Extra Posts

Hi! This is the page where I’ll link back to all those random posts I kept putting between chapters…you know, in case for some reason you want to go see them again. They’re all in order of when they were posted.

Generation 1

The founder
Generation 2 heir vote
Random pics…
And the winner is…

Generation 2
Family tree
Generation 3 heir vote
Vote results

Generation 3
Summer break is over
Officially an adult!
New camera controls!
Just saying…
Because it felt it needed some attention
Angel x Balthier
Generation 4 heir vote!
Pose player!
Gen.3 – extra
Vote results!

Generation 4
Just a tease…
They grow up so fast *sniff*
Esmeralda and Anastasia
Anastasia gifs
Esmeralda extras
Random entertainment (for me…)
This a red head legacy not a pink one
Don’t blame it on me!
Melody’s turn
A dead cat and a dead teen mother
Laura and Cain meet
The generations
House update
Totally random
Generation 5 heir vote
Sims 3 poses
Generation 5 results!

Generation 5
Heir downloads
Angel went to heaven
For the curious ones
Heir downloads
A new page!
Balthier Whitelight – 3rd Generation
5.Valentine – I miss you
Generation 6 heir vote!
I’ve drawn the heirs
And the winner is…

Generation 6
While I’m at it
A bit more…
Yes well…
Think on it
Max and Max: Simon and Simon
“I’ll be back”
6. 1 year
Sims 3 crashes on me…
Generation 7 heir vote!
Princes and Princesses
Heir vote results!

Generation 7
Behind the scenes – 7.8
Maybe I shouldnt be tellling you guys this…
Behind the scenes – 7.33
Coughs and some serious sniffles
Alone together
Chapter 38 vote
Next chapter is unfortunately…
Sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it – and other times there is
Casting call
Unwillingly hiatused though not really…
Back in business!
Merry 2014 Christmas!
Generation 8 heir vote!
2014 in review
Casting Call results
Gen.8 Vote Results!

Generation 8

Insanity doesn’t compare – Bachelor #3
Gay Marriage
Totally boring personal stuff that I want to share that’s related to my Light the way to heaven save
Sequel to last post
Behind the scenes – 8.11 & 8.12
Not a chapter – Me doing self fanart stuff again
Complications 😛
Liebster Award
Liebster Award x2
8. 2 years
Here I go again…
Art and a statistical personal poll
Huggs for the insane – Bachelor
Kyxa – Video special
Merry 2015 Christmas!
Dance of the witches
Gen. 8 – Anniversary
Generation 9 heir vote
Generation 8 bloopers
Gen.9 vote RESULTS

Generation 9
“Magic doesn’t exist”
9.α – Frail Sloop
Spirit Animal
9. 3 years
Posting Schedules???
Bachelorette Challenge
Bachelorette Challenge – Rules and Guidelines
MBC – Website!
MBC – Start!
The Sunshine Blogger award
Curse of the red thread – Casting Call
Sunshine blogger award #2
Is it Christmas? IT SEEMS SO in certain places on the map
9.4 years!
Memory Lane Challenge
Sunshine blogger award #3
Young Sebastien
Behind the scenes – Edit
9.5 years!!
Behind the scenes – 9.90
Secret Santa Gift
The Lestar Family
9.6 years!

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