8.48 – Uncontrollable spills

Warning: Gore PG


Xavier’s POV

I only realized what happened next, mere seconds after it happened.

The moment I’d confirmed it, the moment I’d decided to trust my gut instinct, that someone was about to kill James right now, my body acted on its own.

My trembling hands formed into fists and I muttered a single word “Shield” just as I raised my right arm.


It’s supposed to be a simple spell. A small momentary shield had been my initial goal.

But all the magic waiting in my veins erupted out of my arm with its movement and came blazing out. Without any warning an enormous array of swirling uncontrolled magic took up the entirety of the space beside me.

And after releasing that much magic, I didn’t feel the least bit drained. If anything there was a release of tension in my arm.

The blob of magic served its initial purpose as a bullet sped through it. The ‘shield’ dissolved the bullet in a matter of seconds, and soon after it dissolved as well. The magic was too unstable to stick in one place.



My arm fell to my side as a small spasm traveled up to my shoulder. Before anyone could react, even me, I felt the nauseating feeling in my stomach shift.

This time the target was on my head.

Fear gathered up inside me and I spun around as magic started to travel back to my arm. Without a second thought I swung my arm up in the general direction the bullet had come from.


The magic that spilled out of my arm seemed three times as strong this time. Magic burst out of my palm, and even though it was as unstable as my wanna be shield if not more, it still managed to chaotically swirl in the direction I had aimed.

As the magic poured out of my veins, burning the air around, my head started to grow heavy. The tension released in my muscles had been relocated to my head. The pain increased to the point where I couldn’t not let out a scream, one that couldn’t be heard over the sound of magic breaking concrete.


I missed. I hit the building he was perched on, but not the sniper. But I was still pretty damn close.

He mustn’t have flinched a bit because the horrible feeling, the gut instinct, amplified alarmingly.

One hand holding my head tightly, I tried to stop the magic from flowing out of my arm so I could at least attempt to make a shield. But I couldn’t, dangerous raw magic was bursting out and I couldn’t hold it back, every second worsening my headache.

And then all of a sudden, the magic stopped flowing.



Right at the last second I somehow managed to stumble to the side, but the bullet still made its way right into my arm. My fingers twitched, a few last puffs of magic spilling out, and then I crumbled to the ground.

Everything hurt, the world was spinning again, I screamed as my brain felt like it was being squeezed to the size of a pin, and then I let out a breath, my body going limp, and the lights behind my eyes finally shutting off.



No one’s POV

Two towns down, in the best room a side of the road motel could offer, two vampires were staring at a now black screen with their faces wide open in surprise.

Hell the last few seconds had been a roller coaster ride of unpredictable things, and yet somehow the situation still turned in their favor.

Did you see what I saw?” Assaria asked, her voice tense with what almost seemed like hope.

“We must’ve misread the witch. Couldn’t have possibly imagined he had that much power. It’s a shame. If he hadn’t been there we would’ve gotten James.” Velor said.


Not that.” Assaria snapped. “I myself should have seen this coming. Xavier is still Rosahelminthe’s descendant and James’ son. He’s a Whitelight and they have a reputation for doing stupid unpredictable things.

“Well then what is it that I missed?” Velor asked in annoyance.


Then again for all you’re bragging you can’t see anything. You probably won’t see this either, but I would’ve expected you to at least notice something was wrong.” Assaria sighed.

“A lot of things went wrong here, now are you going to keep criticising me or tell me what’s going on?”

I’ll do one even better. I’ll show you.” Assaria said as she went over to the tv and rewound the tape.

This had been the plan they’d worked so long on. Too long to, in the end, get a sniper on that roof. The best sniper there was, equipped with William’s magical bead, effectively hiding him from James’ power. And of course, he’d been equipped with a camera so that his employers could watch the scene unfold live before them.

Assaria stopped the tape and gestured at the screen.

Velor raised his eyebrows. “I was under the impression Xavier getting shot wasn’t a bad thing.”

You never listen to a thing I say do you?

“I try not to.”

