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Keep in mind this is a bit crude, each generation is jam packed with information, I can only skim the important stuff.


Generation 1 – The founder’s story

Time: June 14, 2013 – June 26, 2013 (12 days) –20 chapters

Screenshot-3 Daughter of a mortal woman and a witch from a famous witch family, Rosahleminthe had only one mission to complete. A mission her mother had passed down to her on her death bed. She was to deliver a message to the white-eyed. She didn’t know why, she didn’t know what the message was, all she knew was the subject would have white-eyes and once she had physical contact the message would be sent to her. Oblivious of what lay in wait, Rosahelminthe searched her whole life for this white-eyed. A lead finally brought her to Twinbrook. She found the white-eyed, a man by the name of Tarnowak who was protected by a naive little fairy named Anna. Rosahelminthe fought to give the message, but the fairy always stopped her, knowing more than she let out. On her third attempt, Rosahelminthe succeeded in touching Tarnowak, only to receive the message to assassinate him! Before she had the time to respond Anna sent her and Tarnowak into a dream world. There they appealed to her better side and before she knew it, they were living with her and she was making out with Tarnowak. But the evil witch who’d sent her the message was not finished, she tricked Rosahelminthe into giving Tarnowak a poisoned apple. An apple that would accelerate his already deadly disease. Angry Rosahelminthe sought out the evil witch and, with the help of a power increasing potion, zapped her soul into a book. The book was indestructible so Rosahelminthe locked it away amongst her several secret basements. Rosahelminthe lived with Tarnowak and Anna peacefully. They built a home and Rosahelminthe married Tarnowak. Soon after Rosahelminthe was pregnant with her first child. But months before the birth Tarnowak retreated into a dream world. Anna told her Tarnowak was a free spirit, he’s lived for over 300 years. He needed to rest. Rosahelminthe gave birth to a baby boy named Christopher. He had her blue eyes and red hair. Only months later Tarnowak awoke and came to see his son. Then, sharing one last night with Rosahelminthe, he left on a long journey. Rosahelminthe found out she was pregnant yet again a bit later. She ended up giving birth to quads this time. A girl by the name of Keena. She inherited her father’s brown hair and her mother’s blue eyes. Another girl by the name of Felicia. She had her mother’s blue eyes and her mother’s red hair. A third girl by the name of Clarice. She inherited her father’s white eyes and in consequence replaced him. Tarnowak became mortal at her birth. She was born with blond hair. And the last of the quads, Millie. The only child to inherit her mother’s witch powers, but born blind. She also inherited her mother’s blue eyes and red hair. Unfortunately the stress of having quads was too much on her poor body, and Rosahelminthe died when her children were only toddlers. Anna ended up raising them.


Generation 2 – Millie’s journey

Time: July 4, 2013 – August 6, 2013 (1 month) –22 chapters

Screenshot-11 Daughter of a white-eyed and a powerful witch, Millie’s veins were flowing with magic. She was born blind and hated by her brother Christopher. A grumpy boy who despised supernaturals. Millie was a timid and shy child who adored her aunt Anna. Homeschooled, Millie spent most of her time at home, but one day she met a boy as he walked by her house. He was a fairy boy who went by the name of Roland. Soon enough they became very close friends. Close enough that his father promised Millie her sight and some help in her witchcraft IF she came to live in his house and served him. Through much hesitation Millie agreed. She decided to serve under her best friend’s father for a year, for the chance to see. The world was far prettier than she’d imagined. She worked hard and became nearly as good as her mother had been  in witchcraft. But she wasn’t allowed any contact with her family, apart from calling her aunt from time to time. To make things worse, Roland’s father demanded she marry his son and make a black-winged heir for him. That fact added with a casual visit to her old home for information, and the sight of her mother’s ghost grew a terrible need to stay home. However, upon trying her sight was stripped from her and a need to gain it back filled her. Roland’s father had made her addicted to seeing. She was trapped. Millie grew into an adult and married Roland. But she and Roland made a promise. They would practice their magic until they could overwrite his father’s spell. Millie became pregnant with her first child before they could complete their promise. She gave birth to a smiling girl named Serenity. She had blue-purple eyes and brownish-greyish hair, all from Roland’s grandmother. On one merry day, Anna came bursting through the door, with an intense desire to free Millie from this hold. Anna was a white-winged fairy, and Roland’s father, Jeremy, was a black-winged fairy. For generations a strange curse had caused these two types of fairies to despise each other. A strange curse Jeremy had tried to break. It was pure coincidence that he managed to break it the day Anna came to save Millie. Both of their angers switch to a passionate lust. After that awkward episode, Millie went home with Roland, Anna and her daughter. Anna overwrote Jeremy’s spell. Providing for Millie, an ever-lasting sight. A spell that could only be broken on Jeremy’s death. After that Millie was able to raise her children in peace. She had twins with Roland as well. A boy named Nathan. He had black hair and red eyes like his father and he was a black-winged fairy. He was exactly what Jeremy had looked for in a heir. The second was a boy named Balthier. He’d inherited his mother’s and his grandmother’s red hair and witchcraft, and he had mysterious green eyes. Millie grew old and watched as Nathan and Serenity left the nest. Balthier however stayed and began his own family. Millie got to see her grandchildren grow up, she died after her youngest grandson had recently become a father.


