The Lestar Family

I wrote this little snippet for the next chapter, but I ended up cutting it out as it didn’t fit here and the Lestar family doesn’t need this much attention in the story. It doesn’t hold much plot relevance either.

Just some fun character intro stuff XD


No one’s POV

“Andy. Andy no.”

“What do you mean NO?”

“I can’t believe mom let you arrange the salt and pepper this morning. It’s horrible, I’m ashamed really.”

“Shut up Dave.” The young red head spat. His older brother immediately grabbed him into a head lock.

“Excuse you, what did you just call me?”

Andrew squirmed and muttered out the name again. He got a tickle attack in his sides as he did. “Okay okay! I’m sorry TNT.”

TNT released him. “Yes that’s much better. Now fix these ghastly salts and peppers, they aren’t even full.”

Andrew stuck his tongue out at him and retreated into the kitchen instead.

“MOM. MOM. Mommy. MotHER.” Miriam, the boys’ younger sister came storming into the diner, bringing in a wave of energy with her that grabbed everyone’s attention. She jumped onto the counter.

“Mom, mom, mom!” She kept chanting until her mother exited their small office.

“What is it?”

“Yeah spit it out Mimi.” TNT added, picking her off the counter.


“There were men with GUNS outside! And then this badass lady came along! She got SHOT,” Mimi exclaimed as her brother dropped her down.

She propelled herself off the counter to show off the moves she’d seen.


“but she went HOP and HAP, but I couldn’t see the end, because nanny poopPANTS dragged me away!” She stated, pointing an accusatory finger at the old lady who’d followed her in.

Vany walked over, put her hand on the woman’s shoulder and thanked her.

“I DID IT. I WON. I BEAT THE RECORD.” The little boy at the arcade machine suddenly exclaimed.

“Zip it XANDER. We’re having a convo here.” TNT snapped, only to turn back to him a few seconds later. “Wait, you beat my record? Yeah, move over pipsqueak.”

“Mom it was SO COOL.” Miriam exclaimed, gripping her mother’s apron. “I want to do that too!”

The girl’s father came out of the office as well as Vany bent down to her daughter’s height. “To get that opportunity you’ll have to train hard before you ever try to fight.”

Miriam nodded enthusiastically and punched the air. “I’m going to train SO HARD!”

“I’m free Mimi!” Her father declared, as his oldest son exited the office as well.

“Dad! You’ll never guess what happened!” She ran to her father who picked her up in his arms.

“Thanks for your help Geoff.” The man told his first son.

“No problem dad, bye Andrew!” He gave a quick wave and headed for his other brother.

Vany watched half of her family leave the diner with a smile. The only employee not related to her came in then with slow careful steps.

Ellie gave Vany a smile and a nod and went in the back to get ready for the day.

“Mom where’s our salt? The box is empty.” Andrew asked.

“We’re out till Sunday when a new shipment comes in.” She replied. Usually she would’ve sent Andrew or TNT out to buy some from the general store, but it had closed a few months ago now. The closing of the borders struck a blow to its profits. It had been benefic to the small businesses however. Just meant they needed to import from the Left continent now, which could bring in small shipments to Legacy Island II every week.

“Dave!” Vany snapped to her son. She was the only one TNT allowed to use his real name, and that was purely because she could beat his ass if he complained too much about the name she’d bestowed upon him. “I need your help with the crates. You can play after.”

“I’ll be back soon.” TNT warned the kid that was always here early to play the arcade games.

“How are you today Ellie?” Vany asked as the blond girl tied her apron.

“I’m okay.” She replied in a small voice.

“He didn’t call again did he?” Vany asked in a warning voice.

“He tried to call, but I didn’t answer.” Ellie said with some pride.

Vany grinned. “Good girl. What was his name again?”

Ellie shook her head slowly. “Vany I don’t…I’m not…” She swallowed with difficulty, but the tall woman squeezed her arm reassuringly.

“Yes I know, you’re too good Ellie. I’m here if you need me.”

“Thank you.” She smiled and then scuttled off to work.

The diner was another one of Vany and Danny’s children. The beauty of it for her, was in the concept she was selling. A small bubble of safety and pause amongst all the chaos. It represented the strength of a second chance to her, as she’d lost the first version of the diner in a tragic fire. This is why she liked to hire people who needed it.

Her and her family were more than enough to keep the place going, so she never accepted résumés and never put up Employment signs.  But on more than one occasion, particularly when her boys were younger, she’d go out of her way to offer work to people who looked like they could use it.

Working the stove, setting the tables, cleaning the dishes…the diner had a mystically soothing aura to her. It had helped her go through a lot and she knew it could do the same for others.

She met Ellie in a park, hiding. She’d run away from her boyfriend, a manipulative and abusive man who had control over everything Ellie did and had. Still, Ellie had taken the leap and run away, knowing she had nothing to her name.

So Vany had given her a place to crash and a job. Ellie gained the confidence to get herself a second job to buy her own place. Now three months later, she was a lot happier and in control.

Vany was happy and proud of her, but boy did she wish she could make that pathetic coward suffer. He hadn’t put up a fight to Ellie leaving – under the impression she couldn’t do it alone as she’d attempted to run away on more than one occasion – but now he was calling Ellie and starting to bother her. Worried she’d tattle on him no doubt.  She was too nice for that however and just hoped everything would pass over soon.  Nice or naïve…or afraid…the jury was still out on that.

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2 Responses to The Lestar Family

  1. Livvielove says:

    I have such a love for family dynamics. I’m so glad you share these little bits and extras of your world with us. I love the Whitelights, but in a way, I’ve grown to love this world so much too.
    I love the dynamic here, it makes me want to see more and more. ❤
    You've got such a way of pulling me in.
    Don't help me, I've fallen and I can't get up!

    Liked by 1 person

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