8.29 – Join us


Xavier’s POV

I opened up my computer. “So what was the website? To that supernatural supporter thing?” I asked Eina.

She tore her eyes away from the screen to answer. “How should I know? Just search it up on google.”


I sighed and opened up google.

“Sooo how’s the band going?” Eina suddenly asked. “You guys always kick us out when you have ‘practice’ so I never get to hear you sing. Can you sing for me?”

“I really don’t sing that well.” I groaned.

I’d tried to refuse at first, telling them I didn’t really want to join a band and sing and all that stuff. But they insisted and told me it would just be temporary. They just needed an extra band member for the one show. And when I asked Erin about it, she urged me to try it out. Just for fun.


And well, it’s only been a week, but so far it’s been pretty fun. I’d been pretty hesitant at first, mostly because I was put off by Traz’s comment.

“Increasing our supernatural ratio can only be a good thing.”

Lem didn’t know I was a witch so I didn’t know how Traz could’ve possibly figured it out. But then I realized he must be a supernatural himself. I’ve heard supernaturals can usually sense other supernaturals, no matter if they’re a witch, a fairy, a vampire, etc. I say heard because it’s not like that for me. Even people I know are supernaturals…I can’t sense that they are.


Eina heaved a sigh and went back to watching tv.

I found the site pretty easily by searching up ‘Talent troupe forum’. I still hadn’t made up my mind about helping Annaliese and…my…the vampire. I tried to keep avoiding the subject, but after a few days Annaliese came by again. She didn’t insist as much this time, because I guess she saw I was actually considering it.

All my life I’ve turned a pretty cold shoulder on what was happening around the world. Sure, I listened to tv., heard the news about the kids with supernatural parents being born natural, about fairies whose lifespans were as long as a naturals, but it just went in one ear and left the other.

The only thing that’s really stopping me from helping Annaliese, apart from the fact that I’m the worst witch there is, is knowing that that vampire is my father. And that I have siblings. I’m…I guess I’m scared to find out who they are. What my origins really are. And maybe I’m scared that I’ll find out the real reason why I was given up.


For now, I’ll just work on getting a little more in touch with what’s happening and I think checking this site is a nice place to start.

I clicked on the website and a simple white page appeared with two buttons and a video over top both. One of the buttons read “Sign in” and the other read “Join us”. The video was entitled “Our life” and the play button was flashing.

I slipped on my earphones and pressed play.

I stared at the laptop screen for a few seconds as the video ended and breathed, not realizing I’d held my breath partway through.

The “Sign in” and “Join us” buttons seemed to grow a little bigger and, now really curious, I pressed the “Join us” one.

A page appeared asking for some basic information, a username and a password. A username. I considered putting in my university username, but that was kind of boring and a bunch of numbers.

After spending too much time thinking on a username I eventually settled on one, though why I chose that one…I wouldn’t be able to properly explain it.

Once I’d pressed sign up, the official web page came up. There were no flashy displays like I half-expected. The page was very simply a forum. The main page had a long list of threads and various buttons to lead you to places like your profile page or to search for members. There was also a little box on the top right showing the three most recent members. Not surprisingly, my username was first.

Apart from the general threads, you could also start a chat on someone’s profile page, a chat anyone could join if they felt like it. Unless you blocked them.

It’s after 15 minutes of playing around the site that someone decided to start a chat on my profile page.

VKBlue: Hello, hi, and welcome new member! 😀

Whitelight: Thanks for the greeting

VKBlue: No problem! Most people are just too busy to say hi.

VkBlue: So what are you? A natural? A supernatural? A fairy?

I eyed the screen suspiciously. Suddenly wary of this VKBlue. Whatever that stands for.

Whitelight: You first

VKBlue: Oh I see, you’re a cautious one. That’s not a bad thing to be!

VKBlue: For your information I’m your run in the mill vampire. It’s what the V in my name stands for.

Man, now I’m seeing vampires everywhere.

Whitelight: Im a witch

VKBlue: Very nice! We don’t get a lot of those around here! Mostly werewolves and vampires. I suppose they get angered more easily.

VKBlue: So I’ve revealed a little about my username, now why don’t you tell me about yours? Where’d you come up with that?


