A Thank you page

Because it needed to be made 😀

There are lot of thank yous from both this site and my pose making site that I could give out but for now:

Thanks LauraEliza for this awesome gift!

I really appreciate it!

Thanks to Senkime, Moon Mirage, Iomai and Magpie for contributing their sims to my story during this casting call.

Thanks Starletsims, I’m happy for the gift!

carolinas tanktop

Thanks CasaNova85, this gift definitely encourages me to make more poses 😀 

Thanks Magpie for having the thought of gifting me this!

img-thingRaven2 Raven

Thanks IceTigers21 (also known as Ava on WordPress) for the gifts!

carol top heros journey

I’m really lucky! Thank you Neansbeans77 for these!

Thumbnail_688x336 basketThumbnail_688x336Thumbnail_688x336boholoud fast clashfull interior castle setleft field sens rawk n rebe;

A big thanks to sErindeppity for these wonderful gifts! Her story is a must see 😀

Thumbnail_128x128 Thumbnail_300x300 Thumbnail_300x3002

Thank you, thank you Coolgirl12! (also known as shortredrose on WordPress)

soothsayer ballfaire folk outdoors

You’re much too generous, thank you BlueberryBlunt!

more magi

I love receiving gifts, thanks kitten88penguin!

just like dadKittenpenguin

You’re wonderful thanks TreehuggerCD (also known as Johana on WordPress)

nerd chic

Knowing people appreciate my poses enough to gift me, makes me very happy Tleckman 😀

break your dark heart

Thank you Gtrgrl! (aka Sheri Dean on WordPress)

fit as fiddle wampum

It was a pleasant surprise, thank you ZeeGee966!

ZeeGee1 Zeegee4 Zeegee3


Thank you so much Lenoa123!


A huge thank you to Iomai!

Iomai16 Iomai15 Iomai14 Iomai13 Iomai12 Iomai11 Iomai10 Iomai9 Iomai8Iomai7 Iomai6 Iomai5 Iomai4 Iomai3 Iomai2 Iomai

Thanks for using your spare points for me Autumnrein! 🙂

Autumn4 Autumn3 Autumn2 Autumn


And of course thanks to all you guys for reading and/or participating in my story 😀



(if you’d rather I don’t put you up here just tell me :))

4 Responses to A Thank you page

  1. LauraEliza says:

    You’re very very welcome, I had some spare simpoints, so it really was nothing, but I’m glad you liked it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. magpie14031983 says:

    SQUEEEE I get a thanks 😀

    Love ya, Soph!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. magpie14031983 says:

    Can’t remember if I told you already but magpie14031983 and ravenangel888 are the same person, namely me lol

    Liked by 1 person

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