He should’ve died. That bullet should’ve gone right through his heart. The sniper had it perfectly in his sights. But it didn’t!

“Because the kid stumbled backwa-” Velor’s eyes narrowed as he started to get what Assaria was trying to say.


Her hand smacked against the screen.


“Is it that invisible Damien of yours?”

Yes! He interfered. He’s the one who pulled Xavier back just enough to not get mortally shot. He’s the one who took action to save Xavier’s life. To save his precious Whitelight blood. He interfered.

“You’re losing me here.”


Don’t you see?” Assaria said, excitement rushing through her veins. “I was always under the impression it was simply impossible to kill the Whitelight he was following. That the Reaper being his shadow made him protected through some complicated magic. But right here,” Assaria hit her palm on top of the tv. “Right here, is proof that it’s not impossible. That Damien doesn’t just stand around. When their lives are in actual danger, he steps in. All this time…he doesn’t follow them because they exist, he does so because he needs them to exist.

“So impossible just went to…”

1%. 1% more chance of us being able to kill Xavier. We had 1% chance to kill James. I had 1% chance to kill Rosahelminthe. I’ve hit the other 99% each time, but eventually I should hit the 1%. This all means it’s possible! If I plan carefully, taking into account that he can and will interfere, I have an actual chance.


Velor sighed and leaned back, plucking some dust off the sheets. “Yes well, you have fun with that.”

Assaria cast him an amused look. “Oh I’m so sorry, I meant we.

“Don’t mock me ex-witch, not in this way. It won’t end well.”

I think we need to review some rules, remarks if you will. I thought they were obvious enough, but it seems I need to spell them out to you.” Assaria said with a humorless grin. Both vampires inched their minds towards the Weapon, ready to take control if the conversation turned sideways.


There is an us because there is a James. The moment he dies, you and I, don’t exist anymore.

“You couldn’t be more obvious than that.” Velor said, giving her a blank look.

Don’t worry your noggin though. James is still a priority, and will be until his dead body lies at our feet.” Assaria said with a sly grin.

“Well then, I think we’ve talked about this enough.” Velor said, leaning back onto the pillows and returning her sly look.

Hmm, before that. There’s one thing I think we should take care of.

“What’s that?”

In minutes Xavier will be on an operating table as the doctors treat his bullet wound. What if during the surgery, with the right push, they find a foreign body in his stomach lining? Naturally, it would end in its retrieval…

“And the protection James gave him would disappear…”

I think it would only benefit us in the end. And your brother can prove his usefulness this way.” Because these two weren’t dumb enough to step in the same town James was in. And James might be on the lookout for them, but he didn’t care much for Kord.



“EDMUND! Leopold had yelled, slapping the magazine on the table, surprising Edmund to the point where he’d nearly spilled his cup of coffee on himself. “Explain this.”

Edmund’s father had pointed harshly at the picture in the article. It was crudely taken, and a little blurry, but the contents were clear. It was a picture of Edmund hugging Xavier. To that, Edmund had had no response.

“I thought we were over this, Edmund. I thought we’d gotten past this problem.”


Charlotte’s fingers trailed on the magazine. She wasn’t looking at Edmund as she spoke the simple words.

“You never told me you knew Xavier.”

It was an absent-minded comment. It wasn’t particularly accusing, but he knew it was information Charlotte was storing in the back of her mind.

The stability Edmund had managed to gain in the last two years already felt like it was starting to crumble apart again. All because of Xavier. No, because of Erin. If she hadn’t come to him that time…if she hadn’t said those words…


Edmund’s POV

“I’m sorry, but Xavier isn’t ready for visitors just yet. He’s still recovering, but…oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you at first Mr.Pallen! Well, I suppose you could go in…he hasn’t woken yet however. Please try not to disturb him.” The doctor said.

“Thank you.”


I closed the door gently behind me and then stepped forwards, hesitantly, watching to see if Xavier was really sleeping…or if he’d suddenly wake up and start throwing things at me.