Generation 3 – Balthier’s love life

Time: August 14, 2013 – September 24, 2013 (A month and 10 days)–19 chapters

Screenshot-22Balthier inherited his mother’s witchcraft, but he barely made use of it. He wasn’t as into that art as his older sister. Balthier was a rather calm kid. When he was a child he met Angel. A child ghost who began following him around. Ghosts aren’t supposed to talk or grow up. Ghosts are simply shadows of their original selves before they died. However, Angel would talk and she grew up alongside Balthier. Balthier was also the only one she let see her. When he was a teen however, that changed. He met a girl named Laura. Laura had lost all her memories and Balthier found himself helping her to find them again. They discovered dreadful secrets about her parents and tests that had been done on her. In that short time Laura and Balthier were together they became very close. Close enough that they conceived a child together. And while they frolicked, Angel was left behind, feeling jealous and wanting Balthier for herself. Learning that Laura was pregnant sent Angel on a confusing rail of emotions. She fled from it leaving Balthier and Laura to themselves. What she hadn’t realized was that Balthier and Laura weren’t that attracted to each other. They’d had a fling and nothing more. And during the long months Angel had fled Balthier had prepared a spell to make her human. He’d finally realised she wasn’t really a ghost. When she finally did show herself, he kissed her, sealing the spell and clearly telling her he liked her too. Laura gave birth soon after, and unfortunately died. She’d given birth to twins,  but Balthier only ever saw one of his children. The other, Esmeralda, was born a witch and sold to the talent tour by Balthier’s cousin Daniel. Someone who just happened to be Christopher’s, a supernatural hater, son. Balthier raised his daughter, Anastasia, with Angel whom he quickly fell in love with.  Angel and Balthier had three children together. Collin who inherited his father’s red hair and his mother’s grey eyes was a clairvoyant. Angel was a clairvoyant as well, all clairvoyants have the grey eyes trademark. And there was the twins, Melody and Cain. Melody who had blond hair, the founder’s blue eyes, and witch powers. Cain had his mothers blue-tipped pink hair and the same eyes as his twin.


Generation 4 – Cain’s losses and gains

Time: October 6, 2013 – December 3, 2013 (A little under 3 months)–26 chapters

Inspiration song: I’m bleeding out by Imagine dragons

Screenshot-24 Cain suffered a lot. His story began with him being kidnapped right after having a fight with his twin sister. His kidnappers were two fairy children who had lived longer than they should have and kept themselves entertained by using naturals with bright hair and eyes as dolls. Something he discovered when he escaped. For a whole year he was forced to play a Prince who wanted a Princess. Every time he played a ‘chapter’ he had no control over his body. He could only speak and look. Between chapters around 3 to 4 months passed, and during that time he met his other prison mates. One of which he fell in love with, a girl named Irene. Irene had been stuck in this dollhouse since she was seven years old. It’s only when they played the final chapter, the marriage (where he actually married the princess, Irene) that he managed to escape. He found the fairies and simply talked to them. They finally left the material world they had long outlived and the whole place faded away. Irene and him left for his house where he had a happy reunion and where he began his own family. Usually I would stop a generation right here. He’s had his story, now on to the next. But this time I didn’t. I decided to make a second story for my heir and in that case, making the biggest generation so far at that time. An elaborate plot unfolded where I revealed the existence of an anti-supernatural group.  One ready to do anything to eradicate the supernatural population. Cain had developped a special sense where he could see people’s emotions. When Irene gave birth to his first child, twins for that fact, an anti-supernatural member came to see him. It was a pregnant woman who offered him to work with them, all at the same time threatnening his family with a gun. He refused, and suffered the consequences. While his two children grew up, Max (red hair, mother’s turquoise eyes) and Sariel (blue hair, same eyes), Cain was forced to see his family dwindle one by one. First was his grandfather, Roland (Millie’s husband), who’s throat was slit by them. Then two seconds later, his grandmother (Millie) died of simply being old. On his grandfather’s dead corspse he found a note from the anti-supernaturals telling him they were giving him another chance to accept their offer. Letting himself be controlled by anger, Cain went to meet them, bringing his father as firepower. That meeting ended with Cain uncouncious and Balthier with a bullet in his gut. Cain was kidnapped for the second time in his life where the enemy hatched a twisted plan to impregnant one of their own with his genes in the hope of having a child with his talents. It was his son Max (as a toddler) who came to save him with a mysterious white baby. For a few months they left him alone. But Cain was boiling with anger at the injustice of all he had lost. When he had been kidnapped they’d managed to kill Clarice (Millie’s sister, and a white-eyed). The supernaturals were still alive however because Clarice turned out not to be the only white-eyed. Frustrated and unable to let it all go, Cain let himself be taken over by the witch in the book (from the first generation), which caused the death of the original assasinator of his grandfather. Cain had finally learned his lesson, but a member of the anti-supernatural group yearned for revenge from the death of one of their own. They kidnapped his children and his wife under his nose. Melody (Cain’s twin) came back from wherever she had left and went with Cain to save his family. Getting there he discovered he was father of a third child. A girl named Mary who’d inherited her grandmother’s premonition powers. Their attempt to save them was successul but caused the death of Cain’s love, Irene. That last death sent him over the edge and straight into a depression. It is only when Sariel came to him crying because kids at school had told her her father would suicide that he managed to pull himself out. He took care of his third child seeing her simply has his child rather than the child of his wife’s killer and he took his son’s hate for him. Cain comes back during Sariel’s story, and he attempts to figure out what could have sent her into a coma. My brave heir, died when he was an elder, as he tried to protect his grandson, William.


Generation 5 – Sariel’s drama

Time: December 14, 2013 – February 24 2014 (Two months and ten days)–32 chapters

Inspirational song: Hey Brother by Aviici

Screenshot-22Sariel’s story began with her being kidnapped by a man she thought she had fallen in love with just when she decided to leave him to move away from her family. Charles brought her across the sea to a town named Legacy Island II, where he clung unto his vision of the perfect family. By then Sariel was pregnant with her first child, Mincia, and she was realizing how damaged Charles was. Having lost all communication with her family, she fought with Charles everyday until finally he’d had enough and left her. She raised Mincia alone, making a few friends/babysitters on the way. Even though it was hard for her, Sariel persevered to support her and her daughter and she was rewarded with her father finding her, and meeting her soul mate, Rex. From there we can see how her family grew, how she was gifted with two other children; Zyla and William. There were a good couple of bumps along the road with the births of both children. Zyla turned out to be someone else’s child and once Sariel had given birth to William, she fell into a coma. She didn’t wake from that coma until all three of her children had disappeared. Mincia had been kidnapped to participate in a gruesome murder mystery, Zyla had been ‘claimed’ by the royal vampire family, and William had run away. Still, as time wore on, each of her children came to her to tell her of their stories, and to tell her they each had a bright future of their own.


