8.4 – Click

ScreenshotVelor’s POV

I rubbed the itchy wound on my arm with a grimace. Being a natural was really more annoying than anything else. I felt the difference in temperature, I was weak, I felt pain, I barely heard anything – sometimes I thought I was half deaf from my diminished hearing.

No really, being a natural wasn’t for me. I was born a vampire, and I would always be better as one.


Bastard.” The ex-witch muttered as she saw me rubbing the wound.

“Hmm? Didn’t quite hear that.”

You absolute jerk. I can’t believe that actually worked.” Assaria said as she scratched the wood in annoyance. I smirked.

“I told you. Faith.”

There you go with that again, but to think that boy actually came downstairs…


James’ son had indeed, just as I had hoped, come down to visit us. Why? He apparently had some worries or something about drinking blood and a loyal bird told him to come see me.

William had done what I had asked of him after all. And even though my brother keeps saying he hates me for killing his wife, there’s no helping it, he’ll forever be on my side. I’d be willing to bet the Weapon that Kord found that boy and managed to convince him to come see me.

From then it was a simple enough thing to get him to bite me. He did and I told him not to suck any blood. He certainly didn’t question it at first, but I underestimated him. When I told him that was all that he could leave now he gave me a non-believing look.

“I don’t know what tomfoolery you’re playing, but I’m not dumb enough to think that this was it.


And then the brat bit my arm again, worsening my wound, and sucked my blood out.

Your face was hilarious when he bit you the second time!” Assaria laughed as she remembered the event as well.

I really hadn’t expected the boy to do that.


With the relieved face he held afterwards, I felt like I’d done him more of a service than he’d done for me.

“Ha! I don’t know what the big cahoots is! Blood tastes disgusting.” Naturally, my blood probably tastes like a vampire’s would.

“That boy still continues to creep me out.” I told Assaria.

Yeah you should really get over that.” Assaria said. “And you’re still a bastard by the way. Getting that to work.


“You should be nicer, or else I won’t consider tagging you along.” I said, watching her reaction.

Her legs stopped swaying back and forth and she stopped scratching the floor as the words registered in her brain.


Are you kidding me?” She asked in disbelief.

“Of course.” I replied after a few seconds. She raised an eyebrow as the atmosphere between us changed. “But if you’d like to beg, I’ll put it in my list of things to consider.” I teased.

She let out an exasperated yet amused sigh. “You’re a real jerk.



Oliver’s POV

I got home and dropped my heavy bag at my feet. I don’t know why teachers like the idea of giving homework on weekends! I have other stuff I’d like to do thank you.

“It’s mine! You know it is!” Rona yelled. My sisters were at it yet again. It’s all they ever do, yell at each other.


“So? Haven’t you ever heard of sharing!?” Lia, the only one who inherited my dad’s blonde hair, yelled at Rona.

“I do share! I share with Fatima!” Rona said, as she gestured at my third final little sister who was being picked up by mom. “I just really don’t want to share with you!”

“Woah harsh.” I commented, but both completely ignored me.

“Meanie!” Lia yelled.


“Hi mom!” I called over the yelling.

Mom gave me a quick smile before placing Fatima in the high chair.

“Supper will be ready in fifteen minutes.” Mom replied.

I sighed. Means I have time to do some homework.


I picked up my bag again and headed for my room.

“Hey dad.” I said as I passed by the sofa. Dad gave me a dismissive wave and went back to watching t.v.

“Well then I don’t want to share anything with you!” Lia snapped.

“Look who’s being a meanie now?” Rona countered.

I’m happy my room is half sound proof.


I say my room, but it’s also Fatima’s room. I have to share it with my toddler sister, because mom thought putting Lia and Rona in the same room was a good idea.

Something about forging their character.


I dropped my bag on my bed, went to pull my homework out…and then predicted the future.

This was what was going to happen. I was going to open that backpack, pull out my math homework and attempt – yes attempt – to do at least ONE number.

I would, unfortunately, utterly fail and waste 20 minutes of my life trying to do a problem I would never be able to do on my own. I would then remember I have a friend named Teo, who unlike one named Edmund likes helping me out and being a FRIEND.


So the most natural conclusion came to mind.

I, Oliver, will be smart and in the process add 20 minutes to my already short lifespan since I’m just a natural and call Teo who has nothing better to do than give me the answers to the math homework anyway.


“Hey Teo! How’s it going? Buddy? Childhood friend?” I exclaimed as I heard Teo pick up.


“Hello? I did get the right number right?” I asked.

“Yeah, you did. What’s up?” Teo asked. I could hear him munching on something.


“Oh I just wanted to chat with you dear friend.” I said.

“I’m not giving you the answers Oliver.” Teo replied.

