A year and a day – how’s it goin’?

So it’s been a year since I last made a post on this. A year and a day if we’re exact because I forgot yesterday, hahaaaa

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If we REMEMBER last year

Let me do a flash back



Ah yes the post had the title “Lag in the production line” as if I was going to post more chapters, and the content of this post sure seemed to indicate it!

So let’s see how many chapters I posted since…

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Righhhhtt righhhhttt hahaaaa

So long story short, life got the better of me, I won’t be continuing LtWtH in sims format, and I’ve started a new story.

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If you DON’T want the long story that’s full of glorious details, LtWtH spoilers and behind the scenes, dragons and more, you can go ahead and click this thing:


To skip to the end where I give out fancy links to this new incredible story and world I’m building and where I tell you how I’ll be closing up the LtWtH family.

This is your last chance to click that LINK ^^^^

It’s too late NOW

You’re signing up for the LONG STORY!

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Ha, welcome to the Long Story, take a seat.

So, it’s been a very eventful year, and it’s not over for me yet. Life got the better of me so to speak.

I had to give up LtWtH to focus on it, and when time slowly started to come back to me, well… I’d decided I didn’t want to write using sims 3 anymore. Or any sims. And that’s due to a couple of reasons.

loved writing this story in sims format. Very deeply. It was fun and I learned a hell-ton about making gifs and videos and editing and poses! After this stressful period though, I realized I needed to move on to something else. Especially as, when I couldn’t write this story or didn’t have the energy to mess around with editing and sims, I was writing à la naturel.

YOU SEE, let me take you back in time. And let me give you a nice amount of spoilers that are no longer the case outside of this blog!

LtWtH was supposed to be just one cog in a BIGGER machine. I had big plans to make 10 legacy stories, and I made these plans during James’ Gen, you might not remember him.

Yeah that guy.

You know the one I killed.

(COUGH) More on that later.

Well during his gen, gen #7, I started planning my second legacy.  If you’ve read up to this point in the story then you’ve heard about the term Chosen Creator. It was mentioned a couple of times, and the last time was during Xavier’s Gen. Specifically this chapter where Traz said:

“Xavier, as much as you seem to deny it sometimes, you are unbelievably important. And not just because you have the title of Third in line for the Chosen Creator, which between you and me doesn’t mean much.” -Traz, 8.32


I mean, he wasn’t false. For Xavier, the title means nothing, but for Nikolas’ child it means much! Exactly what it means to be Chosen Creator was explained in this chapter, where one of those Timekeeper dudes James met said:

“The Reaper was once first in line for the Chosen Creator. The Reaper created your world and influences it from afar. The Chosen Immortal is forced to respond to his wishes.” -Timekeeper dude, 7.18


And for the ones who really remember, there was a flashback chapter introduced by our dear Assaria Clavez herself. 7.25 – This perfect world

This chapter told us that Assaria came from another world, one that came before this one, and one where she was with the man she loved Damien. It’s a chapter of her thoughts towards this man, and she says this:

“On that day you told me you had a destiny, one to create a new world. The world you had always dreamed about was about to be created by your hands. At the end of this one, the new one would begin.” – Assaria, 7.25


So with all this beautiful proof presented… The idea was that, each world had three cogs. A Chosen Creator, a Chosen Immortal and a Story Teller. Oh what’s this, a Story Teller? If you remember in the chapter where James met the Timekeepers, they speak of the Grim Reaper’s Book.

“James Whitelight, sixth child of Zyla and Simon, fourth in line for the Chosen Creator, current Protégé of the Reaper, future Guard of the Four: Witch, Vampire, Time Keeper and Weapon, as it was written in the Book, you have come to learn of your future after setting what was meant to be in motion.” – Timekeeper dude, 7.18


Yeah, I know, I dumped a lot of information in that chapter for this plot haha!

