9.32 – A cursed attraction

Warning : Allusion to drugs


Alistair’s POV

A fireplace behind me.

A couple of goody doers in front of me.

I’m cornered.


My big brother – my only real family to be honest – was blocking my way away with a disapproving and thoroughly tired glare. Only five seconds ago he’d caught me…ingesting something a friend of mine had been kind of enough to get me. His first reaction had been to yell at me to get out of his house.

I’d been saved by his husband.


I guess I must’ve struck some kind of sympathy cord with Xavier when I showed up at his doorstep weeks ago. He told my brother kicking me out wasn’t going to help. Which is entirely true. I’d just head back home. Sure, mom was a pain to be around right now, but I had a lot of cheap stuff stashed over there.

I didn’t expect to be watched so closely when I asked to crash here. I’m an adult for god’s sake, they don’t need to treat me like I’m one of their troublesome kids.

“Look I get it. I’m a pain in your asses. Thanks for letting me crash! I can figure something else out.” I interjected their little ‘parenty’ exchange.


“Alistair no, I’m sorry. I’m worried for you.” My brother said with big concerned eyes.

“Why? Dad’s dead remember.” I replied. Edmund grimaced.

“I’m worried about your…addiction.” He said. I scrunched up my nose. I couldn’t really deny it. I knew I was addicted to anything that made my head fuzzy really. Some people fish.

“I don’t see why. It doesn’t affect you, so it’s not your problem.”


“In this case, you involved our kids.” Xavier said with a short irritated laugh.

Ah shit, yeah I did that. Nikolas must’ve ratted me out.

“Because of it,” Edmund continued. “You keep losing your job, your money, and your friends.”

I exhaled sharply. I didn’t have anything to say.

“We could send you to rehab.” Xavier said.


“No!” I snapped. “Hell no, never, ever, in a fucking million years am I going to rehab. It’s not like I’m trembling my way through the day without some!”

“Then your options are limited.” Xavier said.

“Alistair,” Edmund picked up. “If you don’t change how you do things, we will send you to rehab.”

“No.” I repeated.

“Then show us you have some control. Stop depending on drugs, and get yourself a stable job.” Xavier pressed.


I do have control.

I sighed inwardly. Maybe if I get a stable job and stop getting caught by Nikolas of all people, I could convince them to overlook my occasional indulgence…

Yeah sure, guess it’s worth a try.


Salandra’s POV


I really can’t say I’m surprised. I expected him to have given up by now, but instead Zac decided to woo other girls while still harassing me practically every day. Guess he just needed to reassure himself his charms still worked on someone at least. I chuckled at the idea that mister bigshot needed reassurance.


Walking down the corridor, I spotted one of the freshmen on a bench – looking down and irritated.

Really down and irritated. He was contrasting everyone else’s happy break atmosphere. I was surprised no one else had sat down beside him to ask him if everything was okay.

I decided to sit down beside him.


“Is everything okay?” I asked. He snorted.

“I’m too tired to deal with all of this today. Too many lies, it frustrates me. I just can’t bear with it like a civilized person today.” The boy grumbled. “And don’t say oh I don’t lie because hell the lies are rolling off you like a waterfall. Whatever you’re lying about is huge and constant for you and I don’t want to know what it is.” He ruffled his own hair with a groan of annoyance.

I bit my lip. I didn’t know if there was something I could say at this point without annoying him further.

“Look,” He said with a sigh. “I know it might be an interesting idea to get on Nikolas’ good side, by faking concern for his cousin, but let me tell you right now it’s not going to change anything. We’re not on good terms.”


“You’re Niko’s cousin?” I asked with clear disbelief.

“Well not by blood, more like our parents are really good friends, but – wait you didn’t know?” I shook my head and he seemed to cheer up a bit. “Sorry then. I assumed that’s why you were talking to me since I always see you chasing him – I mean hanging out with him.”

Well not always. I’ve been too busy to hang out that much. “Yup, I was really just a nice person worried for your mental well being.”

“And that’s actually the truth.” He said with a grin. “I should elaborate I guess. I can sense lies. Like, it’s an actual power. I’m a lie detector.”