“What? How’d you know?” I asked, attempting to feign innocence in the beginning.

“…Like I even need to answer that. It’s become routine Oliver, ROUTINE.” Teo said.


“I get it, I get it. So the answers?”

“The answer is NO. Learn to do your own homework for once! I don’t even know how you pass tests.” Teo scoffed.

“Well, I’m not sure either to be honest! But like you said, it’s routine. I will have those answers by the end of this phonecall! Because I can pass tests without doing homework.” I declared.

“Hell no.” A small silence installed as Teo ate more of whatever supper he was having.

“Hey Teo…about Edmund today…”


“Yeah I know.” Teo said, recalling the day’s events like I was.

“It actually kind of freaked me out, him beating up Xavier. That’s never happened before. I thought it was a thing he’d get over, but…something must have happened at home.” I actually felt bad for Xavier now.

“Probably, but we aren’t talking about it with him if that’s where you’re going.” Teo stated.

“But maybe he needs our help? He looked really pissed off. Who knows, he might end up punching one of us next!” I argued. Edmund was cool, but he has small anger issues…

“I highly doubt that Oliver.”


“This is Edmund we’re talking about. That was probably just a one-time thing. He’s not the type to do a mistake more than once.” Teo reassured me.

“Yeah of course.” I said.

“…Do you have some paper and a pen?” Teo asked.

“Sure why?”

“#1: ¾, #2: 1,53 cm, #3” Teo started listing out answers and I scrambled to get a pen and some paper.

“You’re the best! Thanks Teo!”



Xavier’s POV

“You’re such a freaking lightweight!” I laughed as Erin tripped on her feet.

“I cannot believe! I cannot, we got kicked out.” Erin exclaimed as she tried to look behind her at bar we’d just left.

“It’s all your fault!” I complained.


“Heehee! Her face was so funny!” Erin laughed, practically dragging me down with her.

“She’s not gonna let us in anymore!” I scolded. “Stop that or I’m letting you down!”

“You keep blaming me but I’m not the one who zapped her t.v. off the mantle!” Erin said and I tried not to laugh as I recalled the memory.


“Hell! I didn’t even know I could do that! I went woosh and it went boom!”

I’d been enthusiastically waving my arms around while recounting friday’s events to Erin when a flutter of light shot from my hand and hit the t.v.! Oh the bartender was sooo pissed, but not as pissed as she was with Erin.

“But what I did was nothing! You’re the one who tried to grab the alcohol off the shelf while she was distracted! You made the whole thing fall and crash!” I exclaimed.

“That’s what happens when you have too many bottles on shelves.” Erin said as an excuse.


Erin brought a finger to stop me from saying anything, not that I had any intention of talking.

“I must make this um…dang what’s the word? Anyway, I have noticed! I have noticed that you lose control of your magic when you rant on your bullies. End of notification.” Erin announced.

I was suddenly struck with a wonderful idea. “I know the solution. Let’s egg Edmund’s house.”


“And while I’m on the subject,” Erin continued as if she hadn’t heard a word I’d just said. “How did your parents even let you out of the house? You know since you came home all bloody faced yesterday.”

“I was not all bloody faced. I cleaned up!” I clarified. “Let’s egg Ed’s house.” I said again. I can’t believe I never thought of it before.

“I’m sorry. I don’t listen to stupid sugges…sugges…things. Stupid things.”


“It’s not stupid! Come on Eeerrriiiin! Think about it!” He so deserved it. Jerk with anger management issues. Mom had already been suspicious enough when I’d come back from horseback riding practice. I almost got caught this time!

“But I’ve never egged someone’s house before…”

“First time for everything!” I insisted.

“Alright let’s do this!”


“Okay. I have to ask.” Erin said as we arrived at Ed’s house. I was pretty proud of myself for remembering where it was.

“Shoot. Preferably not bullets.”

“How do you know where he lives? You don’t even know where I live!” Erin asked. Well of course I don’t know where she lives, she never wanted to tell me!


“I was taking a walk and I saw him walk in OBVIOUSLY.” I said, almost adding a ‘duh’.

“Well sorry, I don’t stalk my bullies.” Erin said.


“I did NOT stalk him. I do NOT stalk him. That’s not a nice thing to say.” I said.

“Stop stalling, this was your idea!” Erin said as she waved me over with huge hand movements.

“Yes! It was my idea!” I practically shouted at her as I quickly followed behind.


We didn’t quite reach the front door though.

“Xav Xav look!” Erin said as she tugged on my t-shirt repeatedly.

“I’m looking! I’m looking! I do have eyes you know. I can look.” I said, pulling my poor defenseless t-shirt from her grip.

