Assaria Clavez

Assaria Clavez is not part of this world. She was born in the previous world, and that single thing that separates her from everyone else grants her immortality. It also grants her a curse.

Assaria remembers everything from her previous life, most particularly a boy she fell deeply in love with called Damien.

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Assaria Clavez was a normal girl in what she referred to as a boring world. And her life was boring and routine until she met him on a hill on a very normal afternoon.

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Damien was completely different to what she was used to. He was imaginative, creative, and almost seemed to have a magical aura around him. A term she only ever used later, as magic wasn’t a concept in that world.

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Damien was the love of her life and in her mind she would’ve given up anything for him. Unfortunately, she had to give him up. At the end of their world he killed himself for reasons Assaria still can’t understand.

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When she woke up in the new world she’d become a powerful witch, just like Damien had predicted, while she assumed he became the god of that world – the Reaper. They couldn’t be together however, and that broke Assaria in more ways than one.

That is when I found her, after weeks of her clinging to a statue of the Reaper in the hopes of seeing her loved one again, in a misty graveyard. I told her of the importance she held in the final story and invited her to discover the new world.

Assaria had trouble adjusting and her desperate hope to see her Damien turned into bitterness. If he was the Reaper that meant he had power, and yet he hadn’t come to see her. Her bitterness turned to anger and she set about trying to get his attention in more violent ways.

For that she targeted the white-eyed. Being the source of all magic, she decided their death would be enough to catch the Reaper‘s attention. She killed him, Hansel, the first white-eyed and my dear friend.

However the white-eyed cycle had already begun and been transferred to his daughter, Myrna. So Assaria began her search to kill her again.

It took her centuries, during which she built herself a fierce reputation as the most powerful and feared witch alive. Once she found Myrna, she made sure to kill her and her children to prevent the white-eyed soul from being born again. However, Assaria ignored that the soul didn’t need to be blood related.

A boy named Wyder was born on the other side of the world with white eyes. He lived over a century himself before Assaria figured it out and killed him.  Once again, the white-eyed soul was reincarnated inside someone else, a boy named Tarnowak this time.

Realizing that killing them did nothing, Assaria began to work on a curse to target the soul itself. Complicated magic, she set her followers on the search for Tarnowak as she worked on it.


Rosahelminthe was one of the few tasked with that mission, without knowing the true purpose behind it. Assaria had cast a spell on her ‘finders’, the instant they found Tarnowak she was alerted.

Along with immortality and powerful magic, Assaria had also been given the power to control others. One she used to control Rosahelminthe into passing the curse to Tarnowak through the means of a cursed apple.


Assaria had heard the endless stories from her Damien about this world, but after centuries and centuries clouded by anger, she’d forgotten the details. One of those being the Whitelight family he always spoke about.

It came back to her however, when Rosahelminthe turned on her. Assaria saw the shadow of the Reaper behind her shoulder. Her love was not by her side, but by this other witch’s, and Assaria was struck with her role in this story. The bad guy. The shock gave Rosahelminthe the opening she needed to overcome the witch.


The strongest witch that there ever was….was defeated then and trapped into a book.

The Time keepers would later affirm that this was punishment for all the pain and deaths she had caused in her reckless rampages over the centuries. Specifically towards the white-eyeds, vital components of the magic system.  The sentence was imprisonement for 250 years.

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Time passed slowly for Assaria, trapped in the book. Rosahelminthe, unable to burn the book, stored it in a hidden room inside her basement.

However it didn’t stop the new white-eyed, Clarice, from finding it. Assaria received her company till Clarice died, Assaria wanted nothing more than to be freed. She attempted to use magic and reincarnate herself as one of Clarice’s children, but it wasn’t possible. From her leathery confines she watched as the white-eyes started to get weaker and weaker.

Yes, there were many now. The damaged she had managed to cause to Tarnowak had affected the soul which split into several non-reincarnatable souls. For the next century, white-eyes began to appear all over the world.

The events seemed familiar to her. All too familiar. She realized things were still happening just as Damien had predicted. Her efforts to wreck his story to get his attention were fruitless. That everything she had done was according to his story, because…she was one of the bad guys he had talked about.

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She sombered into a depression then, but she was pulled out of it when she received a visit from a certain Cain Whitelight. The moment he touched her book she knew he was just like his ancestor, followed by the Reaper. Even though she was still mad against this shadow, she still desperately wanted to see and meet the one she loved. She helped Cain merely because that brought her closer to Damien.

Controlling Cain was the closest she’d ever come to her love and she regretted it when she was forcibly removed.

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The event let her meet a curious little girl, Jophia. Assaria could feel that Jophia was related somehow to the weapon yet she couldn’t figure out how or why. She was an artifical white-eyed, and the weapon was the daughter of the original white-eyed.

The meeting reminded her of the existence of the weapon and its powers. She decided then to acquire the weapon for herself and use it to destroy the world Damien had built. Be it written or not, for at this point she had forgotten most of the story, she was going to do her best to catch his attention and force him to come before her. She had nothing left to do.

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She’d never had anything else to do.

The 250 years came to pass and Assaria was freed by two fairies dragging along a young vampire, James Whitelight. Catching her attention with mind-control powers of his own.

Having had precedents with Whitelights, she had no hesitation in sending out a warning the moment he began to sniff around about her.

