Generation 2


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Christopher was Rosahelminthe’s first born. Right off the bat I decided he was a supernatural hater, but that much you know already.

His story began with meeting the vampire girl Tonia. I’d decided she had become an involuntary vampire and all she was searching for was some help to be human again. She observed the Whitelight family and saw that Christopher’s sister, Clarice, had discovered a potion to make her human again. It just so happened that Christopher was the one that got up from the family picnic and wandered off.

She tried being nice, but since she was a vampire, he was quite the contrary to nice. Being a supernatural hater is a trait Christopher pretty much took to his grave.

Extremely offended, Tonia ended up teaching Christopher a lesson by changing him into a vampire. Now this is where you stopped knowing what happened.

I had planned for Christopher to discover the underground vampire society, and then he’d convinced Tonia about how bad supernaturals were. He, with a small group of vampires he’d managed to turn on his side, would kill Clarice, the white-eyed to eliminate all supernaturals.

Tonia and Christopher were privy to information that didn’t make them fear they would die if they accomplished their mission. A small piece of information I’m not willing to reveal just yet. (Revealed: Chapter 6.2)

Roland’s father, Jeremy, followed this vampiric activity closely and he staged an ambush to catch Christopher and stop him. Like seen in the story, they weren’t very successful and Anna (the white fairy) ended up taking Tonia and Christopher hostage.

After they’d been changed into humans Anna let them go and they both left to raise their son, Daniel.

After that, the vampire society wouldn’t listen to him anymore and they both completely lost contact with that other world. They ended up having another child, Bastien, and raised their children to hate supernaturals like they did.

We see Daniel again in Balthier’s story.


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Keena was a mysterious and very smart little girl. She liked messing in other people’s business. Once she set her eyes on Tay, the werewolf, it wasn’t very hard for her to make him fall for her. But Keena wasn’t satisfied with just that. Keena decided to join the police as a detective. She ended up solving murders while raising her two kids Melvyn and August.


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Felicia was more of a dark sinister character. She rarely smiled and preferred to be left alone. She never could seem to find anything satisfying in her life. Everything seemed unbelievably boring. That is until she saw an old homeless man die. Fascinated by the event she tried to find ways to see the event more often.

At first she constantly visited the hospital, but they ended up kicking her out. Then she tried the graveyards, but there were only dead people there. She tried once to kill someone herself, but she never appreciated the feeling. She stumbled onto a gang who called themselves the allies of justice. They prowled at night and killed any criminals they found. Felicia managed to tag along to watch the sight. But once she refused to kill, she was kicked out.

Felicia spent her life like so, searching for various satisfactions to ease her bores. She met several men and even bore two children, but she never kept them.


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Clarice was in the main household until the middle of Cain’s generation. Clarice inherited her father’s white-eyes and she hated every single moment of it. She envied Millie for having inherited her mother’s witch powers. She spent most of her childhood searching for a way to remove her white-eyes and become a supernatural. She even stumbled onto the book in which Rosahelminthe had imprisoned an evil witch.

Clarice trusted the witch, and she used that trust to try and free herself. She convinced Clarice that all she needed to do was give birth to a white-eye. So Clarice found herself a man and gave birth to twins. Rya and Ryan. The witch had attempted to revive herself into Clarice’s child, but the presence of twins ruined her spell, and only her evil spirit contaminated the twins.

The witch slowly tortured Clarice and broke her till she was simply an empty shell who listened to everything the witch said. But even using Clarice, the witch never found a way to free herself.

Clarice eventually locked the book back up and began her research on the white-eyes. One that ended when she was killed by the anti-supernatural group.

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