9.35 – From one to another

It was take a bunch of Niko close-ups on the set today

Enjoy y’all


Elvis’ POV

“Elvis. Buddy. Friend.” Nikolas states, pulling me to the side in between classes with a look.

You know, a look.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Like a, Nikolas is getting a bad idea, feeling.

“I found something out.”


“About Zac.” He clarified, looking around like he was afraid said Zac would come jumping out. “Last time I talked to him he mentioned something about a magic tattoo.”

This again. Just when I think I can deal with the fact that my brother is still in a coma, Nikolas brings this up again. And I get all hopeful of finding a reason and a way to get Dex to wake up.

“So?” I asked.


“That means we don’t need to talk to the flame ki- Tyrion anymore! We can ask Zac for answers.” Nikolas said with a much too early victory grin.

“Assuming he’ll want to share. This is Zac.”

“You’re right…” Nikolas said tapping his chin in thought. “We need to create a situation in which he’s super happy to cooperate.”


“You want to drug him?” I asked. I mean if he really wants to, I’m sure his uncle has some drugs lying around.

“Er no…”

“Well hey, he’s all over ice queen.” I proposed. “Maybe we could get her to ask him.”

“Are you crazy? No.” Nikolas said with a frown, weakly waving the subject away.

I pushed on. “I’m sure she’d be willing. Some undercover kind of work.”


“But-what-that’s rude isn’t it?” Nikolas spluttered out, avoiding my gorgeous stare. “Asking her to seduce him for- just no! Why did you even suggest that?”

Somebody’s got an intense reaction. “Geesus, sorry. What’s your great idea?”


“I know something that makes him tick.” Niko smirked. Don’t you just wanna slap it off his face sometimes? In a friendly way of course. Like a, stop-smirking-asshole-everyone-knows-you’re-up-to-no-good, kind of slap. Gotta have a better pokerface man.

“Ah I see. Making friends, Niko style.”


Nikolas’ POV

School corridors are no longer safe. Not that they ever were.

One minute you’re walking normally during break.

The next you see sexual harassment.


Elvis really wasn’t lying. Zac is still all over Salandra. Why can’t people get a simple hint? Salandra clearly looks uncomfortable.

I wonder how he’d feel getting melted fat poured in his backpack?

I snorted.


And then I was on the other side of the hallway, grabbing Zac’s arm and pulling him away from Salandra.

I don’t know how I got from A to B, but I’m here now and making Zac lose balance is rather satisfying.


You know how sometimes you do something, and in the middle of doing it you’re suddenly filled with doubt? Like maybe you’re going about it the wrong way? Ah well, first time for everything I guess.

I dragged Zac further back, taking advantage of his unstable footing to drag him all the way to one of the least traveled corridors of the school. Witnesses weren’t recommended.

And it’s snowing outside.


“You’re a special kind of weird you know that?” Zac said as he ripped his arm from my grip. He dusted off some imaginary dust. “Do you have a crush on me or something? Because you seriously won’t leave me alone.”

I rolled my eyes.


Oops did I do that?

You bet I did.

But doesn’t Zac really not like it when I do this?

That’s the whole point.


Seeing his annoyed face is pretty cool too.

“Mother-fucking-lode. I save this kid from getting punched to pieces by Venkat twice and he still doesn’t have any goddamn manners.” He grumbled. “Turn it off Niko.”


Please he didn’t save me from anything. The only reason me and his bald friend haven’t exchanged fists yet is only because of things like the school bell.

“This kid needs answers. Last time you said you got your power from a magic tattoo.”

“Fuck this.” Zac said, gracing me with his middle finger.

“Look Zac. I can do this all day. I really don’t mind.” I said with a nonchalant shrug. “It’s pretty neat in…astral mode.”



Zac forced himself to breathe through his nose.

“I could attack your body if I wanted to.” He stated calmly. “You’re in whatever form, but I’m not.”

I scoffed. “Oh yeah, like thats going to make me back off.”

Zac glared at me and I glared right back.

But then he started marching towards me, fists clenched. “Don’t do it…” He stepped right through me.

Screw this. I zapped back to my body, balling my hands and punching Zac.


Er well, that’d been my intention.

Instead, as if I’d blinked, Zac went from being in my collision course to my fist swinging into thin air.

I did blink then, from surprise.


Because as I stumbled forwards, Zac appeared farther down the corridor, his sandals landing with a dull tak.

I stared open mouthed as Zac straightened his jacket, his back still facing me.


