks at her again. “Can I ask…what are you?”

“My name is Crypta.”

“Okay, but what are you? A supernatural? Or…green skin is unusual.” He rudely specified.

“My origins don’t concern you.” She stated, before getting up and leaving.

Xavier slumped on the couch unhappy. That’s when he noticed me.

“Little Mouse,” he said and I wondered if it was too late to run off. “You remember two days ago when-”

He cut himself off just as a bad vibe suddenly washed over me.

A few moments later someone let out a short scream. It came from Fenlarcy’s tent.

He touched the orb.

She scares me too. Another stranger I dislike.

“Fenlarcy killed him?”

“No he wouldn’t. What did you do?”

You’re blaming me? Your Fenlarcy is a bundle of curses.” She sneered.

Xavier made his way through the crowd. “Assaria step away.” He said impatiently.

I’m not behind this. Let me prove it to you.” She said. She grabbed the arm of the nearest person and dragged them over, forcing them to touch Fenlarcy.

The poor victim jerked as the orb rustled, and she fell to the ground with a short scream like the other had. I gulped, my skin freezing at the sight of someone dying.  I reached for something close and found Kieran’s hand. He squeezed back.

“Fenlarcy he…”

I suppose he hates you.” She trailed her hand over the orb then, but she didn’t die. Not like they had. “Well everyone except me.

“Assaria you’re immortal of course it doesn’t.” Xavier snapped.

Fenlarcy is a god! My immortality means nothing to him.” She laughed.

“Will you be our spokesperson? Tell us how to appease him.”

I will. Don’t worry, we will resolve this issue.” She assured fully accepting the role the others were giving her.

“Don’t listen to her-” Xavier attempted again, but he was cut off by the others. Someone threatened to use Haginda’s goo on Xavier. Fenlarcy had chosen her and was punishing the rest. Everyone is afraid.

Her now sharp eyes give me a deep feeling of unrest.

My circle of safe has dwindled down to very little people.

I turn around to see Haginda watching the scene calmly. Why doesn’t this worry her? I’m so worried.

I rush to her side and hold onto her big dress. I look up at her and hope she understands my question. I’m so scared.

“There’s no need to fret Mouse.” She says. That’s not my question. She sighs. “Kit isn’t due back for several weeks, you know this.”

Can’t we call her? I feel the panic starting to stir and I try not to look at the woman again.

“Kit?” I voice, hoping that will be enough. Kit can make this better, she’d know what to do. Kit didn’t like the strangers either. She knows what’s safe, she’s safe-

“Be patient Mouse, she’ll be back eventually.”

I let go of her dress and run to hide behind the plants.

I don’t want to be here anymore.


Ridgevalley headquarters

No one’s POV

Darwin waited patiently for his boss to get off the phone. The relocation of their main base of research was underway, what with the loss of the Cloverfield lab.

It was a harsh blow, but not one they hadn’t prepared for. Truthfully they’d expected more time, but the future seeing boy hadn’t been able to put a precise date on his visions. At the very least they’d already managed to relocate a large portion of their subjects to the new facility already.

She hung up with a tense sigh.

“Don’t tell me they’ve hit yet another lab.” Darwin grinned. She waved away his comment.

“My scouts in Legacy Island II have dropped contact.”

“Oh, they were onto us were they?”

“The town is more up tight than I expected.” She said, her eyes scanning the view. “I hoped they’d stick to themselves, but chances of them joining up with Stonebridge are high now.”

“And we wouldn’t like that huh…” Darwin approached his superior cautiously.

“For our one opposing force to gain more support? The closing of the Cloverfield Lab gives them too much of a win already. I won’t feel comfortable until the Goldmind is launched.”

“But think about it…That town is filled with starving vampires. They’ve lost easy access to their plasma due to our blockades. Joining with Stonebridge might just backfire on them.” He gave a sly grin.

“Vampires dislike supernatural blood.”

“I dislike zucchinis but I’m going to eat one if I’m starving. I’m just saying.” He shrugged, and she considered him.

“Idle speculations aren’t safe. It’s better to rely on facts.” She ended the subject.

“Right, how’s the spy doing?” He asked innocently. The spy sent to Stonebridge wasn’t a well-known subject. Darwin had ambitions however and a tendency to dig into rumors. This was his way of letting his boss know he wanted in on the more delicate aspects of their operation.

“Still on the way.” She carefully replied.

“Do you really think hitting one of the leaders of Stonebridge from inside will be enough?”

“We only need eyes inside. Action can be taken from the outside.” She eyed him warily, testing him.

“I would’ve sent more than.” He sighed, with a hint of condescendence.

The woman lifted her arm up, the artifact on it vibrating slowly, but progressively harder. Darwin winced, doing his best to ignore the sudden throbbing headache.

She placed her hand on his shoulder and the throbbing intensified until he couldn’t see the floor anymore. She leaned forwards to make sure he heard her words, testing the strength of his now weak knees.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself. You’re not a big player Darwin. You’re a tiny fish, picking off dirt from the predators.”

She took her hand off and his headache immediately eased.

He swallowed with a slight difficulty, before humbly nodding in her direction. “I’ll get out of your way.”


Nikolas’ POV

“This shouldn’t take long.” I said as we reached the top of the hill.

“Aye, I’ll head on down to the square. Finish up what ye need and meet me there in two hours sharp.” Kit told me, and I nodded.

Two hours is more than enough. Hell, I’m going to have some decent free time after. I could finish my jog!

I took a deep breath, suddenly nervous about this. Why? Why am I nervous? This isn’t a big deal.

