8.31 – Under wraps


Xavier’s POV

“How am I supposed to know?” Lem exclaimed and I rolled my eyes.

“Oh I don’t know…maybe because you’re her brother?” I stated and Lem mocked my eye roll with his own.

“That doesn’t mean sh*t.”


“Geez Lem, I expected you of all people to know what’s going on with her. You’re her brother, you’re supposed to know her better than anyone else.” I said trying not to sound too harsh. I can’t help it around this guy.

Geez Xav,” Lem said, mimicking me again. “We MAY be twins, and we MAY have grown up together, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s a girl. Don’t expect me to know every weird irrational thing that goes through her head.”

I sighed in frustration.


“Hey, I just got struck with a fantastic idea! Do you want to hear it? Great!” Lem suddenly exclaimed. “How about you went to see her and asked her yourself why she’s been acting so weird around you. Huh? What do you think? Isn’t it just a fantastic idea?”

I felt the need to cast a spell on Lem. Like that unlucky one Annaliese showed me two days ago…

But Lem is right. I need to go confront her.

“Fine then.”

I walked over to Eina’s room and knocked, going in after she’d allowed me to.


Eina cast me a glance before going back to painting with a renewed determination. For the last two months Eina has been progressively getting weirder and weirder and it seems to only be with me. I didn’t really notice it at first, but I’ve been catching her giving me odd glances like she’s expecting me to do something horrible.

“Hey Eina…” I said, unsure on how to broach the subject.


“Is something going on?”


“No! Nothing at all.” Eina said, dropping her painting tools and avoiding looking at me. Okay, now there’s no more doubt in my mind.

“Then why have you been acting so weird? Did I do something?” I pressed.

“Well…” Eina trailed off, rubbing her arms uncomfortably before finally coming to the decision of telling me.


“Do you remember that time…a long time ago I admit, but…you were in your room and Annaliese told me to tell you someone came to see you? And that person was a…vampire?” She asked. I frowned, but nodded.

She looked surprised by my reaction. “Do you even know who that vampire was?”

Well yeah, he’s kind of my biological dad.

“He’s a wanted criminal.”


“A…wait what?” A wanted criminal? Okay, that should not surprise me.

Eina sighed in relief. “So you didn’t know! But how couldn’t you? It passes on tv.”

“I don’t watch tv that much…what did he do?”


“They didn’t say, but I’m 100% certain he’s involved with that talent troupe thing. He seems really dangerous! What did he want from you?” Eina asked and I was starting to realize Eina had a small fear of supernaturals.

“Oh nothing important really…” I said, glancing away unable to find a valuable excuse on the spot.

“…You’re not involved in that supernatural protest are you Xavier?” Eina asked worriedly.

“What? No!” I instantly replied.


“Yeah, really. I’m too busy with school and the band for that.” I joked, forcing myself to laugh.


“Speaking of, what are you doing here!? Don’t you need to rehearse with the band? Isn’t your show TONIGHT?” Eina suddenly demanded.

“Uh yeah it is, but that’s in a few ho-”

“Well get going! I’ve got to finish this before your show tonight!” Eina said, turning around and pushing me out the door.


“Oh and I’m sorry for being weird and doubting you I’ll stop!” Eina yelled through the door before I heard her pick up her art supplies.

I smiled shaking my head. And then what I’d just learned came back to me.

James is a wanted criminal.


I guess that means I was right. He really was responsible for those vampire caused deaths in my school…but at the same time no one had really been blamed him for it and he’s probably wanted for a crime everyone knows he committed. Still means I was right about him having a really shady past though.

I never thought about it, but if he went to the same school I did, those that mean I could have family in Legacy Island II? Did I meet someone on the street without knowing I was related?


“There you are Xav!” Annaliese exclaimed as I came down the stairs.

“I can’t practice today Anna! I have a-”

“Yes, yes I know all about your band having a show don’t worry.” Annaliese said, cutting me off.


“I just wanted to warn you that I think you’re ready now. Tomorrow we’ll start practicing THE spell.” Annaliese said with a wide smile and I looked around a little frantically hoping no one had heard that.

“Okay, okay thanks.” I rapidly replied.

“Alright well that’s all I had to say really. Good luck for tonight.” Annaliese said turning to leave, but I stopped her.