“You…That’s how you managed it!” I exclaimed, gesturing frantically. “That’s how you were simultaneously at the bank and at the school prom. You teleported from one to the other.”

“That’ll teach me to go to banks. Should’ve stuck to online banking.” I faintly heard Zac mumble to himself.

“You can teleport! Holy shit man!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. You got what you wanted. You gonna finally leave me alone?” Zac demanded, turning to face me.


“No, I need your help.” I cut in excitedly. “You heard about the kidnapped kids right? Well the ones that come back have a tattoo and suddenly have powers like you! Elvis’ brother was one of those, but he’s in a coma. You have to know something that can help us. Or know where they keep the kidnapped kids, in fact-”

“Niko-Ni-Nikolas! Shut up! I can’t help you. I already told you everything at summer camp.” Zac snapped.


“Exactly! You said you’d been in a coma-”

“But it wasn’t because of some tattoo. Did you even listen? I knocked myself out and I woke up and I had tattoos. I never got kidnapped.”

“But…do you have any idea who gave you the tattoo? Didn’t your parents question it?” I pushed. Zac groaned.


“No, now will you fucking leave me alone? It’s really annoying and it’s getting on my last nerves.” Zac clenched his jaw.

“That’s pretty hypocritical of you. It’s not like you leave Salandra alone.” I hadn’t really intended to say that, but he’s pissing me off now.

“Haven’t we already had this conversation?” Zac asked mockingly.

“We got interrupted.” I replied. It’s probably not my place to bring this up again, but…

“I don’t see how this is any of your business.”

Elaine wasn’t Salandra’s business. But boy was that amusing to hear!


“I’ll make this short. I know something that pisses you off. So start getting the hint and I won’t constantly switch to astral mode. Thinking about it…you would seem kind of crazy talking to thin air right?”

“I don’t have time for this.” Zac muttered, storming off down the corridor.

It’s not nearly as fancy as Salandra’s threat, but it should be effective. Who knows? She might even thank me for it.

Er assuming I tell her that is.


Elvis’ POV



“-threats on a very supernatural friendly school in Ridgevalley in the last week. Authorities call it a prank, but others say it’s the anti-supernatural group that rumors have been rising up about. Nevertheless-”

I swear half of this is made up. As long as it’s not our school though!

Nikolas stopped walking, and I almost dropped my phone bumping into him.

I looked up.


Elaine being mean to Salandra. That’s new.

Now people being mean to Salandra in general? That’s not new.

It’s not hard to like Salandra, but at the same time it’s really difficult. She doesn’t seem very approachable most of the time.

Nikolas started moving forwards again, but I could tell it was with the full intention of stepping into whatever was going on. I gave his arm a quick tug.


“Dude no, you don’t get in the way of cat fights my man.” I said, already opening up my camera app.

You know…in case something interesting happens.


“Are you serious right now?” Nikolas asked, watching me choose the ‘record’ option.

“I am not about to pass a good opportunity.” I replied under my breath, very focused as I was on my phone.

I heard Nikolas exhale sharply through his nose and fully expected him to ignore me and head for the conflict up ahead and cause some delightful action. The whole point of me saying don’t do it was just to stall him really, just till I had my camera ready.

He hasn’t picked a fight with anyone in the last week or so, I bet he’s just itching to.


He didn’t though.

And that’s because Salandra had already left the two hot chicks alone to coot.


We probably breathed too hard or something. Yeah that’s probably it, because miss Elaine spotted us down the corridor and promptly stopped cooting.

I’m always a little insulted that all the girls seem to like Niko better. As if he’s better looking than I am.

I winked at her in an overly exaggerated way even though she was most definitely looking at Nikolas.

Elaine and her friend walked towards us with determined strides…and a lot of unhappy looks at Nikolas? I kind of left early for the Halloween party and Niko did allude to something having happened…(though he, of course, didn’t detail it)

The two girls reached us and promptly ignored Nikolas! Elaine actually stuck her nose up at him.

But guess what the best part is?


She turned to me and blew me a kiss with a wink. A sexy wink. What a wink.

I practically squealed.


“Niiikkkkoooo did you see that??” I said, as the girls rounded the corner. “Guess you’re not her favorite anymore hehehe”

“Stop looking at me you creep.”

“I can tell, you’re so jealous.”

Nikolas sighed and rolled his eyes, quite frankly refusing to look at me.


I don’t really care if she was doing it just to get back at something Niko did.