What does it all mean? Well, each world is on a cycle following the Chosen Creator’s line. Once you hit the last one, which in the previous world was supposedly Damien, and in this world would be Nikolas’ child, the gears start to create a new world. The Chosen Creator’s job is to create the new world! Damien thought up Light the way to Heaven for me. Nikolas’ child would think up the next one…. which I’ll get to later.

The Chosen Immortal, is the individual from the old world chosen by the Chosen Creator. So Damien supposedly chose Assaria to follow him to the new world. She’s the only one who remembers the old world. Her role is to make sure the next Chosen Creator lives to create the next world – a role she hates.

And finally, the Story Teller. Their job is to write down everything in the Book – a Book that’s eternal through all the worlds. It contains the stories of every world, even the next one… except the current one. A bit trippy no? LtWtH’s Story Teller was this gal:

She’s an emotionless being that runs after the Chosen Creator line to write down what happens. She’s a concept in the form of a human, and everyone forgets her after seeing her to make her job easier. Everyone except Assaria that is.

An easter egg that might peak your interest, is that I introduced the concept that Velor’s vampire wife (who I named after myself cringe) was meant to be a test for the next world’s Story Teller, and that Velor transforming into a vampire gave her a life in LtWtH. I won’t dawdle on it, but this is the chapter about it.

SO, that was the general idea I came up with during James’ gen, and which I followed and dropped hints of constantly for the next two generations.  

Thing is, I was supposed to be on the next world by now. I’d done a skeleton of the next world (which was to be named Hokulea’s Garden) during James’ generation, but I’d put it on pause so I could focus on LtWtH. James’ gen took me 5 months. Very doable. I hit Xavier’s gen, and I went farther with him. It took me a year and 3 months to do his generation. Still doable.

Then I hit Niko.

And holy hell! Nikolas was the heir that just kept giving! He’s not even an adult yet canonly and it’s been like 2-3 years! (Not counting that last year) Love that boy to bits, but my god.

Here’s what happened. I’d be resisting for 4 years to write about Hokulea’s Garden. I cracked about 2 years into Nikolas’ gen. I started to plan it and look at it… I figured it was fine. Technically, I’d need to know what was coming for when Niko’s child would be born.

But then I had to pause on making chapters because of life. But I didn’t need a computer, or a sims game, or editing, or poses, to plan Hokulea’s Garden…

Guess What GIF - Juno SoGuessWhat Huh GIFs

I fell and I fell hard. I let my imagination run free. I planned races, cultures, languages… towns and magic… deities and mortals!

And at first, I tried to plan it around what I had for LtWtH. A system of a Chosen Creator line. Niko’s child would be the Chosen Creator who would take a form similar to the Grim Reaper. Niko’s granchild would be the Chosen Immortal. I wanted to change things up and for us not to follow the Chosen Creator line this time. For us to follow little stories all over who had an outside view of our “heroes”. 

But then well… my imagination really started to go far. Each time I planned something, I had to think about how to show these things using sims. Sims 3 is amazing and easy to mod but… I slowly started to realize that my visions went much much farther than Sims 3 could give me.

I soon came to realize that, Hokulea’s Garden, this world I was falling in love with, would not reach it’s full potential with Sims 3.

It took a while, but I finally accepted that I would have to write this story au naturel. But once I accepted that, dozens of doors opened wide for me! I am extremely proud of this world and I cannot wait to share it with you guys.

The more it evolved the more I decided to detach it from LtWtH. From the concepts of Chosen Immortal and Creator and all that… Instead I’ve created a fully functional and gorgeous world that is the perfect set up to host hundreds and hundreds of stories standalone or connected. I didn’t want to tie myself down to the flimsy limits of LtWtH!

I have, however, transferred and given a spot to a lot of my favorite characters from LtWtH in Hokulea’s Garden. A few of those are James, Nikolas, Salandra, Jesse, Nato, Kaan, and several, several more, who all will get a new story and new ways to shine.

