The Lost Entries

Hello! This is a collection of oneshots I scattered between my chapters starting in generation 8. Their purpose is to fill in plot holes that don’t get the oppurtunity to get on the main stage, or just to show some tidbits of people’s lives.

No worries, they aren’t essential to understand the main story. But they can help to deepen your understanding of certain characters.

I’ve grouped them according to the natural timeline. Be warned, if you aren’t caught up in the story, several/all of these contain spoilers.

note: click on the picture to access the story

Generation 0 (before Rosahelminthe)

Searching for the future


The parents she never had

The day the light shines

What can I say…I’m angry

In better hands

A simple chore

Generation 1


Generation 2


Generation 3


Generation 4

  • After 4.21


The cherished day

Generation 5

  • After 5.4

A day in the life of that redhead


  • After 5.24

A deal of selfishness

  • After 5.27

Pillar of safety

Recrutement of the lost

Generation 6


Generation 7

  • After 7.24

  • After 7.56

A troublesome trio

  • After 7.58

The story of how Valentine Kimba survived

Generation 8

  • After 8.21

To hold your hand

  • After 8.57


  • After 8.76


Generation 9

The favorite black sheep

  • After 9.32


Generation 10


(if there’s a title but no link, it’s because I haven’t posted that oneshot yet)