Generation 4


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Since she was a toddler I’d planned for Anastasia to go with the talent tour. Which is why I introduced it in one of the chapters.

After discovering she had a twin and being revealed that she had a secret power not related to supernaturals, Anastasia joined the talent troupe.

I won’t elaborate on this secret power of hers because I might bring it up in the future (mentioned in 7.58).

Basically Anastasia, with her sister Esmeralda, found out more about the supernatural world than they expected to. They never married, never had children. They were too focused on their research.

Research that led to an amazing discovery, and a quick death for Anastasia. (mentioned in chapter 6.5 and 7.58)


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Daniel (Christopher’s son) sold out Esmeralda to the talent troupe, because she was a witch. Esmeralda was raised by the talent troupe and her witchcraft was enriched to its maximum potential. It was only once she’d grown up into a teen that she was told of her family.

With the help of her magic power and her bond to her twin she managed to control her for a few brief moments. Those moments led Anastasia right to her. Esmeralda convinced her twin to help them in their fight and search for something more.

But after Anastasia’s life was lost, Esmeralda gave up the search. She cut off her ties with the talent troupe and ran away from the secret Anastasia had discovered.

She stayed alone for the rest of her life.


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Collin was a darling to write. He was cocky and mean.

His story really started the night he saw a premonition of himself dying, and managed to change the future. On that night, someone else noticed his special skill.

Collin went to prison. Collin still had a chance to prove in court that it was an accident, that the teen’s death hadn’t been his goal. However, the mysterious woman who observed him broke him out of prison and filled his head with lies. Telling him if he’d stayed in there he would have been in prison forever. The woman made Collin feel he owed her a debt, and he agreed to work for her.

The woman worked for a secret agency and she wanted Collin’s premonition powers. Collin had to say good-bye to his family, and had to move to Bridgeport to be more accessible.

Collin discovered his lost bestfriend, Roxelle, was part of the secret agency. And so he trained to become the best.

With Roxelle to keep Collin’s ego down a few notches, the two were an amazing duo. They were the best of their agency and they travelled the world.

It was mere coincidence that Collin was sent to his old hometown, and in the process got himself lost.

After Mary left for China, Collin left from his paid vacation and brought his sister Melody with him. He showed her off to the agency and she was hired to help their young witches learn.

Collin never married or had children, but he did have quite the relationship with Roxelle.


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From her name alone you could tell music would somehow be part of Melody’s life. Melody hitched a ride with the mysterious vampire right to Sunset Valley once she became a teen.

There she worked hard to become the best guitarist she could be. She integrated herself in the harsh life of being a celebrity and had several ups and downs in both her life and career.

Finally once she’d reached a stable point in her life she decided to come back and tell the news to her family. That’s where she saw Cain and heard of his family be kidnapped. She stayed and met her nieces and her nephew.

In her stay she realized she didn’t want to go back to playing music for others, so she asked Collin to take her wherever he was going. That’s when she learned Collin was actually a spy, and she got the great honour to teach young witches how to handle their magic.

She spent her life teaching and ended up known as the old crone who could play music really well.

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