Assaria Clavez

Assaria Clavez is the one character that appeared in my first generation and stayed throughout my story. She is an absolutely essentiel character, mostly due to her connection with the Reaper, a god-like entity in my world.

Assaria Clavez is first seen in my first generation, but we get a quick view into her past in generation 7. Since in her actual timeline that’s where her story begins, that is where I will start.

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The chapter I revealed merely gave an overview of how Damien and Assaria met. Do not expect anything else from Assaria’s childhood in the future. I won’t be revealing that for certain reasons.

Assaria Clavez was a normal girl in what she referred to as a boring world. And her life was boring and routine until she met him on a hill on a very normal afternoon.

Screenshot-6 Screenshot-7

Damien was completely different to what she was used to. He was imaginative, creative, and almost seemed to have a magical aura around him…even if in this world there was no magic.

Yes, here Assaria reveals that there are two different worlds. That she lived in one until it was destroyed and the only reason she exists in the second one is because the Creator/Damien willed it to be so.

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Damien was the love of her life and in her mind she would’ve given up anything for him. Unfortunately, she had to give him up. At the end of their world he killed himself for reasons Assaria can’t understand.

Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16

When she woke up in the new world she’d become a powerful witch, just like Damien had predicted, while she assumed he became the god – the Reaper. They couldn’t be together however, and that broke Assaria in more ways than one.

Though it was never officially revealed, Assaria appeared in the new world just as the first White-eyed was born.

Assaria eventually realized that the world she was in was exactly like the one Damien had described. Furious with heartbreak she decided to set out and destroy everything he had planned. First thing she did, was search for the white-eyed currently alive. She planned to kill them to prevent their descendants from procreating with the Whitelights.


Before Tarnowak, she had found a few white-eyes and successfully killed them! However the laws of nature simply brought them back over and over again. So Assaria searched for a way to exterminate the white-eyed soul…and she found that way when Tarnowak was the white-eyed.

At that point, her goal had changed. She was aware that without the white-eyed all the supernaturals would die or disappear. Having been granted immortality by Damien, she had lived much much too long. She thought that by destroying the supernaturals she could finally have some sort of peace.


She had several families searching for Tarnowak, and one of those was the Whitelights. It had been years and years since she’d last seen the name and she never realized until after she confronted Rosahelminthe that it was the famous family her lost love had always talked about.


When Rosahleminthe pulled out her wand to attack her, Assaria caught a glimpse of a shadow behind the red head and she suddenly realized without a doubt that Damien was with the witch. He was following the story of his characters and at that moment his character wanted to destroy her.


It could have been surprise, or the potion Rosahelminthe took, but the strongest witch there ever was…was defeated and trapped into a book. As the Time keepers revealed later, Assaria had been doomed to be imprisoned for 250 years. It was written in the Reaper’s book. It was a sentence against her murderous actions towards the white-eyeds. Actions that, if they had been successful, would’ve prevented the ‘creation’ of the weapon. Though they used the word ‘creation’, they meant the creation of the sense of the name and not the person attached to it. The weapon was after all created and born long before Rosahelminthe took her first breath.

Screenshot-12 Screenshot-15

Time passed slowly for Assaria, trapped in the book. Though she met the new white-eyed, Clarice, and received her company till Clarice died, Assaria wanted nothing more than to be freed. She attempted to use magic and reincarnate herself as one of Clarice’s children, but it wasn’t meant to be. From her leathery confines she watched as the white-eyes started to get weaker and weaker because of the damage she had managed to cause Tarnowak’s white-eyed soul. However, the events seemed familiar to her. All too familiar. She realized things were still happening just as Damien had predicted. That everything she had done was according to his story, because…she was one of the bad guys he had talked about.

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-26

She sombered into a depression then, but she was pulled out of it when she received a visit from a certain Cain Whitelight. The moment he touched her book she knew he was just like his ancestor, followed by the Reaper. And even though she was still mad against him, she wanted to see and meet the one she loved. She helped Cain merely because that brought her closer to Damien.

Controlling Cain was the closest she’d ever come to her love and she regretted it when she was focibly removed.

Screenshot-30 Screenshot-31

The event let her meet a curious little girl, Jophia. Assaria could feel that Jophia was related somehow to the weapon yet she couldn’t figure out how or why. This, however, reminded her of the existence of the weapon and its powers. She decided then to acquire the weapon for herself and use it to destroy the world Damien had built. Be it written or not, for at this point she had forgotten most of the story, she was going to do her best to catch his attention and force him to come before her.

Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11

Eventually the 250 years passed by and she was delivered from the book.


(to be continued, still working on it :D)


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