The constant things in time

WARNING: All the pages contain huge spoilers for people who haven’t caught up yet.

My story is jam-packed with information, especially information that reoccurs over and over again through the generations.

Though I try to update as much as possible so no one has to reread chapters to remind themselves of what happened, I can understand that this information is all a lot to remember – particularly when you’re reading a hundred and one stories at the same time!

So these pages are here to remind and clarify you of things you might have forgotten. These are things that appeared in a generation and kept popping up again and again and that are directly related to the general storyline. Some of these also include exclusive content that was hinted at, but never elaborated in the story. So even if you remember everything these might still be worth reading!

If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to comment. I love talking about my story 😀



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