Killing his witch girlfriend and gleefully imprisonning his unborn child in a book, as revenge for her own fate, surprisingly had the opposite effect desired.

James grew in strength and began to actively search her out, and thus began a game. Gradually James began to be more and more of a threat as Assaria tried to gain power, most specifically the weapon from a powerful golden-eyedVelor Gold.

In a cumulative battle between Velor, James, and Assaria, in the attic of the Gold mansion, the Whitelight proved himself a valuable enemy by nearly overcoming them both.

Choosing a tactiful retreat, Assaria dropped the book containing his future son, and James left that battle with both the the weapon and his child. He also left mentally incapacitated however, which Assaria later took advantage of.

She ambushed him in the hospital as his mind-control powers were down and forced him to hand over both the book and the weapon.

Assaria spent the next few months playing around with her new found weapon, using the young teenager to decimate entire towns, and in consequence several white-eyeds.

James eventually recovered fully and launched an assault on Assaria.

One that she lost, as his powers had far exceeded her own. He reclaimed both the book and the weapon, the latter of which he locked in his basement along with Assaria. He drained her of her powers using the weapon, rendering her a natural and robbing her of her mind control powers. Leaving her with a meager influence on others.

And thus Assaria began her second sentence, two decades locked alongside three other people.

There she met and grew a fancy for Velor Gold who crafted a plan to escape and accepted her along. Using an opportunity during a time James was absent from the household, out to find a remedy for his daughter, they both ran off, bringing the weapon along with them.

They devised a series of plans with one goal, to kill James. Dragging the young girl along with them, they found and dug up a bead from William Whitelight‘s corpse that protected against mind control.

They fed that bead to a sniper and sent him off to assassinate James without him knowing.

However, James’ son, Xavier, was with him at the time and his sixth sense let him know what was going on. Recently having gotten a magical power up, he saved his father, but got shot in the process.

All of this was recorded, and Assaria quickly noticed something important.

The shadow of the Reaper was no longer behind James, but behind Xavier. Not only that, it had stepped in to prevent the shot from being mortally wounded. Assaria who had otherwise been under the impression everything written would naturally occur, finally saw a glimmer of chance.

There was a window and a chance for her to wreck everything up as she’d originally desired.

She sent a sniper after James again, and then kidnapped Xavier. The plan had some hiccups however, and several allies came to the rescue of both.

James was successfully shot, but under the army in front of them who had gained control of the weapon, they had to flee through the window – dragging Xavier down with them.

Assaria used her mind control to make Xavier cast spells. She was no longer a witch, but she still had the knowledge of one, and she managed to save all three of them this way.

She attempted to use this advantage by sending them all to the ghost realm as a method of being invisible, but still having the capacity to inflict pain on the physical world.

A surprisingly strong shadow of Oliver appeared and saved the others by forcing the trio out of the ghost realm.

Now rejoined by the group of allies, Velor and Assaria stood against defeat again. However a last minute kidnap of Benjamin, a vampire with a teleporting artifact, gave them a quick retreat.

With James incapacitated, they knew it was only a matter of time before he found them and took care of both. Their plans had failed, so they used their last hours to deal some final blows. Having kidnapped Benjamin, his mother, Kyxa, was unable to wait.

She rushed headfirst into a battle with the two and inevitably lost her life to it.

As predicted, once James woke up they didn’t stand a chance. Especially with his love having been killed by both.

He ravaged their minds and crushed them

And Assaria died.

However, as previously mentionned, she is an immortal.

I found her in the morgue as she woke up. Her memory, which shouldn’t have been affected, was wiped. Most likely due to the way James had killed her.

It was a clean slate for her, one that I encourage she enjoyed.

So she spent the next decade and some learning to live again while desperately wanting to remember more. She started to build a life for herself and set about founding an organisation called the Dragons.

It went wonderfully for her, that is until she met a boy named Nikolas Whitelight. The name was familiar and she felt drawn to him. She met him first as boy in the graveyard. A curious one running away from things and they bonded over it.

The second time she met him she saw the shadow of the Reaper behind him. Even though her memories had yet to come back, the sight switched something inside her. From then on, her obsession with Damien came back, taking over her life.

She found out where he lived and kidnapped him and his entire family. Her need to know about Damien was overriding her better judgement. She used the Dragons resources to orchestrate this and her desires to torture for information had her organisation inching away from her.

Her exasperation had grown however.

The shadow at the boy’s shoulder was nagging at her, and the lies Xavier kept feeding her made her itch to claw for more.

The Dragons turned on her however and officially banned her. She left with plans to rebuild somewhere else and to dig as much as she desired in this subject.

Her path was halted by an old nemesis. Memories of him began to pool back to her as they all evening already.

James slayed her without a word, and Assaria died this second time from asphyxiation.

James, not knowing she was immortal, took the time to burn her this time and carry around her ashes.

Because of this he was witness to her slowly reforming body from the ashes. He locked her in a box and tossed it in the corner of one of the rooms in the Dragons den. She stayed there for several months, until Aleccas Keeper, tired of watching over it after James’ death, dumped her on the Talent Troupe.

Several months passed until Xavier, overcome by his own problems, made the decision to open the box. After over a year of constantly dying inside that box from hunger or lack of air, she was finally freed again. This time, after so many resets, she had all her memories once more.

Now she lays low among the Talent Troupe, biding her time and waiting for an opportunity for the tables to flip her way once again…


(to be continued)


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