This is the most important thing of my story. White-eyes are the basis, the support, the everything. They are the reason supernaturals exist, and we first learn that in generation one with Rosahelminthe. However, in the true timeline of the story, the first whitelight is a boy from eleven hundred  years ago.

Screenshot-14 Screenshot-16

He came out of the time machine, in front of Serenity (Millie’s daughter), and introduced himself as the very first white-eyed. And as it is, he truly was the first. With his birth supernaturals were born all over the world. That was the time when magic was at its strongest. Fairies, werewolves and vampires had never been stronger. There were several other supernatural species as well that eventually died off as time went on. There were twelve white-eyeds in total before the very first one we met inherited the eyes.


We meet our first white-eyed, Tarnowak, in chapter 1.1. At that point white-eyed rules were respected. There was one white-eyed at a time and that white-eyed was immortal until they conceived a child who inherited their eyes. When that happened the original white-eyed’s eyes would change color and they would age normally.

We didn’t know much of anything about white-eyes until Rosahelminthe researched it herself.

Screenshot-5 Screenshot-12

Through the chronicles of death, the white-eyed’s importance was clear. The white-eyed were the core of all magic. They were the reason supernaturals existed, and without them there would be no magic. It was believed that if someone were to kill the white-eyed, all supernaturals would die leaving only the naturals alive. That was why the few supernaturals who knew of the white-eyed’s existence did their best to protect him. That theory however is not true. White-eyes had died countless of times, and every time it happened a new white-eyed was spawned. The laws of nature depicted it to be so.

Screenshot-30 Screenshot-7

It didn’t stop Assaria Clavez from trying to completely eradicate the white-eyed however. She’d cast a spell on Tarnowak and used Rosahelminthe to accelerate the process by making her give Tarnowak a poisoned apple. If anyone, anyone at all, would have been able to cause a white-eyed’s death it probably would’ve been the witch Assaria. Tarnowak fell deeply ill, and though it was uncertain whether he would die or not, Rosahelminthe imprisoned the witch and cancelled the spell.

Screenshot-16 Screenshot-9

Tarnowak recovered and married Rosahelminthe. But Tarnowak was hundreds of years old and he had a routine of escape. With Anna, the white fairy’s, help he escaped the real world and went into a dream. Dragon-dreaming was his therapy, his way of coping with being immortal. That and leaving.

Screenshot-19 Screenshot-14

For his son’s birth, Christopher, Tarnowak retreated to dragon-dreaming. For the birth of the quads Tarnowak left the house completely, overwhelmed with the need to leave. The need to move. It was something common for a white-eyed. When the quads were born Tarnowak was horrified to realize he wasn’t a white-eyed anymore. His eyes turned brown, which meant one of his children had inherited his eyes: Clarice.

Screenshot-6 Screenshot-15

Clarice’s birth brought about a weird distortion in the magical world. Tarnowak’s white-eyed soul had suffered greatly from Assaria‘s attack. It had felt truly in danger and the consequences of that weren’t seen until long into Clarice’s immortal adulthood.


The first signs appeared when Clarice’s sister, Millie (2nd gen heir) came back home. Clarice had developped a strong love for alchemy at that point. She’d originally been desperately searching for a way to become a supernatural. More than anything that was what she desired. Unfortunately a white-eyed simply  could not be a white-eyed since they were already the source of all supernatural magic. After being unable to find a potion for it she turned to the book stashed in her mother’s basement, the one containing Assaria the evil witch. Through her she received the idea of conceiving children so one of them would inherit the white-eyes. None of them did and Clarice eventually let go of the idea of being a supernatural. Instead she stuck to loving her children, alchemy and being alone.

Screenshot-15 Screenshot-12

Now as I said, the first signs of disruption in the white-eyed energy appeared when Millie came back home. There was no direct change to Clarice herself, but one day, while she was out searching for ingredients, she found a little girl. A little girl with bright white-eyes. The little girl ran away scared and Clarice was left stunned. Two white-eyes? The white-eyed soul, scared for its life, its essence, split itself. For the entirety of Clarice’s life, the white-eyed soul, which she carried, split itself over and over again spawning more white-eyes all over the world.

Screenshot-29 Screenshot-31

It is only when Clarice died that the white-eyes stopped spawning. During Cain’s generation, an anti-supernatural group surfaced with the goal of killing all supernaturals. It is them that learned of Clarice’s existence and in turn assassinated her. The shock of Clarice’s death affected all the supernaturals. Being the original owner of the true white-eyed soul, her death rippled through every white-eyed. Her soul, weak as it was, searched as it was meant to for another body. The white-eyed soul was damaged, split, cut into pieces and only had the strength to make one last transfer, it had lost its ability to make its host immortal. It would be it’s last host so it chose a body that would live the longest. Against the ancient laws of nature, it inhabited a supernatural…a vampire. But that is a story for later.

Screenshot-17 Screenshot-13

The anti-supernatural group clearly knew of the white-eyeds existence and wished to eradicate them all. In doing so, they decided to study their enemy. They captured the white-eyes they found and did thousands of experiments on them until eventually they did one on one of their people. They impregnated a woman named Shina and were astonished with the results.

Screenshot-11 Screenshot-19

Shina gave birth to a white-eyed. They managed to engineer the birth of a white-eyed! This white-eyed, Jophia, however was not your average white-eyed. She was very loosely linked to all the others, she never felt their deaths, and she had powers no one had yet seen. These powers, first shown by Cain, were non-supernatural. She could teleport, read minds, see emotions, and use telekinesis.


