8.12 – A moment in time

Inspirational songs for this chapter:

They’re both great with the chapter (second might be better) so you get to choose! Or listen to the first one and then the second…or you know just not listen to any at all.(anywho without further ado)


Xavier’s POV

I got up rubbing my eyes and yawning a little. I checked Teo’s clock and saw it was 2 am.

Wait. Yesterday was Sunday. Which means today is Monday. Which means I have school in 7 hours! And that also means dad’s leaving today and my parents expected me to be home before midnight.

This is bad, this is very bad.


I headed for Teo’s bathroom and pulled out my phone as I did so.

I should’ve checked the time! Instead I fell asleep during the movie. Geez I don’t want Tina and Charlie to get mad at me the day dad leaves!


I opened the light and stupidly blinded myself for a few seconds. When my eyes had adjusted I checked to see if mom had tried to call or text me – which she had inevitably done.

Time to think about coming home hon

It’s midnight where are you?

You have school today Xavier!

And then the texts stopped, which meant I was going to get an earful of it when I got back.

I better wake up Erin and head on home.


When I got back to the living room however, something seemed odd. Out of place.

Edmund wasn’t there. Had he gotten up and left while I was in the bathroom?

I looked around the room, finding it doubtful that I hadn’t heard him walk out.


I finally found him. He was outside on Teo’s patio looking like he was conversing with himself.

Sometimes he’d look angry at himself then he’d shrug like there was nothing he could do.

Darn it, I should get home… But I’m sure a few minutes won’t change anything. Edmund and I sort of friends at this point, and I’m really intrigued by him. Every time we talk I feel like I’m discovering the weirdest things about him. He can waltz and stuff, but not dance normally? I’ve never heard that before.


I went out on the patio, shivering a little as the cold air hit me. Edmund turned when he heard me walk over.

“Hey.” I said with a wave.

“Hey.” He replied.


“You the only one up?” Edmund asked checking through the window at the others.

“Yeah. Just us two. Everyone else are out. What are you even doing out here? It’s kind of cold don’t you think?” I asked, making my way to his side.

Edmund sighed. “I’m mentally preparing myself to go home.”


I gave him a weird look. “Mentally preparing…? Oh your parents are going to be pretty pissed you stayed so late too?”

“You have no idea. My dad’s probably going to forbid me from even stepping foot out of the house after this!” Edmund let out a frustrated sigh.


“Hey, if you knew things were going to go bad why didn’t you leave earlier?” I asked. Seemed like the obvious thing to do. The obvious thing I should’ve done!

“Because…well I guess I lost track of time. What did we watch? Like three movies in a row?”


“Teo’s parents have good taste in movies. Too bad we couldn’t watch that one horror movie…” I said.

“Yeah, Oliver gets a bit squeamish.”

“A bit?” I said, clearly remembering the screaming Oliver kept doing.

“Haha, yeah okay more than a bit!” Edmund laughed.

He then pulled out his cellphone. Once he saw what time it was he seemed to start panicking a little.


“This doesn’t happen often does it?” I asked as he put his phone back in his pocket.

“What?” He asked, giving me a confused look.

“Staying out past midnight.” I said.

“Ah no, it doesn’t.” He admitted.

“Well then your parents should understand! They’ve been seventeen before too no? Things like this happen. You shouldn’t stress over it.” I said. I felt like it wasn’t entirely my place to say this, but he looked way too stressed about the time and getting home. Plus he was probably going to head on home and I was hoping he’d stay longer…


A smile spread on his face after I’d said the last word and he immediately looked down at his feet as if he was trying to hide it. Which he shouldn’t! His smile is nice.

“I should get going.” He said. He wasn’t leaving, but I had a feeling he would if I didn’t say something.


“Aw come on, your parents are probably sleeping at this point. Going back at two or three probably won’t change a thing!” I said without thinking and sounding a bit whiny. Even though it was cold out I suddenly started feeling warm after saying those words. I’d basically just asked him to stay!

His eyes locked on mine like he couldn’t believe I’d really just said that. He had this weird look on his face so I couldn’t tell if I’d just done something bad or not. I almost rectified what I said by telling him he should go on second thought, but he cut me off.

“Can I kiss you?”


I was stunned into silence.


His words were left hanging in the air and his face immediately reddened as he realized what exactly he’d just said.

Did he just…?

My heart started to fuel more blood to my cheeks.


“Um…bye.” Edmund said, awkwardly clearing his throat. Then he walked by me quickly like he couldn’t wait to get away.

I turned around and watched him go.


