I thought I should put this up.
The majority of all my custom content can be found at these sites; <– this is where I get most if not all of my hair (easy download, pops as sims 3 personnalized content) <– one time I got some epic male hair from here, but it’s not one of the sites I prefer (type of download entirely depends on the creator) <– this is where I got all my mods! Ex: Mastercontroller, woohooer, story progression, animator, etc. (easy download, all you have to do is place it in your mods (either package or overrides) folder.) <– i got some hair, the pose player, my eye default, some cool sets (like my hospital set) and a few poses from here (same as last) <– most of the cool poses I have come from here, the others from various scattered sites (all mediafire)

– The town legacy Island the Whitelights moved to in gen.5 can be found here:

– The hospital Benjamin (gen.7) gets hospitalized to and ends up working at is right here: This is seriously a masterpiece.

– Ridgevalley, the town the Whitelights went to in gen.8 can be found here: (I call it Ridgevalley, but it’s actually Auberon)

I don’t have custom clothes! But a lot of those links have some.

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