I hadn’t been able to help myself then. After Erin’s visit I’d gotten paranoid. I mistook her words for meaning Xavier had died…and I had never dared to check if it was true or not. So the doubts gnawed inside for a year, during which I managed to convince myself Xavier had died.

But then he’d appeared there, looking different while still looking the same, and I’d needed to run to him. I’d needed to make sure I wasn’t imagining things.

The bruise I got on my cheek after that proved I hadn’t imagined a thing.


I worked hard. For two years I did my best to put Legacy Island II behind me. To forget about my friends, about Xavier, about the deaths, about everything. My dad had managed to once again show me the truth in his vision and I was once again determined to make him proud.

And it worked. My father was back to praising me, and I was exceling at the job he’d given me. Then, my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor and everyone thought he had a low chance of survival. But Charlotte, a neurosurgeon, operated on him and successfully retrieved the tumor.

Next thing I knew, my father had looked into her background and set us up. There was no way I could say no at the time, and Charlotte and I became a couple. It’s been a year now, but I still haven’t managed to force myself to see her in a romantic way.

Only recently I’d managed to convince myself, this was it. This was my life, this was what my father had envisioned for me and…I was okay with that. I could get used to it.


But then he suddenly came barging back in my life.

Without even granting me some warning sign, he was suddenly there, punching me for over-stepping my boundaries. At least that brought me back to my senses. I don’t know what I’d expected…

I reminded myself of what I’d spent the last two years doing. I reminded myself that Xavier being here shouldn’t change a thing, that he shouldn’t still be able to make my chest tighten at the thought of him.


But who was I kidding? I hadn’t been able to act like a mature adult when Charlotte and I had crossed him on the sidewalk. The first thing I’d thought of was “Shit, he saw me with Charlotte…

But to think he was off to do something so dumb right after! Someone a few buildings off had caught the flagrant display of magic on his phone and hadn’t hesitated to post it on the internet. The news had spread quickly, and in a matter of hours, the news had reached my ears.

And even though my father yelled at me yesterday, and Charlotte saw the magazine this morning, I’m still right here. At his bedside, hoping he wakes up, but at the same time really hoping he doesn’t.

I could’ve tried, but I knew too well at this point that I wouldn’t have been able to continue my routine without making sure with my own eyes that he was going to be okay.



Why was it that being here was making me feel more relaxed than I’d felt in ages? More like myself…

He seems so different. I hadn’t expected him to be. Never in a million years did I ever consider that he could be mad enough to punch me. It’s nothing compared to what I used to do to him in high school though.

I wonder what he’s been doing for the last two years? The people he’s met, the stuff he went through…and him being this powerful! I eventually found out he was a witch, but I knew for sure he wasn’t this strong. What had happened? God I wanted to know. I wanted him to wake up and tell me everything. I wanted to sit here and just listen to him talk.

God I hate this suit.


At some point, maybe an hour or so later, the doctor came in, slightly surprised to see I was still here.

“Would you like to know about his condition Mr.Pallen? There are a few questions I’d like to ask you as well.”

I nodded.

“The bullet grazed the brachial artery and damaged the muscles surrounding. He was very lucky and the surgery went well. It’ll be recommended he doesn’t use his arm too much in the next few days however.” The doctor explained. “Now we noticed signs of sleep deprivation and high levels of stress in his overall system. The latter was bordering on supernatural, so we couldn’t properly identify it, but we believe the amount of magic he released was too much for his body and mind. This could affect his recovery.”


“His immune system could be diminished, and even though we administered antibiotics, he’s still susceptible to an infection. There have also been a few cases where the patients were under a high level of stress before the event, which led to some memo-” The doctor’s words were cut off as Xavier stirred.


Xavier tried to sit up, groaning as the pain from his shoulder brought him back down. He cast a look around the room, his eyes narrowed as they tried to focus.

“Where am I?” He croaked.

The doctor immediately rushed to Xavier’s side. I simply stood there.

Walk away, walk away now.

“You’re in the hospital. How do you feel? Any dizziness?”


“I can’t…” Xavier pushed himself up again, grimacing as he gingerly touched his stomach.