Generation 6 – Zyla’s fight

Time: March 9, 2014 – July 18th, 2014 (Five months and nine days)–23 chapters

Inspirational music: Assassin’s Creed soundtracks

Screenshot-3 From the beginning Zyla wasn’t meant to have an entirely easy life. Her birth, an orchestrated plan from her real father, nearly tore her mother and her ‘father’ apart. Zyla lost her older sister, Mincia, to a kidnapping when she was still young and when she herself was a teen, her and her younger brother William disappeared. Her brother ran away from home, but she was kidnapped by Simon, a vampire slave of the royal vampire family. Zyla discovered her biological father was actually, Velor, the vampire king. Zyla was thrust into a world of vampires where evil things seemed to be lurking at every corner. A saint at heart, it took her a while to realize it, and see the ones growing inside her brother Eliott, her childhood friend and another one of Velor’s ‘spawns’. Zyla was betrayed, over and over again, by people she thought she could trust, and she almost met her certain death. But, after all the family drama, all the evil plotting, after her father had almost managed to start a full-on war between the vampires and the werewolves, one day it all temporarily resolved itself. With most of the vampires living in the house gone, she adopted the title of the vampire queen and settled down with Simon, the one who had yet to betray her in the drama. Who, ironically, was the one who she knew she could trust the most.  Zyla  started herself a family, giving birth to six children: Raphaele, Lance, Aliska, James, Alec and Nixanne. Two of which were golden-eyed vampires and who had the possibility of touching her throne. Zyla also welcomed in her step-sister, Carla, into the family. She was yet another golden-eyed vampire, but Zyla believed she wouldn’t become like her parents. But a pureblood like Simon is hard to resist and Carla eventually gave in to temptation. Zyla turned Simon into a vampire to solve that problem, but a new one appeared. Their town, which despised supernaturals with all their might, was open to the idea of accepting the supernaturals. Faced with possible problems and the subject of school and friends, Zyla decided to send her children, and Carla, to a boarding school nearby. And though she means well, having Carla away from her might not be the best decision at that moment…


Generation 7 – James’ ordeal

Time: July 29th, 2014 – December 30th, 2014 (Five months)–68 chapters

Inspirational music: Waltz with vampires by Fire Earth Music & Just one Yesterday by Fall out boy

james3I’m finally done writing this amazing generation! I doubt I’ve ever been so proud. Apart from those music pieces (though to be honest there are hundreds of amazing songs I listened to while writing it), this next art I found on deviantart was a magnificient fuel. I already had a pretty good idea of what type of ‘feeling’ or ‘aura’ I wanted James to have at the end of the generation with his ‘chosen’ soulmate. And when I found this picture, I was so happy! It radiated exactly what I was searching for 😀

inspiration for 7

James is a mute fangless vampire who, before even reaching adulthood, has lived through more than most adults do. It was when he was only a toddler that James used the power his mother’s golden eyes gave him to control his aunt Carla. She’d been trying to control Raphaele so she played with her, and James had countered her attack. However, the first time he remembers using his power is in his first year of school. During that year, he’d been witness to two of three deaths Carla had caused as she went on a hungry rampage, testing the boundaries of her vampire nature. It was near the end that he and his siblings confronted Carla to ask her to stop killing people. When she refused and threatened to make them forget that it was her, James worked into getting control over her. Even at a young age, he was already strong enough to control her. However, it was then that his grandfather Velor made an appearance. (said vampire had originally come to capture Kevil and the weapon who’d been hiding out at school) He defended Carla and took her away with him.

The rest of school for James wasn’t any calmer. He met the pretty Mariposa who, along with his sister Aliska, pushed him more and more into using his power until it eventually became as natural as walking for him. However, he was betrayed by Mariposa when he found out she’d originally gone out with him so he’d help her and her mom (Anna the white fairy) to release the evil witch (the one from gen.1 and gen.4) Assaria Clavez. He was forced into giving his blood, and the witch was released. After that, he started to go out with his best friend Jamie, but at the same time his little sister Nixanne was having serious heartbreak issues. She had started cutting herself and then she’d attempted a suicide. To add to that, his brother Alec also managed to get himself arrested for nearly drinking someone to death. To pile on, Jamie cheated on him with his other best friend Joshua and she was pregnant. She didn’t know who was the father. To finish it off, just when James was ready to forgive his friends, the witch Assaria had already come and killed Jamie since she was attempting to track her according to a request James had made months before.

James declared he’d hunt the witch down and kill her, setting himself out on a journey. Since his big brother sent him an email saying the police had captured the weapon and they were willing to let James interrogate it, James’ first stop was at the small town of Stonebridge. There he had his first meeting with the Weapon, discovering that it’s power was closely related to a type of draining of energy. James was later approached with a deal from the talent troupe which he harshly refused. The next day he found out the witch had broken into the police station and kidnapped the Weapon. Almost right after James was approached by the talent troupe again. This time he accepted their offer. He would help them recruit someone, while they helped him track down the witch. That’s how James met Kyxa, a cheerful fairy determined to cheer James up. It didn’t take more than a look for the two to become infatuated together. James was unable to uphold his end of the bargain, but the talent troupe gave him another chance. Before he could meet Kyxa again however, he met the famous William after a short reunion with his sister. William wanted to make a deal with James as well, but he refused. James met Kyxa again, and once again he was too enamoured by her to convince her to join the talent troupe. He did discover she had protection against mind control, and since he’d sort of upheld his end of the deal the talent troupe gave him the location of the witch. Nearly moments later, the man who’d been the talent troupe’s messenger was brutally murdered by an innocent, yet controlled by the witch, passerby. With Kyxa at his side, James set off to confront the witch. There he discovered she didn’t have the weapon anymore, and she had taken out Jamie’s baby when she’d killed her and trapped it in a book. She was too powerful however, and James was nearly killed (he was saved by Kyxa).

