If anyone is curious about the WCIF of my CC, I’m currently working on a wordpress website to categorize and link back to original creators.

It’s still in construction, and it’s mostly an archive for myself if I ever lose everything (and to force myself to test my CC), but you’re welcome to it:





– The town legacy Island the Whitelights moved to in gen.5 can be found here:

– Kyxa’s house that James (gen.7) lives in, in Stonebridge can be found here:

– The hospital Benjamin (gen.7) gets hospitalized to and ends up working at is right here: This is seriously a masterpiece.

– Ridgevalley, the town the Whitelights went to in gen.8 can be found here: (I call it Ridgevalley, but it’s actually Auberon)

– Cloverfield (gen.9), Ashlynn and Arahelel’s hometown, as well as the location of a major laboratory for the Hans, can be found here: (Original town being named Lin Meadow)

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