These people sure like to pry. Vampires never struck me as particularly trust worthy.

Whitelight: its an on the spot type of thing

VKBlue: Ah. I see.

Whitelight: So what’s the point of this forum exactly? Do people-

I didn’t have the time to finish my reply when VKBlue left the chat.

That feels kind of rude. I went back to scrolling through the forum threads, but it got tiring and I got lazy so I clicked on a username I’d seen repeatedly around and sent them a message.

Whitelight: Hi! Im new and I was hoping you could help me

It took a few seconds, but he or she eventually replied.

RayShine: Well hi there 😀 I’m not an expert or anything but ill do my best to help out.

Whitelight: I heard about this website around but ive never had a clear explanation of what it was about exactly

RayShine: Uhh

RayShine: If you search enough youll find it. Theres a special place on the site for it…

RayShine: Is this a prank? JayJay is that you?

Whitelight: No why would you think that?

RayShine: Because of your username

RayShine: who else would use that for a username? Apart from a prank. If it is you JayJay you could’ve picked a better username. That one sucks

Whitelight: Im not JayJay!

There were a few more seconds of wait before RayShine replied.

RayShine: Well then who r you?


Is that last name popular or something? Maybe I should’ve thought twice before using that.

I exited the website without replying and pulled up a google tab. I went to type in ‘Whitelight’ to see what the big deal was, when instead I wrote ‘Jamie Pichette’. My mother’s name. What can I say…I’m curious.

Only one article that dated back to before I was born talked about Jamie Pichette. I clicked on it and read.

The article described the murder of a young woman in her dorm at my highschool in Legacy Island II. Jamie Pichette was brutally murdered several months before I was born.

How is that possible? But magic never lies so somehow, some way, this is my mother. And she’s dead. She was murdered in my highschool.

How ironic, I went to the same high school as my biological parents. But that also means they were there when those vampire murders happened. Did James have anything to do with that?

I did another search this time with my biological father’s name.


Nothing. Absolutely nothing. There was actually a white empty page. I’d never seen that happen during a search before.

Shouldn’t he at least be listed as a suspect or witness to the murders? The school wasn’t and still isn’t very populated with vampires.

Maybe it was a glitch! But after pressing enter again it became clear that there were just no results for this guy’s name.


Now my curiosity is peaked. I kind of want to meet him. For real now.

I’m not saying I want to meet him so I can know why he gave me up, I just want to see who he is.

He might not be the jerk I assumed he is because he’s been absent all my life. Maybe he has a good reason I don’t know about. Just like I didn’t know he was mute.


I got up, checking the time to make sure I wasn’t going to be late for class, and I bumped into Traz on my way out.

“Hey Xav, what’s up?” Traz asked. It’s kind of unsettling sometimes, the way he talks so casually while he looks at you like he knows…well everything.

“Nothing much.” I shrugged, making my way past him.

But then I stopped myself. I shouldn’t hesitate to ask him a question just because the way he looks at people is weird.


“Actually, I have a question.”


“You know I’m a…” I lowered my voice, glancing at Eina who was engulfed in the kids show.

Traz raised an eyebrow. “A witch?”

I pursed my lips, annoyed that he’d said it so loud, but I nodded anyways.

“Yeah. So?” Traz asked.

“How? I mean…is it because you’re one too?”


Traz glanced away. “…I do know you’re one because I’m a supernatural too…if that’s what you’re asking.”

I smirked a little as Traz obviously avoided telling me what type of supernatural he was. I decided not to press for answers. Well, while I’m here I might as well ask my other question.

“Yeah that’s basically it. Also…why do you have an eye patch? If you don’t mind me asking.”


“I actually do mind you asking. That’s very impolite you know.” Traz said.

“Oh, I’m sorry-” I instantly said, realizing I had indeed over stepped my boundaries.

“Nah, I’m just kidding. It’s fine. It’s not that phenomenal a story, but I promise I’ll tell it to you sometime. Just not yet. You’re not ready.” Traz said with a smile.


“Not ready? What do you mean?” I asked, right back to prying for information.

Traz gave me an amused smirk. “Exactly what I meant. Now, don’t you have class? Yes you do! Off you go then.” Traz said, pushing me away.

Not ready? What is there to even get ready for!? Geez.