Kyxa brought James to her humble abode in Stonebridge so he could recover. There they became even closer than they were before, officially reaching the status of lovers and partners in crime. Once James was sufficiently healed, he called William to let him know he was ‘considering’ his deal. They met in a park, where Aliska met Kyxa for the first time, and William brought them back to their base to show off his prized possession, Kevil. There James learned Kevil had lost the Weapon to the police because of the witch’s interference. He was captured by the witch, and then captured by William. The Weapon had been taken from the witch by none other than Velor, the old vampire king. With Kevil’s help, they assumed Velor would return to Legacy island II to settle his old debts. They were right, Velor’s first move was to finish his battle with the werewolves. Then it was to attempt to resuscitate Blams, his vampire queen. A fierce battle was played out with the following players: Velor, Carla, the Weapon, James, Kyxa, Rehal, Zyla, Simon, Assaria, Mariposa and Anna. Assaria, Mariposa and Anna fled the scene after James beat the witch at her own mental battle and retrieved the baby book. Simon was shot with a gun by Velor and with a spell by Assaria after sacrificing himself to save Zyla.  Kyxa fought Velor valantly, but was knocked out uncouncious. Near the end, only the Weapon, Velor and James were left standing. James was unable to defeat Velor since he’d reached his mental limit, and he received a shot in the leg by Velor.

James finds himself in the hospital and he is assaulted by good news. His right ear will get better, his leg will heal, and his father will live. Unfortunately he discovers he’s over used his power to the point where he can’t use it anymore, but the fact that the book and the Weapon are now in his possession helps attenuate the fact. James doesn’t get the time to relax when William decides to drop by and visit the Weapon. He is promptly chased away, but Kyxa and James get into a small fight when Kyxa voices her desire to live a normal life.  However, as Kyxa leaves to calm down, Assaria Clavez takes the perfect oppurtunity to visit James with Mariposa and Anna.  She quickly discovers James is powerless and she takes the Weapon and the book back. It’s the arrival of Alec and a nurse named Tessa that saves James from being killed. James has no time to recover from the loss as his mother, Zyla, is being dragged down the corridor by the police. She’s arrested for murdering Rehal, but it’s quite clear to her children that it wasn’t of her own free will. Velor was most likely behind it. Zyla gets sent to prison, and James meets a specialist in magic, Isabella, who happens to be an old friend of Kyxa’s. Isabella tells James he’ll need two months to completely recover his magic. And so, James and Kyxa isolate themselves and wait those two months for James’ power to return. When it does, the first thing he does is break his mother out of jail. Then he heads straight for Assaria’s hideout. There he easily over powers her and takes back the Weapon and the book. He forces Assaria to free his child, and he finally learns that he has a son and names him Xavier. He promptly drains Assaria, Mariposa and Anna of their supernatural side using the Weapon. He sets the two ex-fairies loose, but locks Assaria down in the basement.

For the next year, James gets to know his son, Xavier, but at the same time he manages to slowly convince himself he isn’t worthy of being Xavier’s father. What tips him over the edge is an unexpected ambush led by Carla, his aunt and Velor’s daughter.  Xavier’s life is threatened, and even though two of the vampires are killed, and Carla and the third vampire are brought back as prisoners, James feels even worse when it comes to Xavier. James interrogates Carla to discover why she seemed immune to his mind control and discovers an artifact was protecting her. James murders Carla with his own hands to get the artifact, all the while trying to convince himself that he was still worthy of being Xavier’s father. Unfortunately, he loses that battle. He gives Xavier the artifact to protect him from mind control and makes the decision to give him up for adoption.

Kyxa and James spent the next few years piling up stress as they waited for Velor to strike again. It’s once Kyxa discovered she was pregnant that she decided she’d had enough. She called an old client of hers to get two adresses: where Velor was hiding if he was in Stonebridge, and where Xavier had been sent off to. Kyxa left alone to defeat Velor and came out of it victorious. At the same time William almost managed to sneak into the basement where the Weapon was being held without being noticed, but James spotted him easily and threw him in a jail cell. From then on, the couple’s lives got easier. Granted, James went to Xavier’s house and still chickened out from meeting his son again. But Kyxa gave birth to a gorgeous little vampire girl named Catarina and she soon became pregnant with yet another child. That one turned out to be an inquisitive vampire named Benjamin.

The spotlight moves on to Xavier then, but James’ story is far from over.


Generation 8 – Xavier’s friends

Time: January 12, 2015 – Febuary 5, 2016 (1 year and 3 weeks) — 77 chapters

Inspirational music: Who we are by Imagine Dragons


Getting used to Xavier as my heir was harsh, mostly because James was way too awesome of a heir. It took a long while before I could half (no quarter) move on from being able to control James all the time.

When I envisioned Xavier’s story, it was, without a doubt, going to be mainly romance oriented. I wasn’t too proud of Balthier’s generation so I wanted to see if I could better myself. This is afterall the point of all this (apart from having fun), improving my storytelling skills. Yet somehow, the story split and became much much more than just about romance. And overall, Xavier is the heir so far that has the most friends (Erin, Oliver, Teo, Edmund, Xenia, Annaliese, Maxwell, Olistan, Lilith, Traz, Catarina, Lem, Eina, Samantha, Tina, Jupiter, Charlie, and still many more to come!)

