9.123 – In your corner

 (A real legitimate short filler chap guys, these were my worst weeks these last few. Theorreeettiiccaalllyyy things should start to climb back up now)



We get a quick cameo of one of Livvie’s characters!

He’s a vampire named Chance, I point him out obvious enough 😀


~Legacy Island II~

Salandra’s POV

I took in a deep breath, concentrating on my hand and my tattoo. I willed my hand to grow unstable, transparent almost.


It did after a few seconds, my constant training on this paying off. I brought my other hand to pass through it – but no it refused.

Seems I can only phase through things that aren’t me. At least, I’m assured I won’t fold in on myself or something. I got up and lifted my shirt, checking out my wound.

It still ached. It’s going to have been a week soon. It’s cumbersome.

“What do we do today? Leaving the mansion isn’t attractive today on any level.” I hummed.



We have visitors. It must be Alec’s visitors.

He warned me he’d get some. I watched him argue with his father to get some. Simon is a rather reclusive individual put lightly.

Alec called him selfish it was quite beautiful. Then he declared this was happening one way or another and Simon has been locked in his room with his wife since.

Good thing too. He was annoying me, deeply.

I checked and secured the kind little trinket around my neck that Alec had given me.

The visitors are vampires. Hungry vampires.

These days only old vampires experience intense hunger, Alec had said, but just in case this is a vial of vampire blood, my blood. Unless absolutely starving, vampires are repulsed by it and they’ll stay away from you.

That’d be a preferable situation. Equipped I head downstairs – and look at that. My ears are on point. There’s vampires running about. A few look at me, but they smell my warning.

Or maybe they’re just smart, have manners and aren’t that hungry.

Should I puff out my chest? Really give a feeling of intimidation? It’s the vampire King’s blood I have on me.

It’s pretty fascinating to lore up on this family. To think Nikolas descended from a family of vampire tyrants –  talk about interesting.

“Salandra! Good morning.” Alec welcomes me. He was talking to a vampire with crazy white hair. He’s pretty bulky too. “I was just talking to Chance about our plasma issue.” Alec gives me a name I’m not going to remember – as original as it is. The vampire in question gives me a slow nod.

Alec is pretty impressive. We just got out of the Hans laboratory, of being locked for over a year, and he’s already handling the situation with the vampires. Offering them shelter, working on getting them fed. Whenever I feel bad about it, Alec tells me the best thing I can do right now is heal up.

I guess he’s right.

“Well I won’t bother you more. That sounds pretty important.” I smile and give a wave and find my way to the fridge.

A bunch of vampires, at least I’m certain nobody’s going to touch my eggs.

That does mean a chockful of plasma juice in the fridge though.

These days of healing are boring and effectively turn me off from breaking the glass of a shower again. Won’t Niko be so proud.

I’ve just been practicing this phase ability the Hans gave me. I’m not going to lose control like last time. I know it’s not the same tattoo. I know it probably won’t give me an easy way to explode, but I’m still going to make sure I have this power under control.

I am not waking up beside the melting core of the earth.

Anyway, those are my days. Praticing and snooping around. The Gold mansion has an impressive basement that no one is allowed in. Alec allows me though. As long as I’m careful because there’s all sorts of things down here apparently.

Naturally, I am a very careful person.

You know.

I wouldn’t mind a friend.

Does that sound weird?

I’ve never had a friend. I’ve had acquaintances. People know my name. People recognize me. People tolerate me.

But I’ve never had that friend you tell everything to. That you talk to for hours and bitch about boys and do each other’s hair. Somebody you confide in and do dumb stuff together.

Would that be too much to ask?

Do I deserve that after everything?

“Either way, I’m not going to find that here.”

No, I’d need to go out for that.

Just waiting on this persistent wound to heal.