So now, Hokulea’s Garden is its own world that spans over thousands of years of which I have hundreds of stories already planned. Stories I’ve been planning and fanning out as collabs with Livvielove. Whom, you might know, has her own world: Atalan of which I’ll be writing stories on too. 

Right now, everything is in the process of being built still, but I’ve already begun to draw concept art for this world. Have a few previews!

Hokulea World Map

Hokulea Solar System

Hokulea Months and Seasons

Hokulea’s Wish Bone Isles

Before I go any further…

What does this mean for LtWtH?

I won’t be writing chapters for LtWtH anymore… but I do intend on giving you all closure!

So I’ve been working on a word doc that will summarize each Arc for each character.

I’m at….

Yeah THAT right now lol

I finished Volume 2 Arc 3, and have started Volume 2 Arc 4. I’ll be posting the arcs little by little as I’m certain nothing will change. The style is a storytelling summary and each arc takes time to look at each character so you know what happened to each of your characters!

I’ll tell you one thing guys… remember when I said:

“Yeah that guy.

You know the one I killed.

(COUGH) More on that later.” –  Blams, earlier in this post


Well, it’s later now.

Click only if you want the SPOILER

CLICK ME you know you want to James comes back! (GASP) No he does, it was in my plans, but the chapters were so fun to write that time didn’t go nearly as fast as it was supposed to be. He’s meant to come back in… Arc 5? Arc 6? SOON


Now, ahem, where were we.

Ah yes, this is the CONCLUSION.

So yes, I’ll be ending LtWtH purely in writing form, with some visuals to help support. One “chapter” will be one Arc. When I’ll do this, is still unknown, but I’ll keep you all updated.

As for my presence in the sims community, I’m active in two areas. My store content and my ISBI, which I know what lies, I haven’t updated my ISBI since April. BUT, I’m waiting on getting further in my store content things… I HAVE AN EXCUSE. But I have intentions to continue that dumb little challenge lol

As for my new world I’m building, Hokulea’s Garden.

I’ve got three links for you all.

First is this blog: Hokulea Lore

It’s french, new and on blogger. Fully in construction, but I intend to have it be, for now, the place where I’ll start dropping lore information.

My main tumblr: Me and Tumblr

I mean, don’t know why you aren’t following it yet. I’ve been dropping concept art on it.

This new tumblr: Hokulea’s Tumblr

This is a tumblr I literally created right now where I’ll be dropping purely Hokulea lore and concept art. So if you want to be able to follow slowly what I’m doing – that’s the place to go!


Finally, thank you guys SO MUCH for following my story. It was amazing to write and really helped me grow and I hope you’ll want to continue and follow my Hokulea stories, despite it not being about the Sims 3 at all.

I wish you all a lot of luck!

I’ll see you soon~

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6 Responses to A year and a day – how’s it goin’?

  1. Trip says:

    No hard feelings on the sims! At least your work will go on and there’s still a backlog of stuff for me to read. 😛

    Once you announced the new world on Tumblr I could just feel Livvie behind the curtain. She’s not the only person making deep lore but she’s definitely the person I’d bug for advice on it.

    I already like the world map because it doesn’t make it too top or bottom heavy…think about this fact! While humans didn’t even see Antarctica until the 19th century, we knew something had to be there to keep the Earth’s rotation balanced. I actually was confused by the solar system map at first until I realized Suno and Suso were not Hokulea. Otherwise the climate whiplash would make for a much different story!

    Dumb comments aside I can’t wait for the future, shine bright kid ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Hehehehehe THANKS

      And actually that’s a neat note :D, just the other day I was realizing that our south and north have opposites seasons! And that would obviously apply to my world!

      Thanks for your good wishes hehehe

      Liked by 1 person

  2. raymondsanti says:

    I love your plans!!! This world sounds so awesome and I can’t wait to see what you do with it. Maybe I’ll make a Blogger account just to follow you 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Magpie2012/Ravenangel888 says:

    I’ll follow you to the end dear Blams! You should know that 😁

    Liked by 1 person

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