Part 1: Highschool

Xavier is being bullied by three boys: Edmund, Oliver and Teo, but he never fights back. Mostly because he doesn’t know how to, but also because he feels like it won’t do anything at all. His best friend, Erin, is frustrated by the fact that Xavier lets himself be bullied, but in a way she does the exact same thing. Her parents are abusive and have beaten her up on more than one occasion, yet, just like Xavier, she can’t bring herself to fight back.

This has been going on since their elementary years all the way to their high school years. It’s only on their last year of school that something changes. Apart from Xavier and Edmund being more and more aware of each other’s presence (when they’re alone), Oliver has a change of heart. He doesn’t want to bully Xavier, hell he wants to be friends with him! That’s what Oliver claims, but in truth he wants to have a real shot at Erin, the girl he’s been crushing on since he’s met her.

After much negotiating and embarassement in public, Erin, Xavier and Xenia accept Oliver, Teo and Edmund as friends. Soon enough couples start to form in the group of six. Xavier and Edmund can’t seem to resist each other anymore and they seal the deal on Teo’s doorstep. However, Edmund absolutely wants to keep the whole thing a secret because his dad is a homophobe. A really bad homophobe. So much so, that when Edmund was younger and kissed a boy who sometimes came to play, his dad forced the whole family to move away. The two try to keep their relationship secret, but it doesn’t take very long for their friends to find out. But, surprisingly enough, Edmund’s dad still doesn’t find out, apparently too busy with work and his wife’s new pregnancy.

Teo and Xenia eventually also become an item and Oliver works to try and capture Erin’s heart, which is no easy feat. They share a few cute moments, Erin needing comfort after being verbally abused, until something tragic happens. Erin reaches the end of her rope one night, when her parents came back home set on abusing her. She stabbed the both, killing them from bloodloss. Xavier, Edmund and Oliver came rushing over to her house, and Oliver went straight to Erin’s side while the two boys struggled with the sight of the dead bodies. They lied their way through the police’s interrogation to protect Erin, and Edmund’s father played a significant hand in their release.

Erin is traumatized by this event and her actions haunt her every second of her day. Until Oliver’s smiling face appears in the picture. Erin reaches out to him for comfort and finally succombs to his wishes and goes out with him. At first it was only because Oliver helped chase the murders from her mind, but he eventually grew on her and she started to love him as a person. But Oliver had a dreadful secret. One he revealed at the same time Erin announced she was pregnant with his child. Oliver was dying.

His friends did their best to support him and Erin feverishly worked on finding something to cure him, but it was all for nothing. Oliver’s death shook the group harshly. Erin fell into a depression. Edmund ended up revealing his relationship with Xavier to his mother. Who in turn told his father, who outraged decided they’d move away. And Xavier met his father.

And that’s how part 1 ends.

Part 2: University

The part starts a few months after, when Xavier gets into university. He’s still dealing with Edmund’s abandonnement since he hasn’t heard a word since. Erin is slowly getting better and she’s heavily pregnant. Teo and Xenia are attending the same university and Xavier made some new friends. Namely Lem, Eina and Traz.

Upon meeting his father, he was asked by James and a witch Annaliese, to help them. But by then Xavier didn’t believe in his magic at all and he was shocked and pissed that his father suddenly appeared, so he said no and they left him alone for the summer. But when University came around Xavier had the surprise of seeing Annaliese there too, and she was determined to convince Xavier to help in James’ place. Xavier still stubbornly refused to help such shady people, yet ironically he steps inside that world when he joins the Talent Troupe site.

When James has a few moments free and Annaliese’s attempts fail, the vampire comes to the university personally to try and convince Xavier to help save his sister, Catarina. After a lot of arguing and shouting Xavier finally agrees. Xavier starts training his witchcraft, while training as a vocalist in a band with Traz, Lem and Sam (the drummer) AND taking care of his schoolwork. Without quite realizing he shouldn’t be doing this much with such ease.

Xavier gets a break when Erin calls to announce the birth of Oliver’s baby. Xavier heads home for the weekend to meet Erin’s boy, Maxwell. Erin seems fairly recovered and she and Xavier chat about the good things and the bad things. Erin reveals that even if she may look better, too much happened in too short of a time. She needs to recover, she needs some me time, so she’s leaving Maxwell to Oliver’s parents care and she’s leaving on a trip. And she’ll only come back when she feels ready. Xavier is sad but there’s nothing he can do to change her mind.

When he gets back to school Xavier discovers he’s slowly losing Eina’s trust, who’s very distrustful of supernaturals. It’s also when his band has their show. It would’ve gone perfectly if Xavier hadn’t lost control of his powers in the middle of the show. It was just a harmless spark that fell from his fingertips, but supernatural and natural relations are tense and someone called him out on it immediately. The audience proceeded to break out into numerous fights and the show was cancelled.

Xavier was unable to fall asleep and he searched the Talent Troupe site looking for answers to questions he didn’t really know. He had the surprise of having a masked man suddenly appear in his room. He was quite surprised to learn that it was actually Traz and also that Traz was a truth see-er.  Traz compelled him to go on an adventure where Traz’s lackeys beat up the man who’d called Xavier out during the show. Xavier is disgustingly surprised but nothing he says can reach Traz.

Xavier is faced with a difficult choice to what to do with Traz. And there’s only one thing he’s sure of. What happpened that night was wrong. After a lot of thinking, discussing, and being interrogated by detectives about whether or not he’d been in contact with James, he decided to confront Traz. Unfortunately it wielded nothing, with Xavier leaving more confused than before.

