Getting upates – Not from wordpress

Hello there! So I realize not all of you have (or want) WordPress accounts to ‘follow’ this blog, so here are a few ways to get automatic updates!

1) Follow via email

WordPress is special like that, you’ve got yourself a nice email follow stalk button on the right side of the site page. This way you can get instant email updates!

2) Tumblr

Along with all the other cr*p I put on there, I’ve linked my site with my tumblr account, so all my new updates appear there.

3) Facebook

I made a Facebook page! Everytime I update, a notice appears on it.

4) Carl’s sims 3 forum

Every time I have an update, I post the link on a thread I made here:,22036.0.html

5) The Sims Forum

I’ve finally dvelved into the sims forum and made a thread for this story! I post update links here too. 🙂

6) Twitter

I signed up on twitter to post random thoughts that pass through my mind. Automatic updates appear there as well.

7) Boolprop

Links to new updates are posted here as well. It’s similar/exactly like the way I post things on Carl’s forum