“It’s okay take your time. Can you tell me what happened to you?” The doctor said.

“What happened? I…no.” Xavier frowned.

What am I still doing here? He doesn’t seem to have noticed me yet. It would be better for everyone if I left right now.

“If you don’t want to tell me that’s okay, but it could help-” The doctor said, but Xavier interrupted him.

“No, I mean…I can’t. I don’t know…I don’t know what happened.” Xavier said, looking at his hands like he was seeing them for the first time.

At this comment, the doctor eyed Xavier a little worriedly. “Can you tell me your name?”


“I…” I stared in disbelief as Xavier actually hesitated to answer. “I can’t remember. I can’t remember anything. Why can’t I remember!?”

Xavier’s worried eyes stared up at the doctor, and then they moved to me. Registering my existence, but not remembering it.

It was all the proof I needed, as hard as the truth was to believe.

Xavier had lost his memories.




Concerning the light shows at the beginning of the chapter : I didn’t draw anything, I took a bunch of pictures from google and stuffed them together.

Also, I did a lot of research concerning gunshot wounds in the general arm/shoulder area, but I’m not a certified paramedic or doctor, so I can’t be sure of what I wrote here. If you do know better, tell me! I won’t change the chapter, but I’d still love to know!

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  1. Senkime says:

    Oh no Xavier… well Ed has a chance now.

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  2. autumnrein says:

    Wow. What a terrible thing to lose. Your memories. Time to step up Edmund!

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  3. magpie14031983 says:

    OMG!!!! That was epic! TGFS! Thank Goddess for Serenity!!! Hmm, me wonders whether the memory loss is stress induced, magick induced, or Velor (by way of Kord) induced?!? I’m kinda surprised that Assaria and Velor would go so far as to hire a hitman… It just seems so low-brow for them, but I guess the ideology is sound: dead James is better than no dead James, however it may come about! I love that pic where Damien is pulling Xav out of the way… Even Death knows better than to take a Whitelight before their time! I wonder now whether Aliska’s prophesy has been thwarted, or whether it has just been delayed… I still don’t like that Rina led Kyxa away, I shudder at the thought of Rina working with Velaria! I think Xav will recover his memories and in the process liberate himself and Ed from the past… I just hope Xavmund makes a comeback (even though Ed deserves to suffer for a while) and that Lillith or our favourite female witch (yes the name has shifted out of my memory banks, so sue me) end up as the baby-mamma! Maybe Erin volunteers an ovary? Or even Charlotte lol since she doesn’t seem too in love with Ed… But I think Lillith or Annaliese (yeah I remembered) would be the ideal baby-mammas! Maybe each one could have a kiddy… Then we could pick the heir again 😀
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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    • blamsart says:

      Sometimes the precision of your guesses scares me. Am I getting predictible or are you just used to my writing now?
      Memory loss wise, it’s all explained in the next chapter.
      Well Velor and Assaria want to kill James, but they wouldn’t be able to face him in a battle of mind control. So they needed to play dirty. They spent two decades in his prison. I don’t think they care much about the means anymore.
      Concerning Aliska’s prophecy, if you reread what it was you’ll get your answer.
      I want Xavmund to make a comeback, but Ed’s got a lot to be forgiven for. Reading your guys’ comments it made it pretty much clear to me that to make Xavmund a reality, Edmund’s gotta make it up to not only Xavier, but Erin and the readers XD. And that’s asking a lot out of Edmund -_-‘ , so Xavmund’s fate is still undetermined.
      I’m getting pretty darn excited for babies to start appearing T^T


      • magpie14031983 says:

        Wow accurate? Most of the time they’re just random-ass guesses or things I would “like” to have happen lol ok so one or two have been helped by comments you’ve made or direct hints you’ve dropped, but honestly, most of it is just plain luck (unless we both have the same twisted psyche lol)

        Yeah, I can see how Velaria wouldn’t want to meet James in a “fair” fight! He is pretty indomitable!