“I have my dad to thank for it. Ugh it’s ridiculous how much people lie.” He said, pinching the bridge of his nose.

A lie-detector? Wow! That’s…useful.

“You can detect any lie? You could know if someone….likes someone else?” I wanted to shove the words back into my mouth. The boy looked at me with a scrutinizing look before a smirk crept up his face.


“That’s a great idea. Putting my cousin on the spot? That’s definitely going to cheer me up!” He exclaimed.

“Wait, what are you-”

“Since everyone went outside a few seconds ago I know exactly where he is. Come on!” The freshman said, grabbing my hand and dragging me down the corridors.


The scene wasn’t pretty. But Nikolas getting into an argument never is.

He’d managed to go almost all week without a fight, but here he was about to throw away that record.


Nikolas was just about ready to react to the provocations of one of Zac’s friends. Veronica was calling Niko out for being rash. Zac’s other friend was probably getting ready to place bets. Elaine was on the side laughing and cheering Niko on. As if this was just a game.


Still gripping my hand for some reason, Niko’s cousin cleared his throat and shouted over the crowd.

“Hey Nikolas! Do you have a crush on anyone?”

My cheeks grew warm from embarrassment – that wasn’t very subtle! I tried to make myself scarce.


Why did this boy’s squeaky voice have to be loud enough to get everyone’s eyes on us?

“Jesse?” Nikolas said, obviously confused. If he noticed me, he didn’t show any sign of it. “What the fuck, get out of here.”

“It’s a simple question.” Jesse said, sticking his tongue out.


Elaine jumped off the hedge, her interest in the subject evidently high. “Yeah, tell us Niko.” She chirped before anyone else could wave Jesse off.

Nikolas grimaced and everyone else didn’t quite seem to know what to say. “Tell us!” Elaine insisted again.

“How is this remotely-” Nikolas began to say, but he was cut off.


Guess everyone – really done with Niko’s constant getting into fights – saw an opportunity and jumped on it.

They crowded around Nikolas asking him the question over and over, Niko’s discomfort clear and just encouraging the crowd.


Nikolas shoved a kid who’d gotten a little too close and a little too insistent. He balled his fists and shouted at everyone to shut up.

“I will punch the next person who asks that again.” He growled. A hesitant silence settled around the crowd. One of the boys opened his mouth with a sneer, but Niko feigned punching him right between the eyes, shutting him up rather quick.

When it was clear nobody wanted to really test his threat, he pushed through the crowd and made his way into the school.


“That’s a success if I’ve ever seen one.” Jesse smirked as the crowd dispersed.

“No, Jesse…” I said shaking my head. “Everybody ganged up on him….he-”

“That was the point! Thanks for the idea. It was a great cheer up. By the way, you were probably wondering, usually when people don’t answer it’s cause they either don’t know the answer or don’t want people to know the truth. So you know…” He winked. I pouted.


A blond freshman made his way over from the crowd.

“Heeeyyy Jesse you missed it.” He said, with a quick glance at me.

“Hell no Arthur, I caused it!” Jesse stated proudly.

The two boys started chatting between themselves and I glanced back at the school – where Nikolas had stormed off to.


“Niko. Niko wait!” I ran to catch up to him…only to realize he hadn’t been walking away. He was pacing back and forth in the corridor.

“I’m sorry.” I said. “It’s my fault he-”


“Oh he’s a nasty little brat.” Nikolas interrupted me, voicing whatever complaints he had going in his mind. “I thought we’d gotten some kind of coexistence, but if that’s what he wants that’s what he’ll get.”

Nikolas wouldn’t hit his own cousin would he? “But he’s just a kid…”

“Yeah the devil’s.” He grumbled.


“Oh yeah, before I forget, there’s going to be a Halloween party at my house. Are you coming?” Nikolas asked.

Butterflies fluttered. “Yes, of course!”


“I should make sure Jesse comes. Could make him piss his pants. Elvis! I need a creative dare idea…” I shook my head with a smile as Nikolas rambled off again.