I guess I was more curious than I’d realized.

“Wait, before you go. I heard that James was a wanted criminal.” I said cautiously.

“Yeah, you didn’t know? They show the wanted criminals on the news from time to time.” Annaliese replied.

“No, I didn’t. What did he do?” I asked.


Annaliese gave me an unimpressed look.

“I thought you didn’t care about his past.” She said.

“I don’t!” I exclaimed, suddenly on defensive.

“If it’s important to you I can call him and tell him you have a show tonight.” Annaliese smirked.


I sighed rubbing my temples.

“How did the conversation even get to this?”

“You started it.” Annaliese said. “You know it’s totally okay to want to get to know your dad and to have your dad be pro-”

“Okay can we stop this here? Weren’t you leaving or something?” I asked, urging her to leave.


Luckily for me, Traz chose that moment to come in.

“Hey you two.” He said with a smile. “Always nice to see a couple of wi-”


I nearly leapt forwards, clamping my hands on Traz mouth before he could finish his phrase.

I’m really getting annoyed with them so carelessly saying that out loud! Even more so now that I know Eina’s not too fond of supernaturals.


After his moment of surprise passed, Traz chuckled at my reaction. Annaliese quickly joined in.

“This really isn’t funny. Can you two just stop waving that word around?”

“There’s really nothing bad in being one Xavier.” Annaliese said with a grin. “I really don’t get why you react this much.”


“Yeah really Xavier,” Traz said, the same grin on his face. “You shouldn’t be ashamed of it.”

“I’m not ashamed of it…” I protested, catching myself a little off guard by the truth in my words. A few months ago I would’ve been more than willing to get rid of my witch side, but in the last two months I’ve been learning how to use my powers properly and in consequence I’ve sort of come to accept my powers. In a way…


“I would just prefer it if not everyone knew!” I said. “What with all the weird things going on…”

“Oh, you’re afraid you’re going to get attacked during the night?” Annaliese teased.

“It’s definitely a possibility!” I said.


“Don’t worry that’s never going to happen. I won’t let it happen.” Traz said with determination. I gave him a surprised look at his blatant comment. “We’re friends Xav, or at least I’ve come to think so. And supernaturals have to stick together.” Traz said, giving me a smile.

I easily returned the smile. Weirdly enough, for a moment there he sounded like someone who really was capable of protecting his friends. Which was a weird thought since I couldn’t see Traz hurting a fly.



No one’s POV

“Don’t screw up and everything will be great.” Samantha provided with a smile.

“That’s helpful.” Xavier said sarcastically.

“Yeah, put some effort in it Sam!” Lem chipped in.

“Look Xav. All I’m going to say is don’t be nervous. I invited a lot of friends over, spent a lot of grueling hours practicing, and I’d rather this didn’t pathetically flop. I told everyone you were an okay singer. Don’t make me a liar.” Sam added.


“It’ll be fine Xavier.” Traz said. “Just trust all the hours of practice we’ve put into this.”

Xavier nodded, still feeling a little nervous. How could he not be? He was just about to perform in front of an audience of university students who were expecting to have a good time! And he only knew a handful of them.


Lem leaned over the edge of the screen, looking at the growing audience. “You sure have a lot of friends Sam.”

“Pretty sure half of them are here for the comedy show after.” Sam said as she drank some water.

“Oh yeah, I’m totally staying to watch that after!” Lem exclaimed, waving to someone in the crowd.

Then, the four got on stage and got ready for the show.


Xenia and Eina, who’d decided they needed to watch their friends’ show together, clapped and cheered a little embarrassingly when the four came out on the stage.

“Woah…Lem got a new look?” Xenia said.

“Yeah, he’ been waiting forever to use those pants.” Eina laughed.

“I like it a lot better than his nerdy look.” Xenia said with a nod.


“Well while you stare at my brother which is weird, I’m going to go look at Traz.” Eina said with a smile, watching as the boys and Samantha started the first song.

Xenia shrugged. “If you like the skinny types.”


“Who likes the skinny types?” Teo chipped in after making his way through the crowd to stand beside Xenia.

“Get a hint Teo, screw off.” Xenia snapped, her smile not reflecting her icy tone. When Teo seemed a little hesitant to leave, Eina helped him go with a shooing gesture with her hand.