That didn’t just happen. No of course not Edmund wouldn’t ask me something like that. He wouldn’t…he didn’t…

He asked if he could kiss me. He asked if he could kiss me.


The image, the idea of us kissing went through my mind and I suddenly very deeply regretted my actions. Why didn’t I just say yes?

If he asked me that question that means he obviously wants to too, so why did I let him leave like that?


Then it hit me. He ran off. Again. It’s what the third time now? He keeps running away and I keep letting him, mostly because I’m not sure what to do.

I can’t let him get away this time. Especially not with how we left things off just now. It can either be awkward or…

Come on Xav! He probably hasn’t made it to the front door yet!


I sped through the living room, hoping not to make too much noise and wake the others, but at the same time only wanting to reach the door before he left.

I still wasn’t over the shock of what he’d said, and I had no idea what I would say if I caught him in time, but…I just couldn’t let things lie.


“Yes.” The word practically pulled itself out of my mouth as I saw Edmund leaving. I’d caught up to him!

I was a bit out of breath and my heart was beating rapidly in my chest, but that didn’t matter right now.


“What…?” His head snapped towards me in surprise. He was startled, that was for sure.

“You didn’t give me any time to answer.” I said a little more harshly than I’d intended.

“And…” He uttered the word, a look of bewilderment plastered on his face.

“And I said yes.”

A smile spread across his face that made it look like he wanted to laugh but was too unbelieving of what I’d just said to do so.


So he turned around and walked back up the steps towards me.

I couldn’t do anything else, but watch him come towards me. I was frozen between backing out or going forwards.

This was happening.


When we were mere inches apart, he reached out and held my hand. It was soft, but not too much and it felt like a way to assure neither of us was running away.

I wasn’t aware of anything else except him. There was no house, no door, no floor, there was only my hand in his and him leaning towards me.


But then he stopped…like he was hesitating. Like he was wondering if this was really a good idea. And then I realized I’d done nothing so far. Apart from tell him yes, all I’d been doing was standing there.

He must be wondering whether he heard right…

So I placed my hand on his shoulder and closed the gap.


Our lips touched and in that instant I lost all my senses. A flash, a jolt, a single moment in time…there was no way to describe it.

It was a simple, quiet thing. As gentle as the leaves of autumn falling. There was no need to rush.


The space left between us disappeared and we held onto each other, as if we were scared the other would leave.

Each second felt like a miracle, like it shouldn’t be wasted. Each taste was savoured like we were tasting an exceptional meal. Small spoonfuls that were all savoured slowly to make the most of it all.


I don’t know how long the kiss lasted, but I do know I wished it had never finished.

We both stepped back, a bit out of breath, and I just wanted to step forward and kiss him again.


“That…” I couldn’t find the words. There were none able to truly define what that had been.

Edmund mirrored my smile. “I’ll see you at school.”

And then, a bit hesitantly, he turned and went back down the stairs. This time, he was definitely leaving.


I made my way back into Teo’s house feeling like I was walking on air. My hand reached into my pocket for my phone.

I wanted to text him. No I wanted him to see him. No I wanted to kiss him again. Dang I really can’t wait to get to school now.

My bubble was harshly popped when I suddenly realized Erin was standing right in front of me.


“While I was sleeping!? Really Xavier!?” Erin whispered angrily. “You didn’t even give me a chance to step in!”

My poor little happy bubble was withering down, and I was very very unhappy about that.


“Shut up Erin!” I whispered angrily. “Stop being a brat about this!”


“And I’m getting the feeling that no matter who I kissed you’d be just as pissed!” I shot back, making the realization just as I was saying it.


She pursed her lips angrily, not offering a reply.

“Are you jealous? I thought we were past this Erin!” I exclaimed really hoping I wasn’t right.

“I know that! I know you’re gay! We did get past that.” Erin snapped back.

“Then what is it, why do you…” My voice trailed off as I finally realized what the reason was. Why Erin was so deeply bothered by all this. A reason other than the three bullying me.

I reached out and pulled her into a hug.


She struggled a bit, but let herself go when I spoke.

“Ah geez Erin. You know whatever happens you’ll always be my best friend right? No one’s going to replace you.” I murmured.

Her shoulders sagged a bit in defeat.

“You gotta stop this kay? Having more friends is a good thing.”

“Do you promise?” She murmured in my shirt. No one’s going to replace you.

“I promise.”

“Then fine. I’ll let you be. Just don’t come crying when things go bad between you two.”


I’m torn between pitying Erin and cursing her for her party pooping abilities…constantly. T_T

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16 Responses to 8.12 – A moment in time

  1. Ica says:

    aww finally got that kiss!