Dance room

Nikolas’ POV


“It was supposed to be a good day too!” Nikita complained, leading me into the dance room.

“It couldn’t have been that bad.”

“Oh, but it was. He was there. Of ALL places – he chose it on purpose I swear.”

“Who’s he?”

Tyzel Gallivant.” She hissed the name like it was a curse.


“It was a totally normal day at work. Everyone’s warming up and I get to join now, not just direct the warm-ups.” Nikita began recounting. “The instructor is talking about the dances we’ll work on today, and then he starts mentioning the Talent Troupe. They’re really well known and admired in my group. The troupe often has complex dance choreographies that look really impressive. So then the instructor declares he’s managed to get a representative of the Talent Troupe to come and share some tips.”


“Of course it’s none other than goddamn Tyzel Gallivant. I’d recognize that mop of hair anywhere – even if he decided to chop it off. Still can’t be bothered to take pills for those allergies of his though, god. Apparently, the whole Troupe is on the other side of the ocean right now, but they were more than willing to send the only representative they had in Ridgevalley. So we get him.”


“Turns out he actually does have experience in dancing. I mean I figured he wasn’t an amateur after prom, but to think he actually knew more than 1, 2, 3, as in a bunch of break dancing moves, well…it just really pisses me off. Everyone’s fawning over him and he’s acting like he doesn’t know me – which really is fine by me. I just can’t wait till this is over and I can go back to having fun at work. But the instructor found his tips useful, ugh, he’ll want to keep him a little longer. Cue my suffering.”


“Awesome! Can you ask him something for me?” I asked. This is the perfect opportunity to ask for that magical key back again. At some point, the chance to go down to the basement without my fathers knowing is going to come around.

Nikita snorted. “Me? Talk to him? Not happening as long as I can help it. In a way, I consider it his fault my knees got busted and you want me to go talk to him in a civilized manner?”

Ugh nevermind. She’s too stubborn on this.


“So your knees can actually take it? You’re sure?”

Nikita grinned and smacked her knees. “Oh yes. My children are ready. And I’ve been doing the warm ups at work for a while now. I can do a good few songs with you.”

“Okay cool.”


I’d missed this. It was kind of our thing. I play the violin and she dances. I remember the first few times she’d gotten annoyed when I screwed up all the notes, but we’d harmonized pretty well now.

Playing the violin always relaxes me and helps me clear my mind.

I found myself thinking back on what happened at school today. That really ridiculous show Jesse started.


I don’t understand what the big deal was about needing to know if I had a crush on anyone! They were probably just looking for a reason to gang up on me.

You know people get crushes on celebrities, but it’s nothing serious. It’s just a mixture of envy and admiration.

So what even is, seriously what is a crush?

Apart from a type of soda.

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19 Responses to 9.32 – A cursed attraction

  1. Iomai says:

    Dammit Jesse, you didn’t try hard enough you little chinchilla >n>

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lila Remonn says:

    Lmao ‘what is a crush…’ oh, Niko *pats head*. I wish Jesse could have made him confess something, that would have been great! Their relationship kinda makes me laugh lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. raymondsanti says:

    Lol Jesse… He has an interesting power, I don’t know if I would want it though. Knowing every single time someone lies… Like what if it was a white lie meant to not hurt my feelings?

    And Nikooooo, are you serious?! “What’s a crush?” Agh!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Duiricloud13 says:

    Poor Niko lol. He sounds like me, so behind the times on everything that it becomes seriously dorky.

    But I loved this chapter! It was great to see Jesse again, even though he’s become more of a troublemaker as a freshman now. I wonder if he’s forgotten that moment with the older Niko and Zac, or if he’s just using it as a better reason to tick Niko off?

    Oh, Salandra. Is it wrong I just want to hug her? She always tries to do the right thing but it seems like other people just screw bed over almost every single time.

    Can’t wait until the next update! 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      I feel like that moment is one of the main reasons why he dislikes Niko. I don’t think he realizes what happened that day.
      No of course not, hug away! She needs hugs! Nobody hugs her (I’m serious nobody does)


  5. Simsered says:

    God, Niko is so oblivious but I love him dammit! I snorted at his pondering over what a crush is. Oh Salandra you poor, poor thing. I feel like every girl has that guy she likes and he is completely clueless lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. magpie14031983 says:

    Alistair you doofus!