“I don’t know why I’m friends with you.”





Boy do I like friendship!

Also, who knew Elvis could be such a treat to write?

Who knew there would be Elvis POV? I sure didn’t. there was also more stuff supposed to be in this chapter but elvis decided this is the way it needed to end. With him mentally trolling

BTW, surprise! It wasn’t official till now, but there are only 2 chapters left to Arc 4!

In case you were wondering Volume 1 has 8 arcs so we’re almost halfway there!

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11 Responses to 9.35 – From one to another

  1. quackermole says:

    Haha! Elvis. What a cute kid xD I really liked his POV
    Zac can teleport?? Ooooo. Mysterious. I wonder how he got the tattoos, if ge said he wasn’t kidnaped. He couldve been kidnapped while in the coma? Or the doctors at the hospital are in on it?
    FRIENDSHIP sure is unnecessary and boring xD
    Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lila Remonn says:

    Elvis is hilarious oh my gosh >.<
    And oooh Zac can teleport! That's interesting. I wonder what Sal was thinking when Niko dragged Zac away like that, lmao. Is she still telling Zac to leave her alone and he still isn't listening? If so, jeez that guy needs a kick in the butt. Idk I need a Sal pov of this situation!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Iomai says:

    One day, the ship will sail… -places Sal and Niko in the boat- one day..
    Zac, that boy just went from 5 to 8 on the cool meter xD teleporting? I can forsee some crazy Niko ideas involving him now. And Elvis, his faces are adorkable lol still hate Elaine and the unworthy friend of hers.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. magpie14031983 says:

    LMFAO at Elaine trying to make Niko jealous •eyeroll• As if! Now, if it had been Sal! Well, we all know he has a secret crush on her. In fact, it’s so secret that HE doesn’t even know it bwhahahahahaha

    Zac can teleport O_o Oh My Freaking God! How can he even become cooler than he was before! I have the feeling he’s going to be getting Niko out of a tough spot or ten, when they finally become friends!

    Only 2 more chapters? And halfway with Volume 1? Freaking cool! Can’t wait!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      ikr, plz Elaine, that ain’t gonna work girl. You just didn’t have a chance from the start XD

      If Sal had started flirting with Elvis, even Elvis would be wondering if she has a fever. (tbh, though it’s never be elaborated much, El and Sal have more of a big sis little bro relationship).

      Mhhhmmmm friendship


  5. raymondsanti says:

    Zac teleporting is awesome! I’d been wondering about that “being in two places at once” thing for a while now… And I laughed at the line where Niko was like “Geez Zac, take a hint, Sal doesn’t like you” when she’s been clearly hinting to Niko that she likes him and he seems so oblivious XD


  6. “You can teleport! Holy shit man!”

    HAHAHAHAHA. He sure can. HE SURE CAN. That’s why Zac’s tattoo is in the shape of Benjamin’s amulet. TELEPORTATION!!!!!!

    And HA so, in a way yeah, he did get experimented on. He went to the hospital because he fell off a roof and BAM you go home with shit you didn’t ask for. Damn Hans hospital! They’ve been conducting illegal procedures for DECADES now. How have they not been caught? I mean Kyxa can’t have been the only person in the world who developed suspicions about them, right? JEEZ. HANS FAMILY CONTINUES TO DRIVE ME NUTS. I NEED TO KNOW MORE.

    But hmm, is it the teleportation ability that gives Zac an astral form? Or does that part have something to do with his other tattoos…the ones on his back? I’m guessing it’d be the ones on his back that do that because Benjamin just simply teleported….he never existed in some other plane or anything like that. Hrmmm. Then there was that creature though attached to the amulet…the one that DID show up in that plane. Still don’t know what was up with that. Arghhhhhh. *breaks out into Tarzan song* I WANNA KNOW! PLEASE SHOW MEEEEEEEEE!

    Anywayyyyy, LOL. I freaking love Elvis! He’s so funny now that Niko and Elvis seem more like friends and less like two kids who just liked essentially messing with one another, lol. But oh my god nooooo, sure the attention is nice, but Elaine sucks, lmao. You can do so much better, my friend! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I haven’t explained it yet, but both tattoos are intimately linked to each other. Teleportation is no easy feat, and both the tattoos are essentiel for it.
      As for the astral part…there’s a chapter coming up for that 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. skcaga6 says:

    I thought Niko was clueless when it came to girls…then came Elvis. lol

    Liked by 1 person

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