        Yeah, Ed is gonna have to work his cute little tush off to get us to fall for him again! And I want nooboos!!! But only when the story allows of course 🙂

        I’m going to have to track down that prophesy again, but not right now. Its 00:41 here and I have to be up for work in 4 hours O_O going to go slip into a medically induced coma now! *gosh I love my antipsychotics •wicked grin•*
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  4. savantestarr says:

    Well damn…so much for moving on. >_<

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  5. Livvielove says:

    Yup. I’ve mostly stayed silent throughout this generation because I really… really hate Edmund.
    Sorry to be the voice of dissent in the crowd. I just… never liked him. He was alright when he was with Xav in the beginning of their relationship… but it was always one thing after anther after another with him and I’m so over him.
    First Xav is gay so he has to be *extra* assholeish to him.
    Then Xav is a witch, which *of course* Edmund had prejudices against.
    Forever Edmund is bent under his father, even down to the point of making Xav hide himself so he doesn’t have to face a hard decision… but I’ve never related to Edmund. I never have.
    He claimed to hate his father’s influence. To not want to do anything his father wanted him to… yet he never tried to grow a backbone. Not even when he was old enough to.
    I get that it’s harder than it seems, but to me it’s just a show of his weak mind. Xavier will never be first… and even if Edmund suddenly get’s whacked with the “I’m-independent-and-don’t-need-you” stick… it likely won’t change my mind.
    ❤ James still though. Was soooo happy for him and Xavier to finally get that adorable conversation. I hope they can at least be cordial, if not friends. My sweet, amazing James deserves that much.
    Also, I love Xavier's powers! You did *fantastic* with those screenshots and I'm mega-jealous of your editing abilities. I'd love to learn how to do that myself!

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    • blamsart says:

      Yes well, Edmund is a difficult character. As much as it is horrible the way his father treats him, he’s actually gotten so many opportunities to better himself yet never took them! He was a spoiled brat. Too scared to lose what he already had.
      I love that you made this analogy before my Xavier ended up doing it! Which just means you’ll be happy when he does 😀

      James! Always 😀 As much as I was slightly unhappy to have another vampire heir, now I’m just super happy because it means he lives long!

      Thanks! I was very proud of that! Even if, I swear, it was just me using multiply (or overlay)! Cannot live without those photo editing techniques

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      • Livvielove says:

        I need to learn how to do those photo-editing techniques… I swear… one day I will.
        That was my main point I was trying to get across. While I was sympathetic *at first* to Edmund… it became clear to me that he actually doesn’t care *enough* to break away from his father. Even now. It’s frustrating to me that everyone likes him so much… but alas… I’m just wanting the best for Xav and if (begrudging sighs) in the end that’s Edmund… then that’s that.
        I hope James gets a nice long life that isn’t so tortured. He’s had to clean up everyone’s messes… Ugh I love him to pieces… XD

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        • blamsart says:

          I swear though, James is TOO good. He’s TOO awesome.
          I have had soooo many moments where I couldn’t make something dramatic happen because JAMES was there and nothing of the sort would happen in his presence. I have to go through a whole ton of loopholes to get things past James.
          I tried killing James once. In this chapter as it happens I had originally wanted to actually manage to kill my baby off, yet it just didn’t happen.
          Don’t get me wrong I love him and I always will…
          BUT CHILD you’re too good of a defense right now! You’re making me jump through fiery hoops to make your family suffer.


          • Livvielove says:

            Can we talk about the fact that James controlled an entire town, dragged them to a temple and then performed surgery?
            Meanwhile his daring son threw up at the sight of two corpses.
            Don’t get me wrong… I love Xav and my reaction would’ve tots been the same… but James is a whole-nother-level of amazing. I need me a James in my life.
            The only thing missing from James is that amazing one-liner everyone can quote from him… but we can’t get that for *obvious* reasons… XD
            He just needs his mic-drop moment.
            Like, I would love if you ended your legacy with James being like “You guys are all fucked up.”
            And everyone stares at him like O.o?! “You’re mute!”
            “Nah, I just never had anything to say until now.”
            (Mic drop)

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            • blamsart says:

              I know WTF James talk about OVER-POWERED. (went from being easily being taken over by Assaria to controlling both Velor and Assaria to controlling an ENTIRE town when he found people he couldn’t control)
              Lmao the comparaison is hilarious.
              Same age – they both saw corpses and Xav’s reaction was a lot more intense. Actually, James started seeing corpses in elementary school! (darn that WORD. corpses. I never know if I’m writing it right.)

