9.91 – Hartly’s notes

Welcome to the start of Volume 2 Arc 1

And we’re going to start with a short prologue with no pictures XD

Have funnn



James Whitelight is dead.

The news spread like wildfire and it brought nobody any relief or any grief. Only fear of the person who’d managed to end his life.

An entity which, on the same day, gained complete power over the right continent.

After the summit the Hans family made a continent wide announcement.  They claimed responsibility for James Whitelight’s death as proof of their capacity to protect us. They assured us nothing would change – as long as magic users followed the strict law.

Only the foolish are content with this. My cousin is already packing his bags for the left continent. Both his daughters are werewolves.



People think they’re entitled to play police. Anyone who seems like they’re using magic gets called out and sometimes attacked by bystanders. Just the other week a woman got assaulted and accused of using magic to help her child down a slide in the park.

The Hans discourage this behavior, but they encourage the delivery of dangerous magic users to their doorstep?

The police have their hands full.



The Hans have introduced their task force since the police won’t cooperate in the apprehension of magic users.  They’re heavily equipped with material the Hans claim is made specifically to deal with supernaturals. They’ve displayed this power move under the pretense that this is to reduce unprovoked crime.

It seems to work as the supernaturals are scared to death by them and are keeping themselves even more hidden than usual.

Stonebridge has started to vocally voice their discontent with the Hans.



Classes had started up again and things had calmed down. There were no more worrying reports on the tv. People thought things would actually work themselves out.

By the end of the month a man wandered into a mall, liquefying anything he touched – including humans. The task force had to intervene – violently, but the casualties were severe. Not even a few days later a young girl fried the electrical system in her school. The task force intervened – once again violently. People protested for that one, to defend the child, but were met with brute force to ‘contain’ them.



The attacks on known magic users from naturals has started again.

Halloween was morphed into a holiday to shame and publicly humiliate known supernaturals for the bad deeds of the past.

A group calling themselves the Dragons intervened in Ridgevalley during the holiday to keep everyone in check.

People have begun to leave the capitol, Ridgevalley, to head for Stonebridge which has been slowly gaining more and more of a stance.



A group of supernaturals tore down the Hans office located in Stonebridge.

Later in the month, the Hans announced everyone needed to be registered as either magic users or naturals to the authorities.

Half the population refused.

The Hans placed their task force around the towns and refused passage to anyone who hadn’t registered.

The population had no choice but to acquiesce.

The Hans took it a step further. Upon registering you are noted with a Pass. A Green Pass is reserved for naturals devoid of magic who pose no threat. A Yellow Pass is for magic users who are not considered dangerous. A Red Pass is for the supernaturals whose power is too dangerous – or have had a precedent. These people are taken in and contained by the task force to be taken to a Hans facility – or as they call it – a prison.



The Hans have placed borders outside of each town. Green Passes can go in and out of towns as they please. A Yellow Pass needs additional permissions to leave a town. Visiting family and business trips are the only reasons allowed. Moving is prohibited.

Stonebridge overthrew their borders during Christmas and has united under their martyr – James. The vampire used to live in Stonebridge and was a source of protection for the supernaturals there. Now their great numbers make them a sizeable and fearsome force.



The Hans has declared Stonebridge a toxic city. The accumulation of supernaturals is intoxicating the town with magic. It is their justification to the strikes they have sent against Stonebridge with their task force.

People are ignoring their Yellow Pass status and avoiding the roads to leave their towns and head for Stonebridge.



The Hans have developed and introduced a physical force field powered by 30% of a city’s total power to prevent escapees. Yellow Passes are no longer allowed to leave no matter the reason. Green Passes are still free to do as they wish.

The Hans now encourage the seeking out of supernaturals in the streets. They have given the means of identifying Yellow Passes by the use of credit cards and cameras. Some stores are refusing to serve Yellow Passes.



The Hans have released a list of uncontained Red Passes that should be reported.

Any Yellow Pass reported to have used magic is automatically switched to a Red Pass without investigation.

Rumors have spread that the Dragons do more than offer support and help on the streets. Word is they’ve been helping to smuggle people out of Ridgevalley.

The police attempt to help and protect all citizens, but they are severely inferior to the task force.

Supernatural families are taking their children out of school due to an increase in violence and prejudice. A well-known supernatural friendly school is being harassed and is in danger of closing down.



News of the Dragons have spread too far, the Hans have declared a Red Pass on the entire group.

Stonebridge continues to persist against the Hans and their attacks, even with their numerous casualties.

Employers, teachers, and clerks are all refusing to serve or hire Yellow Passes.

The Hans have announced a possible transition from Yellow to Green through the elimination of their magical side.



The Hans have brought back to light an old creature from decades ago. They say she has the power to wipe a supernatural of their magic, effectively giving a Green Pass.

Several Yellow Passes get converted. Several are killed during the conversion.

Stonebridge launches an attack on Ridgevalley to disable the force field.

The Hans show that their lizard-eyed toy can decimate the entire Stonebridge attack force in a matter of minutes. Rebellions are quelled in a matter of minutes.

The Hans make a speech about how dangerous supernaturals are and the importance of discipline and control.



I’ve been switched from a Yellow Pass to a Red Pass because I became a werewolf and saved my wife from being assaulted.

This is my last entry as I’ve nowhere to hide.

The worst part is I couldn’t even save her. They’ve already taken her.

We should’ve done as my cousin did and left town at the beginning. At least I know my son is safe in Cloverfield – with a Green Pass.

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4 Responses to 9.91 – Hartly’s notes

  1. shortredrose says:

    This world in which the Hans have control, is a frightening one. Supernaturals are pretty much losing their rights and naturals see absolutely no problem with this. It’s also much easier to discriminate against supernaturals. Supernaturals are even dying due to the fact that she (forgot her name, hehe…) was found and nobody seems to be batting an eye. They can’t even stand up for themselves using magic.I mean, I knew the supernatural hate was bad but the Hans have just made it 100x worse.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lila Remonn says:

    Oh my, that was a wild read from start to finish… I’m impressed with how you managed to create a terrifying atmosphere without any pictures. I’m super worried for the supernatural community right now… is the lizard eyed girl that was found Gretel? If I’m remembering her name right?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. skcaga6 says:

    This sounds like news reports we could have read about Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Scary.

    Liked by 1 person

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