Then, the fated day arrived, Annaliese came to fetch Xavier. They were ready to perform the spell and James was fetching Catarina as they spoke. They met up at the beach in Xavier’s home town, Legacy Island II. There Xavier met his half-sister and got a long surprisingly well. James sensed his sister Aliska so he told Annaliese and Xavier to start casting the spell while he went to check it out. Aliska was only meant as a diversion, giving Rina (the time keeper possessing Catarina) to control Catarina and attempt to fight back against the two witches. Cat fought back as well, sending Xavier and her into her dragon-dreaming. There Xavier tried to let Cat into his mind to help free her from Rina’s grasp, but his mind’s door was firmly locked. It was the bead that James had given Xavier as a child that blocked Catarina out, though Xavier never knew it. As Xavier was brought back to reality, he was almost immediately hit on the side of the head with a baseball bat by Ry who’d come to save Rina (he went unnoticed by James thanks to a bead he also possessed). Rina and Ry ran off together, protected against James now that Rina also had a bead. Xavier was still partially awake so he heard James’ conversation with Aliska when she walked over to them. He learned that Aliska had gotten a premonition of James’ death, and then he heard everything that happened when the two detectives came out of hiding to confront James. He understood that James killed the female detective by crushing her mind, and he before he could do the same to the male detective Xavier sprung to his feet and told his father to stop. More surprised than anything else, James conceded to wiping the detective’s memories and sending him off. James then told Xavier he should go back to university while he went after Catarina, making Xavier feel like he’d been used.

And part 2 ends with Xavier and James still not being on good terms.

Part 3: Ridgevalley

Xavier is doing okay. Just like Erin, and Edmund and everyone else. Not great, but okay. He’s plagued with nightmares at least four nights a week and he’s developing a growing addiction to alcohol. He goes back to university with a new look, a change of clothes and longer hair. He’d decided on Oliver’s anniversary that he would make sure to stop Traz with the help of Xenia and Teo. Although things started well, they ended terribly. Xavier made a good friend, Olistan, who was also ready to help. And so the group countered Traz’s group every time they tried to harm naturals. But that led to Traz’s father being disappointed in him and to Traz making a dumb decision. Though Traz found the chase amusing, his followers never did. He’d strictly told them not to harm Xavier, Teo and Xenia, but he’d never said anything about Olistan. So when the followers were pushed into a corner, they stabbed Olistan to get away. His death finally made him realize the error in his ways and he managed to convince a heart-broken Xavier to forgive him on the conditions that Traz went to jail for his crimes and cut ties with the Talent Troupe and his father.

After that, Xavier finishes up university and moves to Ridgevalley to start his career. On his first few days he meets a couple of interesting people, namely a self-proclaimed time traveler named Serenity. She appears out of nowhere when Xavier and Lilith are meeting up, and she drags them both away. They help her find a girl she’s been chasing, Rya, and Serenity decides to give them both a reward for their help. Xavier’s reward isn’t in her capacity to give at that moment, so instead she tells him a story. She reveals her name is Serenity Whitelight, she’s Balthier’s big sister, and she tells him the story of the first white-eyed which she saw with her own eyes. Then she leaves promising to come back.

Xavier’s life starts to fall into a routine, until one day when he comes out of an interview he’s spotted by Edmund. Edmund’s family had ended up moving to Ridgevalley and the moment the red head saw the witch he raced over and grabbed him in a hug. Due to a confusing visit from Erin, Edmund had been convinced Xavier had died.  Xavier didn’t respond well to the sudden ambush, and he punched Edmund to show it. Edmund was brought back to his senses and he excused himself, saying he wouldn’t bother Xavier again.

Later, Xavier gets a surprise visit from Kyxa and James. Kyxa is determined for the two to clear the air, so she leaves them alone, and Xavier and James begin to bond. Xavier’s curious about what happened to his half-sister, and he asks if he can help. Kyxa tells him that the best thing he could do would be to call them if anything happens. So that’s exactly what he does when he gets a weird call from Catarina telling him to meet her at the docks. But Xavier can’t just sit still while Kyxa and James go to take care of it, he wants in on the action, so he leaves his home to go to the docks. On the way there however he bumps into Edmund, finding out he has a fiancé, and then into Serenity who’s ready to give him his reward!

And that reward happens to be an extra power boost from the very first white-eyed. They tell him to go home and rest to let his magic stabilize, but Xavier is out of it and he finds himself at the docks anyway. Kyxa and James are worried and try to help him, but Xavier tries to insist he’s fine. And then a sniper (hired by Velor and Assaria) decides to take that oppurtunity to kill James. Xavier reacts, however, and releases a huge amount of unstable magic which dissolves the bullet. Then when the sniper aims at him, Xavier throws magic in his direction, but he misses and gets shot in the arm.

Xavier finds himself at the hospital with no memories. He starts to remember bits and pieces as people come to visit him – namely Edmund who takes advantage of Xav having forgotten he was even mad at Edmund. But Xavier eventually learns Edmund’s been lying, and he calls Edmund out on it.

When Xavier finally gets dispatched, he’s led home by Erin who’s moved in his appartment with Maxwell. She’s pissed he got shot and she manages to convince him to cast a spell to find the sniper. When they do she threatens him with a knife which brings back memories of Erin’s parents to Xavier.

Still not with all his memories, Xavier can’t seem to sleep one night. As it happens Kord was on his way to control him to bring him back to Velor and Assaria’s ‘lair’. Kord controls Xavier to reveal James’ location, and then he locks him up in a bathroom. There Xavier finally recovers all his memories. Hours later, he’s let out, and a whole bunch of people have gathered to save him and officially get rid of Velor and Assaria. However the ensuing battle ends with James shot with a poisoned bullet, Kyxa drained of her supernatural magic, and Xavier, Velor and Assaria falling off a building. They survive the fall thanks to a spell Assaria makes Xavier cast. Then Assaria makes them step into the spirit world to dispose of everyone else without them realizing it. Oliver’s ghost intervenes however, and Assaria and Velor end up fleeing using Benjamin and his teleporting amulet.

