Lag in the production line (AKA reduced posting)


Yes so you might’ve smelled it, I’m a bit at my WIT’S END here. I’ve got a lot of things to do and a lot of energy I need to concentrate on my studies and work that I redirect here. It makes me a little over extended and diminishes the quality of my chapters while MULTITASKING and diminishing the quality of my grades at university.

I tried accumulating chapters during the summer last year to keep up my two week deadline, but I couldn’t do that this year because I took summer classes.

And now, the next chapter is due on monday, and I could easily do it this weekend, I know what’s next, but I’ll do it really rapidly and miss out on doing fancy cool things AND I’ll be taking a bunch of time away from doing these really big assignments that I need to finish.

It WASN’T an easy decision for me, because I’m really proud of this 2 week deadline I’ve managed to keep up for 6 years. 6 years guys.

Round of applause please.



I mean that’s pretty decent I gotta say. But I already did that brag on my other chapter 😉


I’m lifting the two week deadline! I’m still going to work and post chapters, naturally because I live and breathe it, but only when I have time, which means it could take 2 months, like it could take a few days. It’s going to be very irregular, and that’s fine.

I’m still active around the community, fyi, that means my pose site, tumblr and boolprop (<< im a MOD over there guys, you should join we have really cool festivities, especially during the holidays, we’ve been prepping stuff for halloween)

Fun Fact I’m Cool Like This

So that’s what you need to know, everything else is just extra me talking lol:

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It’s actually not as hard for me to give up this 2 week deadline pride I’ve been wearing for 6 years now, and there’s several different reasons for it.

1) It used to be the only outlet I had to destress! Now I have thousands more, and one of those is planning an entire other world with my soulmate Livvielove whenever we need a five second break from life

2) I used to be afraid that if I didn’t post a chapter every 2 weeks I would lose track of these characters and this story, but I’ve had that proven wrong! I barely wrote anything at all at the end of 2018 and at the start of 2019 as I was relying on my accumulated chapters. The distance between chaps for me was bigger, but it didn’t change anything in terms of quality and character consistency! I know I’m a good writer, and it’s not time that’s going to diminish the quality of my writing, no it’s rushing.

3) Let’s be honest hahaaaaa, I don’t have that many people reading. It’s one thing when you do! And you feel that you have to provide content for all these people who are reading and following along! But my readers are very few right now, for various reasons I’m sure

4) The point of this is to have fun! I used to gain from this story in the first generations from YOU readers. If I could surprise you with a twist I felt accomplished haah! And that’s how I felt good about it, but somewhere along that line…that changed for me! And that line is, well, Nikolas! Generation 9 hahaha, his story is complex and the characters are as well. Each has their own story to tell, and discovering these stories and watching these characters interact and react, is satisfying to a degree I cannot even begin to describe! And I’ve discovered, all I need is to gain from this is to share that with at least one person (my bff soulmate, here let me link you to her site again). There are different ways of writing! I used to be very very plot oriented, it was the plot first, but now I’m deeply character-oriented and it is SOMETHING else guys, living life through them…….Anyway I could actually write a whole essay about this and if you WANT me to elaborate on the wonders of having characters talk to you and manhandle you and let you live emotions with them, then PING ME. Anywhere. Here. Tumblr. Boolprop. My email. Which is cause I’m original like that. is also mine. Take whichever.


y’all are great

chapters aren’t going to be every two weeks, they gunna be when they gunna be

If y’all really want I can post updates on my tumblr, else I’ll see you when I finish the next chap!

Have fun~!

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2 Responses to Lag in the production line (AKA reduced posting)

  1. raymondsanti says:

    Whoaaa six years?! Kudos to you 😮 I totally understand being too busy to keep up the deadline… So glad you have fun writing Niko’s story though, that’s the most important thing imho 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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