The Reaper is the most powerful and the most mysterious being of this world. He’s referred to as a god, and justly so. He is the Creator.

He’s also referred to as Damien by Assaria Clavez, but that identity has yet to be confirmed.


At first glance, the Reaper doesn’t seem to play a grand role. He serves mostly as an indicator to the bloodline of the Chosen Creator and can only be seen by a single person: Assaria. There are a few gifted people in the story who can also sense his presence.

Usually the Reaper sticks to the sidelines, but as the first in line for the Chosen Creator approaches, he starts to become slightly more active.

Namely in his appearance in Xavier’s dreams/visions and in his action to save his life.


The Reaper’s presence in Xavier’s mind’s eye is primarily due to his sixth sense which allows him a keener sense of time and events.

His appearance in Xavier’s dragon-dreaming state, served to show that the key to unlocking his sixth sense was in his stomach (a.k.a the bead James gave him as a toddler).

His appearance in Xavier’s nightmares was his sixth sense telling him he had a guardian angel, but that came with a price.

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The Reaper’s action to actually pull Xavier slightly out of harm’s way, proved to Assaria that she had never considered before. She had always assumed he was all-powerful and controlled everything and that maybe her quest was a fool’s errand. But this simple action proved to her that the Reaper’s wishes weren’t set in stone. She still had a chance to win. Slim, but present.

(more on him in generation 10)