Kyxa, Annaliese and Xavier group up to go and save Benjamin. That fight ends horribly though as, even though Benjamin was saved, Kyxa was lost in the process. James recovers and his absolutely angry and sad, and he marches off to destroy Assaria and Velor, which he does with ease. But it doesn’t do anything to ease the pain in his chest.

That’s how Part 3 ends.

Part 4: Recovering

This one picks up months later, everyone’s more and less recovered. Xavier can’t seem to keep a hold on his magic and has horrible nightmares. The combination leads to him cutting himself, which actually manages to soothe the buildup. While his nights are torturous, his days are now filled with smiles as Edmund comes knocking at his door as a new man.

As the two start rediscovering each other, Erin begins to warm up to the sniper who shot Xavier after she and Xavier found him lying in an alleyway beatup. Each meeting makes it a little harder for her to hate him.

(Rest of summary later)



Generation 9 – Nikolas’ mysteries

Time: February 18, 2016 – ONGOING 

This generation is all about mysteries and tying up loose ends (as well as making more)! The last two generations have really been all about angst, let’s be honest. I want to try and focus more on plot and on something I’ve never really written but always dreamed of. Writing a mystery, but not any kind of mystery…a fantastic one, a complex one, one worthy of being turned into a film, one that leaves you breathless afterwards because you didn’t see it coming but at the same time you totally did. This generation is going to be jam packed with mysteries. Some are going to be small, not spanning for more than an arc, but others are going to span arcs, even volumes! Intricate mysteries to which I’ll drop clues here and there. Some clues will be obvious and others not so much. Something may happen in one chapter in one arc in one volume and come up again a whole volume later. I aim to bedazzle you, I aim to blow your mind or confuse you, I aim to get you to read all the chapters over again just to catch all the clues you’d missed. I have thousands of mysteries in mind. Keep an eye out, a very keen eye out, because the biggest mystery of all could be right in front of you…

Here’s the gist/plan so far!

Volume 1 (Year 1 —-)

Arc 1: Gotta find that driver

Bank robbery – weird vision with statue – learn about a cursed basement – Meet Zac Rife – Learn about Nikita’s car accident – Niko, Elvis, Lucas and Sal try to figure out who the driver was – Ask Tyzel who was at the scene of the crime, but he doesn’t know. Niko returns Tyzel’s key – Niko has trouble finding the taxi driver – Niko has an odd vision episode while babysitting Jesse – Turns out Xavier already knew who the driver was

Arc 2: Summer camp (Summer)


Reach for the sky

1 2 3 4

But not too high

Keep the bark in line

Lest it be trampled

The much searched for treasure was a rainbow colored Jelly-bean!

Arc 3: Searching for Dexter (Summer)

Nikolas comes back home to learn one of his friend’s little brother went missing! Curious and loyal as he is, he heads out to find out where Dexter Klose was taken – all the while dealing with his Dad leaving to go give up his magic, his uncle crashing at his house due to money issues, one of his grandpas dying and exploring his basement.

His search for the missing child gives him some severe bruises and a life sentence of grounding…

Arc 4: Assaria Clavez begins to wake (Fall/Winter)

Things are tense for both Salandra and Nikolas. Salandra’s mother is at the hospital and sounds like her uncle is going to stop paying the medical bills. Nikolas’ father still hasn’t come home and he’s getting into more and more fights at school.

Xavier goes on a search for something to save his husband and eventually finds it in an old house in Twinbrook. It’s a recipe for a medicine.

Nikolas finds an opportunity to explore his basement, reluctantly accepting the company of Veronica, Lucas and Joel. Unfortunately he gets caught by Edmund, and they end up butting heads. Nikolas gets grounded even more.

After Xavier comes back with the good news, he finds about Nikolas and the basement, and he locks it up with a spell. Meanwhile, Nikolas meets Assaria in a graveyard again and she notices the Reaper’s shadow.

Apart from all the drama, Nikolas and Salandra become better friends, and Niko finds himself a puppy! Which he dubs Nato. Oh, and Nikolas gets himself a job at a café to try and pay for self defense classes.

We finish this arc with Nikolas and Zac going up against a hungry cowplant, and Tatiana telling her superiors (one of them being Assaria) that she’s found Nikolas.

Arc 5: The Tattoo Game (Winter/Spring)

A new poster starts showing up around school, announcing the gift of a 1000$ for anyone who wants to participate in an experiment. Most people know better, but others, like Salandra, finding themselves attracted to the prospect of money.

She beings to act distant and detached as Nikolas and Zac get to know each other better through Zac’s teleporting ability. Niko notices however, and tries to cheer up Sal, by taking her out on her birthday (After a suggestion given by Zac so he could have a date with Salandra).

Meanwhile Tatiana leads Nikolas to the cemetary to meet Assaria Clavez, leading him to suspect Tatiana works with the woman. We learn that Salandra’s mom has cancer and needs money for her treatments.

Erin finally gets married, and the wedding happens without too much of a hitch. Nikolas does meet a strange masked individual and his worry for Sal grows. After promising his father he would never take part of the experiment, Niko learns Sal will and that she’s too stubborn to back down. He decides to go with her to make sure she doesn’t get conned and gets dragged into a game with unexpected consequences. Nikolas comes out with someone else possessing his body!

Meanwhile Salandra’s mother dies and Niko goes out of his way to be there for her. The person possessing him eventually who thinks running away from home after Xavier gets mad is the only solution.