She was immune to several things, cold, fire, and most of all feelings. She was constantly examined and experimented upon. Jophia was never loved as a child. Her mother gave her up, and in turn Jophia never cared when Shina died. Though Jophia never knew or felt what feelings were, she got a close approximate when she met Max (Sariel’s twin brother). All powerful as she was, the group was unable to have complete control over her.

Screenshot-41 Screenshot-47

They eventually figured out just how important Jophia was through the experiments. Jophia’s creation had been based off a very major other creation commonly known as the weapon. Hell most of everything they did was based off what the Hans family had done over the years. That weapon had the power to negate supernaturals, to steal what made them supernaturals. The anti-supernatural group discovered that Jophia had a very similar power. Since the weapon, which they had searched for, couldn’t be found they realized they could use Jophia to end the supernatural race once and for all.

Screenshot-26 Screenshot-27

They couldn’t foresee the changes that were happening in Jophia however. She, to the best she could, had fallen in love with Max. She had realized how badly she was being treated. She escaped from them to be with Max. However the poor girl never foresaw the arrival of Cynthia Seeker, a young detective who was researching the anti-supernatural group and the white-eyes. Nevertheless, Jophia was able to live a long time, even have a boy, until she sacrificed herself to save her friends. Jophia never unleashed her true potential and none of her kids gained her power. She was simply a speck of dust that appeared and disappeared. And being very loosely related to all the white-eyes, no one but her friends noticed her absence.

Screenshot-37 Screenshot-42

The next time white-eyes are seen is during Zyla’s generation. Remember the white-eyed soul? It’s chosen host was Kevil. A vampire, with a long lifespan, that would be able to stay alive. When Kevil was born a lot of white-eyes had already been killed. It had also never been heard of before that a white-eyed could be a supernatural and his parents were absolutely disgusted with the fact that they had given birth to a mutant. They kicked him out, but Kevil managed to survive on his own. He realized how dangerous the knowledge of him being a white-eyed was, so he put on eye contacts and grew out his hair.

Screenshot-17 Screenshot-50

Kevil and his friend Rehal were accepted into royal Gold family’s ranks.  Though he did his best to hide it, the queen and king, Blams and Velor, knew from the start what his true eye color was. They knew he was an odd thing, but they also knew his death would bring the end of supernaturals a step closer.  Even if they tortured him for pure amusement, they also protected him, protecting themselves by doing so.

Screenshot-14 Screenshot-12

Kevil had isolated himself, knowing there was no one he could trust, and all he had ever seen in his life was grim, dark and terrible things. Living with Velor and Blams could easily do that to someone. But when Zyla appeared in his life Kevil started to see everything in a new light. And he realized the disgust he felt each time he killed was justified. He could be someone better.

Screenshot-19 Screenshot-36

Kevil had been loyal to a tyrant for as long as he could remember. He had let himself be tortured, he had done terrible things, and given up his humanity simply to be Velor’s warrior. But Zyla awoke a rebellious fire in him and he decided to stop Velor. He decided to steal the king’s greatest weapon. A weapon he knew existed since it was that that was used to inflict punishement on him.


The weapon, hidden from the public in the basement, was surprisingly loyal to Kevil. There were few things that it responded to. One being the golden-eyed family. She did their bidding since she had no choice in the matter anyways. The second being the white-eyed soul which Kevil possessed. In this case, the weapon willingly followed and aimed to protect Kevil.

Screenshot-3 Screenshot-4

Kevil had gone into the basement without much hope of getting out. He knew how powerful Velor was, and he knew only a miracle would let him come back out with Velor’s prized weapon. To make things worse, Zyla followed him into the basement and was stabbed by Blams in consequence. Kevil assassinated Eliott (who’d tried to kill him) and the weapon killed Blams who’d been shot by Simon.


Knowing he had no time to waste, Kevil quickly left the house with the weapon and went on the run. He stayed on the run, with Velor happily chasing after him like a cat with mouse. One of the places he stayed in temporarily was James’ highschool. There he hid in the school’s tool shed, only needing a few days to recover before he left again. In those few days he received a surprise visit from Lance (James’ brother) who’d wanted to make out with a girl in the tool shed. Kevil was taken by surprise and his first instinct was to chop Lance’s head off. Its Lance’s amulet that saved his throat and teleported him to the other side of room. It was then that Kevil saw the smilarities and realized Lance was Zyla and Simon’s kid. He couldn’t quite kill him afterwards and Lance promised not to say a word about what he saw in exchange of being able to come and meet the weapon during their stay. But then their stay ended and they left again, moments before Velor arrived at the highschool.

Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12

Kevil only ever had Velor to worry about. Which is why he was taken off guard when Assaria Clavez and two fairies ambushed him and captured him. He had however noticed something odd and him and the weapon had been separated at the time of his capture. The witch, though she wanted to know the weapon‘s location took great amusement in torturing the vampire white-eyed. But then she herself was attacked by James and an explosion shook the house Kevil was locked in. During the fiery confusion William and some of his friends took Kevil and brought him to their hideout.

Screenshot-17 Screenshot-18

They pounded him with questions to know where the weapon was, but Kevil refused to speak to them. Eventually William had to resort to convincing James to come and control Kevil. And so James did, with motives of his own, and forced Kevil to reveal what had happened. With the information on Velor Kevil also provided, the group left for Legacy Island II to find Velor and the weapon. Its when they all left that Kevil finally realized the weapon wasn’t his to worry about anymore. She was a sweet, misguided, and manipulative girl and he hoped the best for her, but it was time for him to finally live a little. Even though James himself was severly misguided, Kevil knew he would be able to protect her.


And now this is as far as I’ll go. This is all you need to know about white-eyes for the moment. As the story progresses I will add to this now worries 🙂

(there a lot of links to pages here that don’t exist yet. No worries, I’m in the process of making it.)


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