My sims 3 problems and solutions

We’ve all had our share, here are mine solved or still yet to be solved.

* : solved

*1) I downloaded The Sims 3, Pets, Ambitions and Generations from origin, then I received Supernatural as a gift in disk form. I installed it, but then the game wouldn’t play! It kept saying it needed the supernatural disk, while it was in the computer! I did some research, and decided to uninstall everything except the base game, and then reinstall it all again, but starting with Supernatural. Hopefully it will work! *cross fingers*
EDIT: it worked!

*2) My toddlers refused to age up. I made them birthday cakes, and they blew them out and then wouldn’t age up. The only way I managed too was by deleting the cakes, then, by using twallan’s mastercontroller mod, I reset the toddlers and aged them up using the age transition button.

*3) I kept the aging turned off, so long that when I finally turned it back on it kept saying the sims would never age. This problem really caused me trouble at first because I had to manually add days. However I noticed new sims, as in newborns and such aged normally. Then one day I had to restart my computer, and when I went back into the game everything was back to normal! It was most likely a glitch of sorts.

*4) I had trouble installing the pose player, until I figured out I had to download 7-zip to be able to unlock rar. files and the like. Doh.

*5) I got pose player, but I had no idea how to get the sims where I wanted! But then I discovered the moveobjects on cheat. You can move any object! Sims included! And delete sims too…

*6) My sims 3 game lagged a lot, like TOO much. I did some playing around and I found a neat little window called Task Mannager (ou Gestionnaire de taches) and it showed me that my computer was only running at 0,78 GHz! So I went in my Power options (Gestion d’alimentation) and chose High Performance (Performance élevés) and the speed of my processor upped to 1,47GHz! Needless to say, sims 3 works pretty well now! (well better than before)

*7) Everytime I go into fullscreen mode the graphics significantly darken so I always play in window mode now. I still haven’t figured out how to fix this. SOLVED: I have no idea what caused it, but after I did a factory reset the lighting was fine.

*8) For some reason my vampires were set to never age. But turns out it was because of my story progression mod. In the caste options, under vampires, there was an option were it said Death: Allow aging, and it was on false. I just had to change it to true, and all was fixed 😀

*9) After a full day of sims working really well, the next morning it crashed on me. It only crashed a few seconds after playing my Light the way to heaven save. All the others worked fine. I did a whole lot of things to try and fix this: a factory reset, deleted a bunch of cc i dont use, data execution prevention, and more which I cant seem to remember. At some point I played the game after clicking the ‘without custom content’ button on the sims 3 launcher and then the game played fine! I isolated the CC that was causing the trouble, it was a harmless hair cc for toddlers, so I uninstalled it and played the game. Inside the game, I changed the hair of the toddler who used to have the ‘bad cc’, and then my game crashed. So I saved the game when the game gave the toddler default hair, reinstalled my toddler hair, and didn’t touch the kids hair. So far the game works! I’m still not sure what happened though…

*10) I downloaded some new eye default replacement to replace my old ones. When I got in game my sims all had the same old eyes! But in CAS they had the new eyes. Then I discovered that some outifts had the eyes and some didn’t. So all I did was change a small detail in the outfits that didn’t have the new eyes (i.e. change shoe color and stuff like that) and when I got back to play mode they had the new eyes 😀

*11) The dreadful 1.69 patch update. Origin downloaded it for me some fateful day where I dared to open it, and that patch completely annihalted my game. And by that I mean I wasn’t able to open it anymore. The fancy launcher would work and open up just fine, but every time I pressed play it would bring me to the origin page instead, and the game would simply never load…So I did some scouring and tried opening the game via the TSW.exe file, but oddly enough it was like nothing happened. I went through ever TSW.exe file of every expansion pack I owned but nothing worked! I tried disabling custom content, taking out my mods, playing a brand new ‘The Sims 3’ file, but nothing work! The game would very simply not start up. My solution? I was lucky enough to have an old dvd version of the base game, so i uninstalled the base game (not the EPs) and reinstalled it. At that point my game was only patched up to 1.0.0, so I made sure to patch it up to only 1.67 (using the super patch found here). After that my game loaded up just like old times.

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  1. kaffepigen says:

    How did you choose to only patch up to 1.67?

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