For the first song, Xavier was nervous. Very nervous. Standing on stage and watching the crowd of students listening to their music, he wasn’t sure at first he was going to be able to last.

His palms got sweaty and he feared his throat would fail him while he was in the middle of a note.


But eventually, watching the crowd sway to the music and have fun he slowly started to relax.

The moving of limbs was almost hypnotizing and Xavier’s movements began to become more fluid, almost in response to the crowd.


After that it didn’t take much for Xavier to feel like he was in practice again. No, this was better than practice. There was something in the air that made his heart beat faster and made him wish they had more songs to play.


Xavier got so into it, almost dancing on the stage at times, that he completely lost control of his powers for a fraction of a second. As he reached towards the crowd a harmless spark of light escaped from his fingertips and drifted to the ground before being snuffed out.

It was harmless, but extremely noticeable.


“Hey! Get off the stage if you can’t keep it in witch!” One of the men yelled from the front of the crowd. His comment was quickly followed by a few ‘yeahs’ in the back.

“What a jerk.” Xenia muttered.

Eina however, was too busy staring at the little ball of light as it dissolved. “Xavier is a witch?”


A small wave of panic went through Xavier as he realized what had just happened, but one look to his bandmates told him he just needed to continue and forget about the comment.

But the man apparently wouldn’t have it.

“Get off!” He repeated, this time throwing a plastic cup at Xavier. “We don’t want to hear from a supernatural who can’t keep it under wraps!”


The next comment was too much for Traz, he put down his guitar and made his way to the front of the stage.

“You don’t like it, you leave!” Traz commanded.

“You one too? Defending him?” The man practically spat.


It was all the crowd needed as everyone simultaneously broke out into arguments. Arguments supporting the man in the crowd, arguments supporting the band members and arguments to get everyone to shut up. The music came to stop as everyone yelled insults back and forth, completely out of control.

There wasn’t much doubt when the security guards had to get involved that the show was over.

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5 Responses to 8.31 – Under wraps

  1. magpie14031983 says:

    Bigots! There’s (at least) one in every random gathering! Stupid, thoughtless people who have nothing better to do than judge others…

    Great chapter, Blams my luv! I wonder why Eina is so anti supernaturals?!? Oh did I ever tell you that, in Afrikaans, Eina (pronounced ay-na) means Ouch or Sore?!?

    I’m so torn, on one side its hard to give up on the Xeo ship… But on the other I wanna get in there with Xe and rip Teo’s innards out! But you’re writing my Girl well! She wouldn’t give him the time of day after being played false on multiple occasions! She might consent to be “friends” at the end but never more than that (well, unless there’s a fatal accident and her last words were “I’ve always loved you!”) She’s a lot like me that way, fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, maybe I deserved it… But fool me a THIRD time? Hell will hath no fury like the karmic bitchslap I’m about to deliver! I’m kinda sorry she’s not a witch so she can’t give him an endless itchiness or something lmao

    I can’t wait to see Kit-Cat’s reaction when her long-lost brother comes to rescue her from the demented Mind-Dweller!

    Liked by 2 people

    • blamsart says:

      Really? Ouch or sore? Oops…

      Yeah, I was rooting for Xeo too, but Teo went and flirted with every sim he saw so that wasn’t meant to last…
      Glad to see I managed to portray her the right way 😀


  2. cynanyx says:

    That guy just HAD to ruin everything for Xavier and his friends. Some people…
    Great chapter! Hmm… who out of the group would be the best love interest? I’ve got to go think about that.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. autumnrein says:

    Whew! Just got real! Sorry I haven’t been able to comment on the last couple of chapters. They were all awesome, I just got so far behind in my reading. I was away at a conference and then had to get caught up- and it was just a lot lol. I’ll stop rambling.

    I can’t believe a fight just broke out at the concert!

    I had a twinge in my heart to see Oliver with his son the other chapter </3.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Oh, dear =( I didn’t foresee that one.

    So much blind hate….It makes me sad =(

    And people wonder why Xavier doesn’t want people to know and why he might even feel a little ashamed of it. Pfft. Just look at that reaction!


    I’m going to need more than one broom, aren’t I? >.<

    Liked by 1 person

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