Generation 6

Mincia Whitelight

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Mincia was, in several aspects of her life, an accident. When she was born her father had fled the house leaving her and her mother alone to fend for themselves. Mincia was a smart little werewolf who loved mysteries. Unfortunately her mother was raising her in a town that despised supernaturals. This limited Mincia a lot in her education and particularly her social life. Mincia loved her mother a lot, even if she found her weak sometimes, so it was a traumatizing shock when Sariel fell into a deep coma that lasted for a little over a decade.  At that time Sariel had met Rex and he had already moved in the house. Mincia was unable to accept his authority however and when she met her real father, whatever respect she had for Rex had vanished. Mincia wasn’t one for running away however, not that she knew where she would go anyway. On top of that even though she’d come to hate both Rex and her mother, she still loved both her siblings and Peter, an old babysitter of hers. He was a dear friend. A friend that, when she reached her teenage years, she saw more as a man than her old babysitter. Seeing as she wasn’t getting much love at home with Rex and her comatose mother, Mincia tried to find the love she needed in Peter. When she found Peter’s long lost brother she hoped Peter might value her even more, but none of that happened. However, Mincia accidently signed up her, Peter and his little brother on a mysterious murder mystery site. She didn’t expect it to be quite so literal. She was kidnapped from the library and brought to an unknown place. There, she, Peter, his brother Michael and several others went through traumatizing experiences involving a ton of deaths. Only five people made it out alive. Mincia, Michael and three other kids. Peter died during the ‘game’. She and Michael, who had originally gone off on the wrong foot, found each other during this and became an item. One of the other kids who had survived was a werewolf, and he asked Mincia if she wanted to join their clan. She did on the condition that they visited Legacy Island II. They respected her decision (since they were going that way anyway) and Mincia was reunited with her family. She had the unpleasant surprise of finding out that her brother had run away and her sister had basically moved out. And on top of that…her mother had woken up. The werewolf clan’s appearance in town striked the Vampire King – Velor’s interest and he immediately set out to start a war between vampires and werewolves. He effectively provoked the clan by killing a werewolf. Hotheaded as she was, Mincia went alone to confront Velor, only to learn that both Zyla and Eliott were on the opposing side. However, she believed her sister could still be saved and not get caught by the cross fire. And that thanks to William’s help. Her brother had knocked on the door just at the right moment to offer his help. William’s plan was to knock out Zyla and keep her locked away while the war happened. Mincia was planned to join the second wave of the battle, but the first wave suffered severe damage and was forced to retreat. As Mincia waited for her clan to decide on the best course of action, she stayed home with her family. It was then, when William had burst in saying he was being run after, that Velor came to pay them a visit. After some fighting, Velor overcame all the members of that household and killed Cain before running off after William. Heartbroken by the death and the loss, Mincia begged her clan to fight full force right now! The vampire family was rumored to be having an internal struggle anyhow! But the alpha was expecting a child, and he’d received word from Mary, the future teller, that his son would grow up with the power to kill Velor. So they decided to leave Legacy Island II to raise the son in security. Mincia reluctantly followed her clan and eventually settled down officially with Michael, and had a girl with him.

William Whitelight

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William had always been an inquisitive child, plagued with his household’s drama. He never knew his mother, only the door to her room where she lay in a coma since he was born. No one ever blamed him, but he tended to wonder sometimes if it was his fault they didn’t have a mother, if it was his fault Mincia hated his dad. Sometimes there were voices in the boy’s head that would whisper to him when he was feeling particularly depressed, but they were only ever whispers until the day he was kidnapped by a couple of vampires. The voices in head took control of him to save his life and then convinced him to run away from home.

William did and ended up accepting to share his body with the two other souls inside his mind. He jumped from place to place, meeting all sorts of people, even staying with the Talent Troupe for a little while. The voices in his head helped make life infinitely better, and at times when he felt homesick or depressed he retreat in his mind and let the voices do what they wanted.

Eventually the voices, Will and Liam, demanded a payment of sorts for helping to make his life so much better. They told him someone had destroyed their bodies and rendered them to need a host to survive. They wanted revenge. And for that, they needed a special weapon. And so they led William to the Gold family’s house, where his sister Zyla was living with the vampires that had kidnapped him as a child.

Extracting the weapon wasn’t going to be an easy feat however, and they ended up kidnapping Zyla to exchange her for the weapon during the war between the werewolves and the vampires. It didn’t work and she escaped. So he tried sneaking in thanks to the help of the vampire Rehal, but Velor caught them. Velor couldn’t control him however, because of the three different minds in William’s head, and instead took to chasing him all the way back to his old home, where his family fought to protect him. William managed to escape, and Velor swore he’d find him and kill him.

After that, William himself had been less and less in control till he eventually retreated in his mind and completely relinquished control to Will and Liam. The two slinked away and began to build their own little army. They had Rehal with them, later recruiting a Truth-seer named Caterpillar, who aided him in recruiting his niece the fortune-teller, Aliska. Before he felt comfortable enough to go after the Weapon again, he wanted to recruit his mind-controlling nephew James, but he quickly learned that would be close to impossible.

He and his troupe managed to sneak in while James was confronting Assaria, and they stole her prisoner – Kevil. Velor had the weapon, and they hoped they could entice Kevil to reveal where he had gone. They were unsuccesful, but managed to convince James to come help them retrieve the information. They quickly learned that Velor was headed back home, to try and see if he could ressucitate his wife.  William sent Rehal to help out, but didn’t go himself.

He waited till the battle was over before he visited James’ hospital room, where the Weapon was now hidden. Their attempt at its retrieval was unsuccessful, and so they retreated back into their lair, waiting for the right oppurtunity to take the Weapon from James. Meanwhile, they pillaged the Gold’s treasury of magical artifacts.

They decided to strike a few years later, during one of James’ weaker moments when he’d given up his son. It was a simple visit to test out a mind-controlling artefact he’d acquired. Finally deciding on a plan, after acquiring some information about James little baby girl, he asked his materialistic nephew to get him another artefact, the original one that held his two counciousnesses to be exact.

And so, he transferred Liam’s self into the machine, and sent Will to retrieve the Weapon on his own. If that plan didn’t succeed, and Will was caught, Liam had arranged to send Aliska a letter with specific instructions. In ten years time, she would need to find a special boy with powers relatively similar to the Weapon, and she would need to transfer Liam’s counsciouness into the boy using the artefact. Aliska did as she was told, and Will on his side managed to befriend Catarina with her dragon-dreaming ability. He then managed to slip into her counsciouness and began to find for her body, now to be known as Rina.

Meanwhile, William, who had been hiding in the back of his mind, was set free. A child’s mind into an old man’s body. Kyxa and James let him go, where he went to live with his big sister Zyla. There he tried to adjust to his life, before he passed away of old age.

His corspse was later pillaged by Assaria and Velor to get access to the bead hidden in his stomach.

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