    I just realised, you could actually use Ed as the founder of a Perfect Genetics Legacy! That hair, and those eyes *fangirls

    Jessie is a little weasel! I bet Sal is feeling all sorts of guilty (even if she is secretly squeee-ing!)

    Niko, you dork! Sal is perfect for you! Just be with her, dammit! Even if you are an Ace, we can love people too! Heck, I’m a pan-romantic Ace myself! Cuddles are the best with someone you love!

    Yay! We finally get a chance to see Nikzel… Ok, that is waaay too close to Niksal! Damn you, Blams, for the matching names!
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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    • blamsart says:

      And his kids practically inherited none of that!! Niki’s all Xav, and well at least Niko has a bit of Ed in his face.
      From brat to weasel. Jesse jesse jesse
      I don’t even know what Niko is anymore. Maybe he’s ace, maybe he’s a late bloomer, maybe he’s just a lot more mental than physical, *shrugs*. Since he doesn’t, I don’t question it too much.
      It’s amusing how both those ships aren’t romantic at all right now. The similarities! Niko shares more with his sis than he thought 😛


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  8. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I AM ACTUALLY ON A POST THAT SHOWS UP IN THE “Recent Posts” LIST! AHHHHHHH HOLY HECK! This is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol. But also, um, what am I going to do with my life once I’ve caught up? This is all I’ve been doing besides homework the past couple weeks….LOL. I suppose I could get back to Different Winters! Yes, there we go! XD Oh and UM SLEEP. I have admittedly stayed up SOOOO late some nights reading this—like all night honestly and then I just sleep in a bit because I have night classes anyway, lmao. Sacrificing sleep is how I’ve managed to “find” so many hours to devote to catching up on this XD

    Okay, haha, the chapter! That was wonderful again! Made me laugh and smile like crazy. I mean, okay, not so nice to gang up on Niko, but I’m actually just really glad he didn’t punch anyone during that debacle. I really want him to pass his test! Lol.

    Aww and look Nikita and Niko can play and dance together again! I freaking love that they do that. It’s so lovely and just ugh—I love this little family with all of my heart.

    And hahaha “Seriously what is a crush? Apart from a type of soda.” Can’t stop smiling!!! You know, I had a friend from California tell me that on V-Day at her school kids used to give Crush sodas to people they, well, had a crush on!!! I’ve never seen or heard of that myself, but when she told me about it I thought that was pretty neat, and of course when Niko said that I couldn’t help but think of that XD

    Oh man, though, on a serious note…Alistair. I’m glad that Xavier stepped in and kept Edmund from kicking him out, only because that really wouldn’t help. I know Alistair isn’t at the point yet where he wants to quit or change…but being open to at least holding down a job is a definite start, especially because he hasn’t been able to keep a job thus far. If he manages that….I think he’d be in a pretty decent shape, even if he did decide to occasionally keep smoking. Being able to take care of himself alone would be a massive step…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      but yes, what will I do if I cannot read your novel comments every day?
      I shall need to make quicker chapters 😛

      He’s doing pretty good! No one’s gotten punched!

      Aw cool, that’s a really sweet idea!

      I’ve sort of had the thought process Niko is having at his age.
      Basically wondering what IS romantic attraction.
      I was a child that liked to introvert and triple think things. Oh wait, I am still such a child.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am going to assume you are genuinely sad that you won’t have to read a million more novel comments from me every day now lmaoooooooo. Like I said, I can’t help them! XD And don’t you worry one bit–whenever there’s a new update I’ll be there to send you another essay! LOL. XD

        Ugh yeah, I’ve honestly contemplated the same myself. And I’ve been in multiple long-term relationships over the course of my life too. You’d think I’d have figured it out by now…..Pfft…..=P

        Liked by 1 person

  9. skcaga6 says:

    Sal is so pretty ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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