The amulet

The magical amulet is one of the many particular objects that reoccur throughout the generations.

Like most, if not all, magical objects the amulet was conceived by the Hans family during the first white-eyed‘s time. And like most of the magical objects, it went relatively unused and was stolen by the Gold family.

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The very first time the amulet was seen (without me revealing to be so) was during Cain’s generation. During Anastasia’s (Cain’s big sister) many adventures she managed to sneak into Velor’s, the vampire king’s, mansion and steal an amulet.

The amulet’s endows its wearer with the power to teleport.

During her trip in Velor’s house, Anastasia had come in contact with the weapon. She came to realize it’s importance and decided she would steal that from Velor as well. The vampire king wouldn’t let himself be stolen from twice so he caught Anastasia and killed her, reclaiming his amulet.

Screenshot-32 Screenshot-38

The amulet lay forgotten in the Gold family‘s basement until Zyla’s daughter, Aliska came downstairs in a trance to retrieve it. She was led there by the Cheschire cat, a magical manifestation of her power that only she could see. She doesn’t remember the event, but she retrieved the amulet from the basement and gave it to her older brother Lance, knowing he would need it in the future.

Lance didn’t know what it meant, but he trusted his sister enough to wear it all the time…that and he thought the dragon shaped amulet was cool.

Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11

It is in the middle of Lance’s teenagehood that Aliska’s premonition came to pass. Lance was your classic playboy and he was making out with a girl in the school’s backyard. Giggling like two excited lovebirds, they’d made their way to the school’s tool shed. However, as Lance stepped inside he nearly lost his head! Kevil, the white-eyed vampire, was squatting there with the weapon. Kevil was on edge, running away from Velor, and his first instinct had been to kill the intruder. Luckily for Lance, the amulet proved its worth by teleporting him across the tool shed, safe and sound.

It gave Kevil enough time to realize Lance was, not only an innocent teenager, but Zyla and Simon’s kid. Lance got the chance to meet the weapon and grow fascinated by it. Too quickly for his taste however, the two strangers left and Lance was left with an unsatisfied curiosity.

Screenshot-13 Screenshot-25

Lance joined the police force to yes help the innocent and whatnot, but most importantly to increase his chances of meeting the weapon again. Years later, his wish was fulfilled. His colleagues found her in a park and took her in. She wasn’t very communicative however, so James was asked to come and interrogate her. This led to a reunion between brothers and to Lance giving the amulet to James.

You see, though the amulet was incredibly powerful weapon, it had only worked once for Lance. A single time. After that it lay dormant and looked just like a normal amulet. Lance correctly assumed it would never work for him again. He held out some hope that I might for his brother though, his little brother who was getting into troublesome things. So, then, the amulet changed master.


Well…’master’ isn’t an accurate word. The amulet never considered James to be a worthy master and so never worked him. For the time James wore it, it lay dormant not stirring no matter what drastic life threatening situation James faced.

Maybe it’s because the amulet knew James didn’t need it and would fare without it…For you see the amulet has a life of its own.

Screenshot-27 Screenshot-29

A fact James’ daughter, Catarina, found out thanks to her special dragon-dreaming ability. After seeing the amulet would be of no use to him, James stashed it with another object: the poisoned apple. There, the sneaky little Catarina retrieved the amulet and played around with it. Having quickly sensed there was something unnaturally alive about it she played her ‘game’ with it. She discovered a spirit resided inside and that it only helped those it liked.

And as luck would have it, it didn’t quite like Catarina yet it simply adored Benjamin.

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-52

The amulet let Benjamin use it almost indefinitely. He could teleport anywhere he wanted anytime he wanted.

But the amulet so far has only shown terrible things to Benjamin. It helped establish a connection with the prisoners in his father’s basement and let him witness a young lady’s suicide.

For now it resides with Benjamin, but this amulet’s journey is yet to be over.



(More as the story progresses :D)

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