Arc 6: Magic trial (Spring)

Salandra’s grief over takes her, but Oscar and Nikolas manage to snap her out of it a bit. She helps them get back home.

Xavier, Nikolas and Edmund get a surprise visit from Assaria and her gang and are kidnapped to their hideout. Meanwhile James had left his home long enough for Gretel to be kidnapped from it as well – from the Hans this time.

A mutiny occurs at the Dragons who are against kidnapped people, and Assaria is overthrown by Annie (Whom Kevil has the hots for).  Assaria leaves with thoughts of vengeance but is intercepted by James who promptly kills her.

The Dragons and Nikolas get along, and they come up with a solution to Oscar and instead of killing him they transfer him into a robot.

Xavier is at his wit’s end and in a twisted effort to save his son he casts a prison-like spell on Niko. When asked to take it off he resists and panicks and sends everyone to sleep. Oscar fights back, but can’t leave with Niko because of the spell. He calls James over who prompts everyone awake. Unfortunately the combination of both spells keeps Nikolas under in a lucid dream he can control.

With help from a mysterious girl and his grandfather, Nikolas wakes up on his own. Xavier lifts the spell and is arrested. A tense trial is held to determine Xavier’s fate, but ultimately it’s ended by the appearance of a powerful witch named Aleccas who takes Xavier and disappears.

Arc 7: Boom! (Spring/Summer)

Salandra sinks into a strange mania and begins to pursue Nikolas to sexual harassament. Niko moves in with the Dragons as his grandfather works with them to go rescue Gretel. Nikolas tries to adjust with his new friends but doesn’t feel like he quite belongs.

On a normal stroll he meets the girl from his dreams again and learns her name: Ashlynn. She also has the same astral power that he does and they connect through that. We learn her father is Sebastien and that she’s being followed by the cat and the monster.

Edmund dies of a heart attack. Salandra’s slow descent into madness brings her to the funeral where she uses her tattoo to blow everything up – claiming vague romantic ideals for her and Niko.

Arc 8: Rescue mission


Somebody dies

Someone I’ve been trying to kill for a long time.

Also Niko gets a love interest 😛



14 Responses to The Spoiler version

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Holy Crap! Just read James’ *spoiler* O_O
    As much as I want to see the results I’m almost too scared to lol

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  2. magpie14031983 says:

    I vote keep Xenia up to and including adulthood XD but then I guess I am kind of biased lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. magpie14031983 says:

    I need more Xavier spoilers! Like who’s gonna be his baby momma! And whether he gets back with Edmund, who I’m starting to believe didn’t even know Xav was still alive! Also, the alcoholism is worrying and that’s exactly what it is when you need booze to forget/handle stuff! Also more Erin and cute little Max, who can see his daddy, Oliver! And of course Xenia and Teo as well! Geez, just bring the whole gang along so it can be like old times! I’m still shipping Xenia and Teo, even if Teo is acting like an ass! And I never got to the point in my own legacy where I could see Xenia-boos so I’d like to see some in your story please, and thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Haha XD
      There are some spoilers that are much to spoilery or that I might not actually know yet!
      I can promise you Xenia-boos though! And some ghosty Oliver because I personally have yet to move on. I know all my characters pretty much have but…I can’t let go of him yet ;-;


      • magpie14031983 says:

        Hmm… Just reread this and notice Lillith holds an important role towards the end of part 3… could she possibly be the baby mama? And I’ve just seen the important role ghosty Oli plays and I loved it! he finally got to be a hero again!

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          I love Oli and am pretty much aware now that everyone else does too, but “hero again!” ?? The only heoric deed mister did was be there for Erin as much as he could, even in her hardest times, ESPECIALLY in her hardest times. This is pretty much the first time the kid’s been a real hero. XD
          Baby mama? Who knows…most likely gonna need some of those that’s for sure ;D


          • magpie14031983 says:

            Hey! Don’t knock the hero aspect of being there when someone is going through the worst time of their life and you’re the only one who can help them through it! That’s pretty damn heroic in my book 😛
            Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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            • blamsart says:

              Yeah, kay…even though he was bully for most of his life, Oli made up for it in the end. Guess, since he did technically save Erin, that counts as a heroic act. Wow, Oli died practically seven months ago…yet everyone still remembers him 🙂 (makes me happy)


              • magpie14031983 says:

                Dude, I will remember Oli at the end of Gen 10! And I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels that way! He left a footprint in our hearts that won’t be washed away…
                Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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                • blamsart says:

                  I’m just going to remember everyone at the end. All the characters I loved who died who weren’t my heirs; Roland, Irene, Jamie, Oliver, and also —- wait that’s a spoiler 😛 (I’m evil, how do you put up with me?)


                  • magpie14031983 says:

                    I only put up with you cuz you’re Blams and you write the most amazing story out there 😛 nah, I consider you a friend and I can put up with a lot of shit from my friends lol
                    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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  4. magpie14031983 says:

    Just caught up on Niko’s spoilers O_O OMG! Get writing dammit! TS4 can wait! Although, I am really excited to see what you could do with a TS4 story (but only AFTER the Whitelight’s lol) maybe Gen 10 could “move” to Willow Creek or something lol hopefully, by that time, we’d have supernaturals again!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Took you long enough! Lol
      I filled it to the brink with cool spoilers. It’s all going to be very emotional.

      I’m saying this right now – do not expect any sort of legacy story from TS4. its a play only game. It doesn’t feel as story friendly to me. I have a lot more control and creativity options in TS3 (plus endless cc). TS4 is really just for fun. I might make some kind of simblr for the crazy stuff my sims do, but I’ll never make a serious story for it.
      Especially since I want to build a TS3 world from scratch for my next legacy! I’m getting more and more excited for it, been slowly thinking about it since the start of gen.7… (very slowly because niko is my priority right now)


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