James’ POV

I let my guard down. I should’ve let Kyxa keep searching, she would’ve found Annaliese eventually. But no, I had to be impatient and go search myself. And now, I don’t know how yet though I suspect Benjamin had something to do with it, Velor and Assaria escaped, bringing the weapon along with them.

Just when we thought the supernaturals were slowly disappearing, we get this news ladies and gents! We assure you this is not photoshopped! This is a genuine picture sent to us anonymously of a yet unknown supernatural. The lady has sharp claws and lizard eyes. She’s even rumored to have vampire fangs, even though she isn’t one. Scientists and researchers have never seen anything like it. It seems the disappearance of supernaturals is only making place for more magical beings. We don’t know the location of this new creature, but if you see her call this number and you can email any pictures you have to this address.


They groomed her and gave her new clothes, but there’s no doubt that that’s the weapon.

What are they up to? It’s been months since they’ve escaped and it’s been months since I’ve been searching for some sort of sign of where they might’ve gone. But there were none, no casualties and there’s no mind I search that’s seen something that even resembles them.

They’re laying low. This is actually the first sign that they’re planning something. Knowing them, that anonymous picture didn’t get to the news without their consent. Why do they want the world to know about the weapon?


Velor and Assaria are a problem I desperately need to solve, and with this new lead I might be able to figure something out. Get the news people to tell me who gave them the picture and go from there. And that’s what I’ll do tomorrow. Today, I have another problem to take care of.

“Is that the Weapon thing you told me about?” Annaliese asked. I nodded. “He should be down soon, Eina said he was just in his room.”

I’d stalled long enough. I suppose I half hoped Annaliese would manage to convince him. The day we went to his house…I wasn’t ready. I hadn’t prepared myself to face him. I’d rushed into it because Kyxa had let me know that Assaria and Velor had escaped and I wanted to hurry and help Catarina so I could put my all into catching and killing those two.

The meeting had gone horribly and I’d decided we’d let him grieve since I quickly found out from his friend that one of his friends had died. I used that excuse to start searching for Assaria and Velor. But then, around autumn, the Time Keeper took complete control of Catarina and we lost her for a whole day. So I sent Annaliese to convince Xavier to help us while I continued on what I thought had been a lead at the time.


But now too much time has passed and from what Annaliese tells me, Xavier doesn’t seem to want to help us. In a way I can’t blame him, I never wanted to involve him in this in the first place, but I’m starting to realize that letting him be so ignorant will only be a nuisance to him in the future. Especially seeing who he’s started hanging around with. And it’s a shame he’s letting his powers go to waste.

I still can’t sense his mind, which is a good thing, but right now I’d rather be able to. Just to know exactly what he’s going to be thinking. Whether or not he’ll hate me.

I sighed inwardly. In the end it doesn’t really matter how he feels about me.

“Ah Xavier!”


What needs to come out of this is Xavier learning to use his powers and Catarina being freed.

“We’ve given you a week Xavier. Are you going to help us or not?” Annaliese asked.

Xavier’s eyes traveled from me to Annaliese and then to the floor.


“I…well if I could I would help.” Xavier said. “But I can’t.”

I can see some of Jamie of him, the more he grows the more I see it. I bet Jamie would’ve loved trying to teach him how to use his witch powers, even if she was rather lacking in that area.

Xavier however, is more powerful than Jamie was. And by the looks of it he doesn’t realize it.


“Only because of that?” Annaliese asked. “Xavier we’re not asking for your help because you’re James’ son and Catarina’s half-brother, it’s because you have the power to help.”

This is why I don’t control Annaliese. I thought about it, especially at first when she kept talking and asking questions, but she knows how to use her words well most of the time. And often better than I would use mine.

“I know that’s what you believe,” Xavier said, casting me a glance. “But I’m telling you. I’m not a powerful witch. And on top of that I haven’t used my powers in a while.”

I pulled out my notepad and pen and started scribbling.

“Xavier haven’t you been listen-” Annaliese started talking, but she cut herself off when I walked over.


Xavier tensed up like a frightened deer when I approached. I handed him the note. He hesitantly took it and read it.

He frowned.

