The No-Spoiler version

My writing style

All I can say, is that every generation feels like my best generation yet! My writing skills upgrade each time I switch heirs 😀 (so at this point on, I find gen.1 to be really lacking, even though at the time it felt like great work)

Generation 1 – The founder

The first generation was short and quickly done. I was trying to find the style of writing I wanted, and the story sort of constantly changed course for me. It’s the worst of the generations, but I see it as a nice introduction to the supernatural story.

You could just skim it.

Generation 2 – Starting off

In this generation I started to apply some drama. This is where I started to find the right writing style for my legacy. I tried enriching my story, but I forgot a little about enriching some characters. A lot of plot holes opened up here which I managed to close later.

There are some key hints in this generation which lead to events happening in later generations.

Generation 3 – Downhill

This generation’s story felt like a complete flop. I had an interesting plot for the Generation 2, and then I tried to center Generation 3 around romance. It didn’t come out as I expected at all. Still, I managed to work on enriching the characters, which I was really happy about.

You can just skim this.

Generation 4 – Now that’s a story

This generation’s story was incredibly intense. I spent most of the time listening to ‘Bleeding out by Imagine dragons’, which might explain the dramatic turns the story took. This story was a lot more planned out, and technically there were two stories in one compared to the first generations. This was the longest generation so far, hopefully the next ones can live up to it. (they did)

Read it! Carefully and lovingly.

Generation 5 – Day to day life

This generation’s story was more focused on the day to day life of my heir. It tended to be a bit long in my opinion, but it let me develop my characters. I mostly associated the song ‘Hey Brother by Aviici’ to it.  And this generation was longer than the last one. We’ll see how long the next ones get!

I’d say you can read diagonally…This generation has a ton of subtle foreshadowing however.

Generation 6 – A nice mix of everything

This generation was a nice mix of a whole bunch of genres. It dealt with vampires and social hierarchy. For me, the beggining was a tad slow because I needed to introduce all the characters, but you really need to read the first chapters thoroughly to truly appreciate this generation’s story.

I don’t recommend skimming! Important details can be missed that way.

Generation 7 – Dark Generation

A new high score was reached here with a total of 68 chapters! This was what I considered a ‘dark generation’. It’s similar to generation 4 in that aspect, but it’s a lot lot darker. There are several touchy terms discussed in this generation such as depression, suicide, murder, deaths, torture, etc. I find it to be one of my best generations. I started out hoping to best generation 4 and I have without a doubt done so.

I recommend to read in its entirety, just because I’m so damn proud of it.

Generation 8 – More than one ‘main’ character

Though I was under the impression this generation couldn’t live up to gen.7 at first, it soon proved me wrong. The heir was flawed in several ways (that tended to leave you a bit neutral with the personality), but as the story progresses we can see an incredible evolution in my heir. This generation was special, mostly due to the huge amount of information and the fact that this heir had an enormous amount of friends to rely on, whilst other generations usually had between 1-3 good friends.

It’s a definite must read. I’m proud of the depth of all the characters I introduced in this story, along with the elaborate plot I managed to weave.

Generation 9 – What mystery shall we solve today?

As I write this, I haven’t yet begun generation 9, but I already know its going to be jam-packed with a genre I’ve always wanted to explore in great detail: Mystery.

This generation will probably be structured in more of an episode format, I’ll focus more on the plot than the character’s themsevles. (Of course, this may be my original plan, but you can never know with this darlings)

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