“Isn’t that Ed?” Erin asked as she pointed to the window.

“Oh oh!” I tried to run off before they suddenly spotted us on their front yard, but Erin pulled me back.

“Why are you running? Is it Ed?”

“Well yeah, duh.”

“See told ya!” Erin announced as if it was some big achievement.


“Probably with his dad too.” I noticed.

“Or his big brother.” Erin said.

“No way. He doesn’t have a brother.” I denied immediately.


“What? No!”

“Then how do you know he doesn’t have a brother?” Erin asked suspiciously.

“Because he doesn’t look like he has siblings so I decided he didn’t have siblings.” I explained. She stared at me dumbstruck for a few seconds, before dropping the subject.

“Are they arguing?”


“Are you blind today?” I asked, going to poke her eyes with my fingers. She swatted my hands away.

“No I’m not! Oh he’s leaving.” Erin noticed, still peeking through the window.

“I wonder where he’s going?”

“He looks really really mad. The big brother too.” Erin said.

“The dad.”





“Dad I said!”

“And I say brother brother brother!” Erin stubbornly argued.

Then the doorknob from the front door turned and we scrambled like a bunch of fools to hide.


The front door opened and during the few seconds it was open, Erin and I were able to catch a few words that Edmund’s dad had been yelling.

“-actual effort in school instead of being a stupid selfish-”

Edmund looked incredibly frustrated and distressed. Erin and I watched in silence as Edmund tried to gain some calm.


“Your head is in the way of my arm.” I whispered at her.

“But if I tilt further it’ll fall off!” Erin complained. I shushed her. If she made too much noise he’d notice us! “When is he going to go back inside?”

I ignored her. She needed to be patient.


Edmund finally let out a sign and uncurled his hands. Watching his hands spread out, I found myself remembering when his hand had touched my face and when we’d almost kissed. I know he was just messing around and being a jerk again, but it had felt so real!

“It’s really too bad he’s such a jerk. He’s so hot.” I commented.

“Excuse me?” Erin asked looking up at me. Oh boy, not only is she blind, but she’s deaf too!

“I said he’s a jerk, but he’s really hot!” I repeated louder.


Erin shushed me like crazy, but it was too late Edmund had noticed us. The moment his head turned our direction, we pushed ourselves off the wall and ran for our lives.


Finally, once we’d run a nice distance away we stopped and I practically collapsed.

“Dang it!” I snapped my fingers. “We forgot to egg his house!”

“Do you know what’s worse?” Erin asked, looking really displeased.


“You forgot the eggs.”


Dang these two are really loud when they’re drunk XD

what’s with the title you ask? What’s the sound things make when they fall into place?

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10 Responses to 8.4 – Click

  1. autumnrein says:

    These two crack me up. they’re like a regular Bonnie and Clyde.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. magpie14031983 says:

    Oh Lord… I just KNEW benjie was gonna be problems!

    It’s cute though that valor lets Assaria think he’s the one doing her a favour, when in actual fact, he would die of boredom if he didn’t have her “tag along”…

    I get really loud when i’m drunk too lol and i can whisper like a pro at the same time cuz no one hears me… unless they’re just too drunk themselves lol.

    Ed is sooooo HAWT!! definitely worthy of our Xav, in looks at least, the personality still needs to improve quite drastically though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Haha yeah! Velor and Assaria are cute that way.

      I definitely agree! And he looks great now, but wait till he’s an adult! I’m so excited to have all these guys grow up, but at the same time I can’t go to fast with the story. uuggghhh


  3. Iomai says:

    Benjamin Benjamin Benjamin. He is quite gulible but also adorable. Xavier and Erin are like the perfect best friends sober and drunk xD and perhaps stalking is too strong of a word, maybe extreme observation would be better lol

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ivaneluna says:

    I relate a lot to the pressure Edmund is going through. It’s close to what I went through growing up. It’s a lot better now. Yeah. Life does get better.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Yeah it does. And that’s a pretty nice feeling, to be able to look back at a hard spot in your life and realize ‘hey that’s over now’.
      I sure hope my characters – in particular Edmund and Erin – can have that feeling. (I never say this enough, but I never know how my stories turn out…things often go the other way I planned)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I’ve been quiet because I keep randomly (I suppose not so randomly) bursting into tears, but just know that even though I can’t seem to formulate coherent thoughts right now, I love this. Love it. Love it so much. All of them. But especially Xavier. Who refers to his shirt as his poor defenseless t-shirt. And goes to egg someone’s house. And forgets the eggs. I just…I mean, at least with him some of these tears can be happy tears. Love. So much love.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Skcaga6 says:

    I want to see more drunk Erin and Xavier! They are fun.

    Liked by 1 person

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