I opened the door and quietly made my way inside. The house is terribly empty. I’m surprised Simon hasn’t invited any of the immigrating vampires to come stay.

I’ve just seen Alec and Sal again after a year of not at all. And it’s only been a few days of being around them, why am I nervous about telling them I’m already leaving?

They wouldn’t care much anyways; I’m an outsider in this. I was only in there for a few weeks. While I was moping around in Ridgevalley they were locked up the whole time.

Hell I’d be grateful to get myself out of the picture in their place.

Oh jeez I better get this over with before I run myself in the ground with these thoughts.

I approached the kitchen, slowing down as I overheard some muffled talking.  They were both on the couch in what seemed to be a pretty deep discussion.

“There’s no shame in it.” I heard Alec say. “It happens to me all the time! I can be having the best day, and it’ll hit me again and I’ll have tears all over this face. And my siblings have been dead for a lot, lot longer. It’s normal, we loved them.”

Sal was dressed up just like old times, her face vibrant with a new color.

“I just thought about…” She spoke in a low voice, and I felt the need to hide so I wouldn’t interrupt. “what she would say. And I wanted her to hug me and…” She sighed, wringing her hands.

Alec spread out his arms. “I’m no mother, but I can give a decent hug if you want one.”

Her face softened and she smiled slightly at my uncle. She moved over and hugged him, and I felt a pang.

Why? I don’t know…because she wouldn’t, won’t, let me support her? Because it’s not the same between us anymore? Because I was really way off this morning?

Because it’s not all about me. I’m getting more and more like my sister every day. It’s not about whether I’m annoying or not, if they’d be better without me or not…it’s just a matter of where we are in our lives, where we’re heading, what we need…

They stopped hugging and Alec looked directly at me. “Nikolas! How was your jog?”

Right, it’s kind of pointless to try to hide from someone with golden eyes. Or you know, maybe I’m just really bad at stealth. That’s twice this morning.

“Ah hi! Yeah, it was…eventful.” I said, clearing my throat a bit. “Your rumors were right, I ran into some task force.”

Alec got up from the couch. “Oh, is everything okay?”

“Yup! They actually got taken down really easily by someone, an outsider, yeah…who’s agreed to train me.” I said. Don’t beat around the bush!

“Train you! That’s exciting.” Alec grinned. My eyes drifted to Salandra, still on the couch, simply looking at me.

I looked back at my uncle.

“Yeah actually, I’m really excited for it. It’s a full immersive training program, we’re heading to the left continent.” I said, letting out the tension in my shoulders. My nervousness was vanishing and being replaced by the actual excitement I had over this.

“Oh so you’ve come to tell us goodbye.” He said.

“Yeah, and to thank you for the hospitality.” I added. “And to maybe relay that to Simon cause I don’t really want to talk to him.”

“You can count on us. It was good having you Niko! We had a nice escape too. I hope you’ll come visit, or call. I’d love to hear how it goes.” Alec grinned.

I…I hadn’t expected this response.

Guess I’m just so used to the that’s a dumb idea reply. I’ve really just been hanging out with the wrong people haven’t I?

“I’ll try.” I replied, a wide grin on my face.

We both looked at the couch as Salandra got up.

Ha shit, I’m nervous again.

I wracked my brain trying to find something to say, but nothing came up. There’s nothing to say really is there? Saying goodbye sounds… so plain and lame.

There’s a lot left unfinished between us.

Now that I’m here, I don’t think I could leave with her last words to me being don’t Niko.

Her passive face smiled at me then, her eyes crinkling a bit. “Have fun.”

My nervousness instantly washed away and I smiled. “Yeah, you too.”



Come on Niko, this is the house I grew up in.”


-political separation of the continents and the towns, there’s not much happening on the left continent, but Hazelwood…they say that’s where the Talent Troupe is right now.”




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2 Responses to 9.113 – Another step

  1. Livvielove says:

    Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa small chapter you say as you suckerpunch my emotions in the GUT.
    I swear I get SO INVESTED in these storylines that I go back to reread again and again. You’ve gotta be my favorite author out there. The visuals are STUNNING.
    I love the Talent Troupe but I do NOT have good feelings about Assaria being awake and running the show there. ESPECIALLY WITH HOW EASY she killed someone! Ack! No WONDER Mouse is frightened! They’re too YOUNG to be stuck in that horrible situation… but I guess that’s just the *world* right now, huh?
    Darwin amuses me with his stupidity. Honestly very amused. I love how fast he gets put in his place. Stay down boy, it’s safer there. 😉
    As for Sal and Alec… ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ That's precious and I love it. Alec has such a soft soul and I just want to hug him tightly so I'm glad Sal is both getting a hug and giving one to him. I LOVE this support they've got going on here. I'm also so glad they're letting Niko go find himself… though I mean… maybe I should be *concerned* they're letting him run off with a stranger, but in a way that's supporting Niko. This is WHO Niko has always been, and it's nice to see someone willing to go that mile to support him in who he is.
    Besides, I'm biased, but I think Kit will be good for him. (nodding)

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Hoooooooooooooof Assaria awake anywhere is NEVER a good thing, she’s always out to cause trouble. Hopefully the Talent Troupe don’t suffer too much from her presence.
      Lol Darwin’s got ambition, but he’s missing a lot of the other things needed to be where he wants to be
      Hehehe Alec and Sal are good to each other, Alec can be the adult figure Sal has always needed someone to be, and Sal can be SOMEONE in Alec’s life who will appreciate him.
      Lol I’m so happy for Niko, it feels like he’s getting himself out of the rut he’s been. Yes GO ON AN ADVENTURE WITH A COMPLETE STRANGER

      Liked by 1 person

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