No one’s POV

Nikolas came out of the house, having helped Derek and Fawn clean the dishes of that evening’s meal. Despite the way his body was yearning for some sleep already, Niko was feeling a boost of energy. He’d waited all afternoon and evening for a chance to talk to Aleccas. What happened with Atris – him moving in astral – had really gotten him thinking on the spell he was working on.

Aleccas and him had talked about it some and they’d reached a bit of a bump. It felt like the answer to figuring the spell out was pinpointing what allowed teleportation. What linked Atris and Zac’s teleportation? And could Niko replicate it? Now, the answer felt obvious.

“Astral.” Nikolas said, sitting in front of Aleccas.

The Keeper witch frowned lightly.

“They both use astral to teleport.”

Now Aleccas clicked. “They do?”

“Zac can see me and he can move in astral because of it. Same thing for Atris! I think they use astral for it…like some kind of reference point!”

“Huh, yes that’d be what you’re missing…you’ve got a good base for your spell, but it’s missing reference points. You think you could try and use astral with the spell? ”

“I say it’s worth a try.” Niko grinned. Despite being magically drained and physically exhausted, both boys gave each other boosts from this and scrambled to their feet.

Last time Nikolas and Aleccas had been this inspired to work on a spell together, was when Niko had come to the Keeper prince with a gameplan on how to get Masak back on his feet. It was nice and refreshing, and the puzzle was a nice distraction from…

Well everything.



Nikita’s POV

 “Nikita, I don’t see you that way…”

What does that mean?

 “You’ve always been like a little sister to me.”

I grimace at the flashback.

 “I’m sorry, you’ll find someone, I’m sure of it. It’s just not me. “

Agh! Why, why, why-

Maxwell and Vicky broke up. She wouldn’t follow him to Stonebridge. He wouldn’t stay with her in Ridgevalley. Plus it just wasn’t that marvelous between them.

God, I was so happy. I waited a few days, you know, letting the wound heal, and I worked myself up to tell him.

To tell him how bad I had it for him, how thankful I was for everything he’d done. How we deserved to be together. I fully expected us to roll right into a tent and not be seen for hours.

But nope.


He’s not into me. I’m some kind of little sister –  I went out with his little brother Joël and that was fine! Joël who’s dead along with all the others.

And that pitiful excuse for a child, Salandra, the cause of all of these people dying, is happily roaming free.

Nikolas doesn’t seem to care. He’s doing it to spite me, I know he is. He’s always angry about something towards me.

Fuck these tears.

I’m so



The violin I’m trying to spin wavers suddenly, like it’s not altogether there. It’s only for a second, but I felt that magic. Is this Niko’s doing? What is he even doing in Legacy Island II? Why doesn’t he come here? It’s cramped sure, but I’m here. Me. His closest relative that he can reach. We can talk and worry about dad together.

I grumble and moan audibly, not really caring if anyone can hear me.

My life is a mess and everyone’s allowed to know about it.

Ashlynn is kind enough to notice my pain and sit beside me.

She’s a sweet little thing. If she wasn’t with Jason all the time I’d try to convince her and Niko to get together. I think they’d be a good fit. She can knock some common sense into him. Plus they have that whole astral thing they share.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Ashe asks.

“A lot of things, god too many things.” I grimace.

“Yeah, I heard,” Oh geez, is my rejection common knowledge?

“I’m so sorry about your dad.”

My dad? It’s a bit delayed with condolences for pa.

“I heard about it the other day.”

Wait what?

“From who?”

“Niko told me. That can’t be easy, losing your last father like that.”


Ashlynn blinked. “I thought you knew…”

“No, I don’t.”

“The entirety of the talent troupe died a few days ago because of a curse. Your dad, Xavier,  was part of it. Niko was there, I was so sure he’d told you.”

What? Niko you – our father dies and Ashlynn learns of it first!?

I throw Niko’s violin across the room, the exasperation and anger clutching me.

“Goddamn it Niko!” I shout before I crumble, my body shaking with sobs.

Goddamn it Niko.

Fine you brat.

Is that how much you care about me?



Be in your corner.


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