Generation 5

Max Whitelight

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Max’s story began the moment his father was kidnapped and he met the little baby named Jophia.

Max was traumatized for most of his childhood because he witnessed his own mother’s death. He decided he would blame his father and Mary for what happened and he stuck by that for a very long time. Max didn’t trust people easily, he barely had any friends at school, and none were ‘real’ friends.  His one real friend was Jophia, the mysterious white girl who couldn’t feel the cold.

Jophia was Shina’s experimental daughter (the blue-eyed woman with a scar on her eye). The anti-supernatural group wanted to make a creature they could use to fight the supernatural and Jophia was the result of that. Little did such an experiment had been done over-seas before with a much better result. This one was commonly known as ‘the weapon’.

Her turning out to be a white-eyed was a huge surprise and she was nearly killed because of it, but as they researched and conducted more experiments they discovered how crucial she could be.  She wasn’t like any supernatural they had ever seen. She could teleport and she couldn’t feel cold, and she could mentally injure supernaturals. (at that point, teleportation was just like Cain’s ability to see feelings. they were powers unrelated to supernaturals that had been appearing in naturals for an unknown reason)

After Cain’s generation the anti-supernatural lay low, and continued their research on Jophia. However the police force Nathan (Balthier’s twin brother) is working with wanted to snuff them out. That’s where Max comes in.

Jophia always hung out with Max, and in doing so continuously lay in plain sight and an aspiring detective named Cynthia Seeker attempted to catch her. Since Jophia could teleport, Cynthia was stuck with only Max who she took into custody.

Max was explained the situation in jail, and was asked to help under the pretenses they were saving Jophia.

From here a long story of romance between Max, Cynthia and Jophia was going to take place. Through special circumstances Max would end up having a son with each of them, but in the end he would marry Cynthia.

Unfortunately Jophia died protecting the two, dealing a huge blow to the supernaturals.

Max raised his sons in a relative peace, until he died of old age.


Mary Whitelight

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Mary Whitelight was the product of an experimentation. Larissa, one of the two anti-supernaturals who had it in for Cain, kidnapped Cain and impregnated herself with his gene. At the time they were really envious of Cain’s ability to see emotions and they wanted to control it. Knowing Cain would never agree to join them they wanted to see if one of his children could have the gene. Unfortunately Mary turned out to be a supernatural, a clairvoyant, so Larissa rejected her and saw her as a mere supernatural instead of her own daughter.

Even though her mother was an evil woman who killed Cain’s wife, Irene, Cain gladly took his new found daughter in. Not once did he look at Mary and relate her to Irene’s death. He knew she had nothing to do with it. Unfortunately Max and Angel weren’t on the same brain length. They saw only Larissa when they looked at Mary, but over time they came to see her for the great girl she really was.

Mary was bullied by her older brother Max when she was younger. At the time Max blamed both Mary and Cain for what happened when he was younger, but a quick trip to prison and some other circumstances corrected that mood. Mary held fast during the bullying and decided to visit china so she could learn martial arts. She also decided to go due to some interesting premonitions about a treasure chest.

Mary’s adventure to china was amazing. She met dozens of people, discovered there were magical artifacts that could be used to protect against supernaturals if, let’s say a witch decided to throw a nasty frog spell on you. China wasn’t enough however, she went and explored all sorts of places! Egypt, France, you name it! She met several men and broke many hearts, including her own. She lost many friends to the depths and dangers of the numerous treasure hunts she went on.

Eventually her status as a clairvoyant became well-known and she was forced to seclude herself in china, her favorite place, to have some privacy.

She stayed there for the rest of her days, receiving premonitions and meditating until one day she passed away silently under an orchard tree.

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