Generation 3


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Serenity was Millie’s beginning. She inherited her mother’s witch powers and a little more. Serenity had what was called magic hands. The ability to perform magic without a wand. Serenity was bullied by Rya and Ryan for a long time until she fought back.

The will to fight back appeared when she found the time machine hidden in the basement. Or more specifically, when she saw the first white-eye come out of it.

From then Serenity’s life became a weird spiral of trying to protect the first white-eye from Rya and Ryan to ensure her whole family would still be alive. In the process she uncovered amazing things about witchcraft she never knew about and easily became the best witch there ever was in her time.

However Serenity never stayed in Twinbrook, or in her timeline for that matter. Once she’d finally brought the first white-eyed back to his time she was tempted to find a time for herself. She explored time and was named time traveler. She became a fugitive as a time master ran after her.

Through many perils she met a man and finally settled down a 100 years in the past.


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Nathan was exactly the heir Roland’s father had wanted.

As you all know Nathan spent his life searching for Mina. Mina had been raised in a werewolf family and the werewolves had many secrets she knew of. Mina was a little too outgoing so the werewolves often had to lock her up, in fear their enemies would kidnap and torture her.

Nathan joined the police force and accomplished amazing things! Using a fine tooth comb he finally did find Mina and had three children with her. He lived his life with her and he saw her die. Only one of his three children, Demeter turned out to be a fairy. She enrolled in the task force and helps her dad support the naturals and the supernaturals.

Nathan has already arrested the woman who killed Cain’s wife and he’s been weeding out all the anti-supernaturals.

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