    Poor Erin! I pity her. Mostly cause I used to be in that situation. But Xavier is a good guy, she has nothing to worry about!

    Xavier… You are going to be in so much trouble! Get your ass home! I hear normal parents tend to wait up, so 2 or 3 makes a huge difference! Besides, you get home, go to sleep, and school will come that much sooner and you can see Edmund again!

    Great chapter as usual!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      *pats Erin’s head* Xav is a good guy! But because he so willing to adapt, that tends to make him manipulatable…
      Haha! Normal parents yes indeed. Especially if, like Xavier’s case, he’s never been out this late before XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Iomai says:

    Yes! YES! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It happened! *dies* Oh man, when I saw the title I was hopeful and then they kissed. Xavier had me worried there when he was in shock xD And then Erin, I can understand the way she feels but then again, I’m kinda peeved about her popping Xav’s bubble of gumdrops and lollipops lol. I wonder how Teo and Oliver will react when they find out.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      *is attacked by all the yes’* XD
      At least Xavier is good at taking snap decisions…
      Gumdrops and lollipops lol!
      Exactly, see? Erin gives me mixed feelings. To pity or to curse? She has some serious popping/back down to earth abilities.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. autumnrein says:

    Erin definitely has a was of over reacting in some weird situations. She is lucky that Xavier knows her so well because anyone else would not be able to tell what her problem is lol. But I do hope they remain friends for a long time and her emotions don’t cause any riffs between them. And WE HAVE A KISS!!!! So exciting. I’m really interested to see what they do with it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. magpie14031983 says:

    Is it wrong of me that I thought the build-up to that kiss was HOT?!? Damn, Blams, you have a helluva way with words!

    And YES!!! A KISS!!! At last!

    Erin, luv, Xav will always have your back!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Senkime says:

    They finally did it! Happy day, happy day!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Livvielove says:

    I squealed like a little girl in a candy store.
    That is all.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. AHHHHHHHHH! I literally couldn’t stop smiling the entire time I read this chapter. The way they chat, the way they smile at one another, the one way they admire every little thing the other says or does. It’s heart-warming and sweet and just….I really love it. It feels so genuine and kind…which is a relieving contrast after how their relationship has been for quite a while there!

    Edmund surprised me by asking Xavier if he could he kiss him. He seemed, understandably, realllllllllly hesitant to go against his parent’s wishes, but maybe his mom’s words got through to him, even if she mentioned it should be a girl! Lmao *whistles innocently* Whatever, we’ll ignore that detail…I mean you know, besides that, he totally listened to her! She shouldn’t be too mad >.> Plus, her son is HAPPY. He really likes Xavier, really really likes him and that’s so pure and how could you possibly show hatred or disapproval of that?! Gahhhhhh.

    For a second there you had me freaking out because Xavier didn’t answer right away and Edmund LEFT and I was going to snap a pencil in two and then Xavier RAN after him and ahhhhhhhhhhh! I loveeeeee the parallel with like, Edmund thinking to himself in a previous chapter that Xavier wasn’t too light and wasn’t too heavy, and then here we have Xavier thinking to himself that Edmund’s hand is soft, but not too much so. Just this mutual expression of, “He is perfect to me.” *criesssssssss* That’s so heart-warming!

    Okay and SO the kiss itself! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! “As gentle as the leaves of autumn falling. There was no need to rush.” WHAT!? THAT IS SO LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!! To the other they are perfect and when they kiss there’s no rush because it’s like they’re suspended in time—like suddenly they have eternity and ahhhhhhh they do, don’t they? Have the rest of their lives together? I do think so…I hope so!!!! Their relationship has come so far!

    Ahhhhhh! I’m so happy that Erin wasn’t even successful in bursting that bubble. I’m still beaming ear to ear.

    Being replaced though? Hmmm, I see. I attributed her concerns to the fact that Edmund was a bully and that it hits far too close to home seeing as she lives in an abusive household. I mean maybe that was still part of her worries, but it seems this part was even bigger. Aw, Erin, you’re Xavier’s best friend and always will be =) She’s got such a good heart and she’s so strong and resourceful. Gah! Xavier is lucky to have you and he knows it!!

    Lovely, lovely chapter. Lovely generation really and I’m only 12 chapters in. I’m guarding my heart in preparation for disaster, but as I said before, for now I’ll just enjoy this loveliness to the fullest. It’s beautiful ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Emily Anne says:

    Seriously man, hit me where the feels are. I am so in love with themmmm, when Xav ran out to Ed and like yelled after him I just started crying so hard, way too hard man. Gosh. 100% my favourite couple of all the generations so far. Bless them.

    Liked by 1 person

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