“What do you mean sense it? Oh it’s because you’re a supernatural isn’t it? And all supernaturals can sense other supernaturals.” He exclaimed a little angrily. The small smile that had been on my face disappeared at his attitude.

“Well that’s how I know, but it’s pretty much confirmed by James’ power.” Annaliese said.


Xavier looked at both of us confused. “Power?”

I sighed as Annaliese attempted to briefly explain.

“James is a golden-eyed vampire, see? Golden eyes. It gives him some sort of a mind reading and mind controlling ability.” Annaliese said. I started scribbling on the notepad again.

“What?” Xavier exclaimed in surprise. He looked at me. “You can read minds? And control people?”

It quickly became clear to me that I wouldn’t be able to properly engage in this conversation by writing. I glanced at Annaliese and she picked up on what I had in mind.

“Go ahead.” She said, nodding. In a second I’d assumed control over her.


“Don’t worry. You’re protected against that. No one can control you.” I made Annaliese say. “I made sure of it when you were a baby.”

I wasn’t sure up to how much I wanted Xavier to know, so I was hoping Xavier wouldn’t start asking too many questions. It was going to be a long story if he did.


Xavier glanced from me to Annaliese. “Woah. Wait a second. He’s controlling you right now?”

“Yes I am.” I made Annaliese say.

“That is wrong on so many levels.” Xavier said, looking at me a bit fearfully.

“You just saw her agree.” Annaliese said.

Xavier opened his mouth to speak and then shut it, chuckling to himself humorlessly.


“So this is you. This is my dad.” Xavier said. And then I realized how exactly Xavier felt about me.

“We’re not-”

“I was just wondering something, how exactly did my mom, you know Jamie Pichette, die? How did a teenage witch get horribly murdered in high school?” Xavier said, his voice getting a little higher. How does he know about…I didn’t even have time to ask my question that I figured out Annaliese had told him. “I’m starting to wonder if you had something to do with it. You know three kids were killed by a vampire while you were in school. I’m starting to think my original impression of you two being shady people was more on the spot than I’d realized. And you know on second thought, I really don’t want to help you or my apparently half-sister. It’s not like she’s dying or anything and your shady mysterious past doesn’t bode well at all, so I’m just going to step out of this while I still can and recommend you to gather a bunch of other witches who’ll fit your description.”


“To begin with, things are not that simple.” Annaliese snapped harshly for me. “Believe me you were my last choice. I gave you away for this very reason! So you would be able to live life the way you chose it without having to deal with my ‘shady’ past as you call it. I have no choice, Catarina needs help and you and Annaliese are the only ones who can perform the spell. I’m asking for your help as a last resort, after that you can go back to living your life unbeknownst of all these shady things.” Annaliese finished.


“So wait! You give me up so I don’t need to deal with all your stupid crap but you keep your two other children!? That doesn’t make any sense! But I’m starting to think out of your three kids I’m the one better off! Unless of course there’s more siblings I don’t know about!” Xavier shouted. “You come here already assuming I’ll be helping, because what? You’re my dad so that gives you the authority to decide what I do!? You don’t get to be absent all my life and then pop in and expect me to help you on your quest!”


“Don’t think of it as helping me then! View it as you contributing to the situation at hand, of you helping a young woman in need, of you having the opportunity of learning to use and control your powers.” I made Annaliese say as I clenched my jaw.


“I’m not listening to another word you say until you stop controlling Annaliese.” Xavier stated stubbornly.

Well of course, if I stop controlling her you won’t be able to listen to anything I say. It’s definitely not from me that he gets this…this attitude.

I narrowed my eyes before letting go of my control over Annaliese.


“Xavier don’t be like this.” Annaliese immediately exclaimed and Xavier noticed the difference in attitude. “We mean well here. There’s no need to bring up the past for this situation.”


“I’m sorry it’s my fault for telling you, but in this case your relationship with James doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have the power to help. You won’t need to leave the university or anything, you just need to accept working with me so I can help you work on your powers so the spell doesn’t backfire. And then when you’re ready we take a quick trip, a day at most, and we go help Catarina. After that it’s over. Nothing more, nothing less.” Annaliese smoothly explained.

Xavier looked away, seriously considering the favour.

“You really think that with practice my powers could be good enough to help?” Xavier asked, looking only at Annaliese. She nodded. “And I’ll only be practicing with you?”