              They all just weren’t worth hearing his marvelous voice.
              *brain decides to imagine James’ real voice to be all squeaky and scottish*


              • Livvielove says:

                I want to make a meme of James.
                “James, no, you can’t go in alone. You’ll get killed!”
                James: “Lol. K.” (Takes entire town with him)
                Really random, but I think corpses looks right. Wait. Now that I’m spelling it myself I’m doubting myself.
                SPELLCHECK. WHY YOU NO HALP ME?!
                Xavier is adorable… but I don’t think he’s got the guts (literally and figuratively, I still think he barfed his guts out the door of Erin’s house) to be like his daddy. XD
                I miss Oliver. Every. Single. Chapter.
                Is there anyway he can come back? I know probably not… but… *he was so awesome.*
                I hated him at first but boy did he wiggle his way into my heart. Especially after all he did for Erin.
                Or… even better:

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                • blamsart says:

                  Noooo Xav’s not the type of guy you hide from in the streets. He’s the type of guy you rob XD Sorry Xav, but I’m not the only one who noticed that *ccooouuggghhhsss* don’t wanna spoiler that line tho.

                  Wait what chapter are you on? ;P
                  Oliver was good at doing that. GROWING ON PEOPLE. He’s also on my list of godsends.

                  0:32 “hoo hoo hoo hoooooo”
                  WHY DID YOU MAKE ME WATCH THIS. I coughed up a lung trying not to laugh.
                  Bigus Dickus
                  (I keep imagining James suddenly looking at people and with a slow grin doing the “hoo hoo hoo hoooooo”)


                  • Livvielove says:

                    I swear Life of Brian is one of my favorite movies ever. I die laughing every time.
                    I feel like this is my life as a writer.
                    (Tries to imagine character in a cool way)
                    (Only sees them doing stupid stuff and sighs).
                    There’s a reason I have two characters fondly named Dumb and Dumber.
                    “Thaaat’s right! I’m dumb and he’s dumber. Get it right!”

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                    • blamsart says:

                      I LOVE BEING A WRITER and i love my brain. ill just take a moment to thank my brain. thank you for all the ideas, the beautiful images, the heartbreak, the crazy, the angry, the absolute donkeyness, and thank you for James. Motherlode.

                      (Tries to imagine character happy)
                      (Character gets hit by a meteorite)
                      I swear though sometimes.

                      You keep mentioning Dumb and Dumber and I keep being dreadfully curious and tortured by the fact that I cannot KNOW who they are yet!


                    • Livvielove says:

                      I’m actually debating doing a fun non-canon chapter of those two goobers messing up a time-traveling expedition. Something they would *definitely* do.
                      “Oh, oh! Someone wants to meet us! Hi! I’m-”
                      Not spoiling your name, mister.
                      “Shh, who are you talking to, bro?”
                      “I don’t know. I don’t have the brain. How can I find out?”
                      “Shit, you don’t have the brain? Who has the brain then?!”
                      “You were supposed to have the brain!”
                      Mania rolls her eyes: “What are you moron’s going on about?”
                      “OUR BRAIN IS GONE!”
                      “Tell me something that isn’t already obvious…”
                      Those two… they were once told they had half a brain, so they figured if they combined their halves they could make a whole. -.-‘
                      “Oh look! Pizza!”
                      “SAVE SOME FOR ME.”
                      Ode to Dumb and Dumber.

                      You see, I have this problem where all of my characters are romantically drawn to their loves. It’s like… a magical pull.
                      (making out noises)
                      *headdesk* YOU JUST MET.
                      “YOU’RE PERFECT.”