“Yeah, James has other things to do meanwhile.” Annaliese said.


“Well then. This sounds doable.” Xavier said casting me a smug look like he’d just won something. “I’m up for trying to see if I can help Catarina.”

Annaliese cast me a smile, but I looked away a little too annoyed to celebrate right now.



This was entertaining on way too many levels for me. It was one of those ‘I don’t control anything’.

Writing this chapter also made me nostalgic and made me read the time went James and Jamie and Joshua all met in a group for the first time ;-; they were all so cute. (https://lightthewaytoheaven.wordpress.com/2014/07/31/7-2-already-in-trouble/)

Really though such attitude xavier


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16 Responses to 8.29 – Join us

  1. lunableddyn13 says:

    Loved the video, at the end I momentarily forgot that I’m not a vampire, but a human being. 😓. But anyways, RayShine? I don’t even have to guess who that is. Traz is an enigma to me, currently. Though do I sense a little Xavaz brewing? And of course I can’t forget James! He’s back again, yes! Overall, great chapter. Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Thank you thank you *bows*
      Yeah, I originally wanted to keep RayShine’s identity a secret, but…yeah only Xav doesn’t know.
      I do quite like Traz. You’ll definitely be seeing more of him.
      ❤ James


  2. magpie14031983 says:

    I kinda wish James had given Xav a bitch-slap lol like a “stop being hysterical” type of thing… Although James does deserve Xav’s pent up anger and attitude! I just wish James would explain things to Xav so they could at least try being friends… Not just so we get to see more James *sneaky eyes*

    ❤ James

    Miss Jaime and Oli, my 2 favourite characters, taken too soon!!!

    Bet Traz has 1 white eye!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ica says:

    Haha that was my first guess too! One white eye 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Senkime says:

    My guess is that Traz is Kevil in disguise *shift eyes*

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. Livvielove says:

    I once said I hope James get’s slapped – for one he didn’t, but now I want Xav to take that slap.
    His papa is the best thing ever and I love James and screw you Xav for not understanding him. XD
    Just kidding. He has no way to know, but to throw everything in James’s face like that? I want to give my wittle James a hug…

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Now does Xav ever get slapped? Hmmm

      There are so many mixed feelings with that relationship.
      I was always lower key a little dissapointed in Xav at the beginning and I never knew why. It felt like I’d failed him as a character because I couldn’t pinpoint who he was.
      Turns out, it was because Xav himself didn’t know who he was at the time.
      Learning about James, and learning about so many other things helped discover that I suppose.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Xavier singing in a band…..*bites down on fist and screams* COULD HE BE ANY MORE APPEALING!? *whacks Edmund over the head* You are SO dumb, Ed!!!!!!!!

    Also HOOOOOOOOOO. Totally got goosebumps watching that video. I suddenly really want to see Xavier taking an active role in this. It’d be so cool T____T I mean I know Sariel grew up to try and change policy to make things better for Supernaturals, but we didn’t really get to SEE that in motion, and I would love to read about a revolutionary =)

    VKBlue, huh? V…vampire….K….Kevil? Wishful thinking? Hehehe. Perhaps it’s a new character =)

    RayShine…RAY RAY!?!? CATARINA!?!? *goes back to screamingggggggggggg*

    UMMMMMM. Like I still have staunch differences when it comes to the way James goes about things and just um, his character in general (LACK OF FRIGGIN EMPATHY), but….he looks so beautiful in Screenshot-16 (the first he appears in when it switches to his POV)? I’m crying? Oh my god. Well, well, well, between him and the cutie Jamie was, it really is no wonder Xavier ended up so gorgeous!

    “But I’m starting to realize that letting him be so ignorant will only be a nuisance to him in the future. Especially seeing who he’s started hanging around with.” Referring to Traz, perhaps? He is a supernatural, after all…and a mysterious one at that. Hmmm. If James is on-guard, I sure as hell am too.

    Lmaoooo all these commenters want to slap Xavier and his refusal to help is frustrating considering what WE know, but that’s the thing isn’t it? It’s all stuff that WE know, but Xavier doesn’t know any of it! Everything he’s learned so far casts James and Annaliese in the most suspicious light in the world. It’s no wonder that he’s reticent to join them. What in the world has he learned that would make him trust them? Everything just makes them feel more dangerous, particularly learning about his mother’s murder and not knowing the story of what actually happened. Not to mention the additional knowledge that James kept two of his kids, but gave away him. Again, of course WE know what happened with that and what led James to making that decision, but Xavier doesn’t. All he sees is this so-called father abandoning him and suddenly coming back into his life and expecting help from him. It’s no wonder he’s pissed. I would be too.

    Oh ho ho ho, and there’s James’ lack of empathy and inability to take another person’s perspective again. Saying that Xavier has “attitude”??????? ARE YOU ABLE EVEN FOR A SECOND TO SEE THINGS THROUGH HIS EYES? No, no he isn’t, and it’s because of this that he will have such a hard time getting through to his son.

    Annaliese however, now she seems to have a better grasp of what Xavier is experiencing, even if it does, understandably, frustrate her. James is at least right on that count—she knows how to talk to people. It’s really lucky James has her quite frankly, and not just because she’s a powerful witch.

    The smugness was admittedly unnecessary, lmao, but I guess Xavier is feeling a little spiteful, given everything. Obviously I hope this dynamic doesn’t go on forever, but…for now, given the fact that Xavier doesn’t yet know the whole story…I get it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      VKBlue…but where does the blue come in….
      hmm no it ain’t Kevil (somehow I can’t see him touching an electronic with a ten foot pole) That K stands for something else….
      Of course my James is gorgeous ❤
      And those genes just keep getting better SOMEHOW
      If Xav WASN'T hesitant, then we'd have to worry. It's only natural of him.
      It took me awhile to figure out exactly why James was tolerant of Annaliese at first, apart from her witch power. I was a little surprised that he treated her normally and with respect, even though she'd done close to nothing to deserve that from him. Turns out he was aware of his own disability to talk with others without messing it up.

      and you mentioned something at some point that I forgot to reply to. It was about the six kids and their conversation with the counselor about their future in highschool. And you mentioned how weird it was for Xav to go for business…
      (I had a reply but didn't write it for some reason)
      But Xav at that point had literally no idea what to do with his life. He loved horseback riding, but he'd already won so many competitions, and his horse was already starting to get old, and it'd been mostly for fun (it's a similar situation with his singing. I tried to get him into it, but…). He didn't see himself doing this as a job.
      At that point he was still going out with Edmund, and he knew his boyfriend would be going into business. He didn't know what the best job for him would be, but a 'desk' job is so common, he thought if that was his way of getting money he might as well try and follow Edmund in the process.
      ANYWAY really annoyed me that I didn't reply


      • Ah, yes, I realized the blue didn’t fit. And LOL that’s true…envisioning Kevil in front of a computer is a pretty odd image XD Something else, eh? Vampire King (VK), Velor? But again, why the BLUE!? Grr. WAITTTTTTTT. Alec? ALEC!?!?!??! I’m thinking Alec now!!!!!!! Vampire King, Blue, ALECCCCC. And he was DEFINITELY into technology! THAT IS NOW MY GUESS, lol.

        Hmm yes, that’s a really good point! Annaliese has an ability which he’s rather lacking in. I’m glad that he respects and admires her for it.

        AND ahh!! I’m glad you responded to that now because I was admittedly still thinking about it, especially when Xavier is saying now that he’s majoring in the arts. It seems he still literally has no idea what to do with his life, but there’s progress in the fact that he’s been narrowing down the list and knowing what he DOESN’T want to do. Makes me even more curious about what he’ll ultimately end up being =)

        THAT REMINDS ME, the Xavier sim file you sent me was actually missing Xavier’s 5th trait. I ended up putting “Equestrian” but seeing as he’s rather out of that by this point it doesn’t feel too accurate. Unfortunately I can’t remember all the traits he DID have….hmm, Insane, Hot-Headed….bah well, do you happen to know what his 5 traits are?

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:


          HA HEH hmmm
          I kind of gave up on traits in gen.8…
          Most of the traits he has were given to him because I needed access to certain interactions (like talk to self) and just never changed back.
          If I had to choose Xavier would be a friendly, family-oriented, brave, easily impressed, great kisser (:P).

          Liked by 1 person

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