                      It’s already begun with Aggie… (sighs)

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                    • blamsart says:

                      My gods entertainment at its finest! I’m assuming twins 😛

                      AND THAT MADE ME SQUEAL
                      I didn’t know I had such a weak spot for instant soulmate love. Maybe cause the last ones I read weren’t that good, but Agnes and Tragic drew me in instantly. “YES ADORE HIM. ADORE HER DONT STOP CLINGING TO EACH OTHER. SO CUTE.”
                      I’ve never written that kind of romance yet but I secretly want to and secretly will


                    • Livvielove says:

                      Oh yeah. Twins of the worst variety…
                      “I was born first!”
                      “Only because gramps made you come first. *I* was coming first.”
                      “Yeah… but I’m the stupider one between us.”
                      “Watch, I’m going to eat some dirt!”
                      “Me too!”
                      (Dumb makes a horrified face) “Oh gods… that had a worm in it! I feel sick now…”
                      Dumber pats Dumb on the back. “There there. I hear worms can regrow heads if you bit it off.”
                      (Dumb throws up)
                      “See. All better.”
                      Oh gods… those two get into so much trouble/hilarity it’s ridiculous.

                      Instant soulmate love is kind of my speciality. You can ask Magpie. Pretty sure I killed her when Jupveline finally launched.
                      I think I killed myself too, if I remember correctly. I stayed up 3 days straight writing those chapters (I was *inspired* XD ). I got that chapter up and passed out.
                      Apparently my best work is when I’m miraculously inspired at like… 4am. (Shrugs)
                      I’m just amazed that most of it was coherent.

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                    • blamsart says:

                      Ahhhh 4am writing. The best really. Highest peak of emotional investment too.
                      Always find myself screaming into a pillow at some pont.

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                    • Livvielove says:

                      You’re not a writer until you’ve screamed into a pillow.
                      Or broken down into tears over the “most beautiful thing you’ve ever written.”
                      Only to wake up the next day like “what does this even mean? ‘I am four cheeseburger sexy lamborghini?'”
                      Those are the nights I stockpile those away and use them again when Majnun opens his mouth.

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                    • blamsart says:

                      I laughed harder than I should’ve.

                      I have these intense fangirling moments over my own writing at night. “I’m a goddamn genius look at this pile of gold look at this pain i cant stop writing this gorgeous feels storm”

                      why is this a thing

                      there’s your sexy cheeseburger lamborghini

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                    • Livvielove says:

                      Oh my sexy cheeseburger lamborghini…
                      Sometimes I get these ideas too where I’m like “so then he goes back in time and is born before his mother…” and I’m like “Nope. Nope. Nope. I’m cutting you off. You must’ve snorted something… I have no idea what it is… but you should stop…”
                      Then my brain is like “BUT THESE ARE GENIUS.”
                      Slaphappy me is fun, but boy do I not trust that me with writing.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      My favorite mental line is “BUT IN THE END it was all a dream”

                      WAIT if he’s born before his mother because he went back in time does this mean he’s his own grandpa

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Livvielove says:

                      Ah, now that’s the *real* question, isn’t it? The answer being 42.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • magpie14031983 says:

                      That was my thought on the “born before” idea… Well, that and, how could he be born in the past if he went to the past as an adult?!? Unless he meets his Great-Granma and they do the nasty (very nasty in this case), and so he is born as his own Grandfather?!? I think my brain is going to explode now O_O
                      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • magpie14031983 says:

                      OMG I’m having “TLoLHaHB” flashback lmfao
                      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

                      Liked by 2 people

                    • blamsart says:

                      *stares at it for five seconds*
                      *bursts out laughing*


                    • magpie14031983 says:

                      It’s Eviter, Liv lol “Jupeveline” SMH amateur

                      •runs off lol insanely•
                      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Livvielove says:

                      (Was quoting you from this):
                      “Totally on the Jupveline ship. I just wish he would realise that just because he’s ?????? it doesn’t make him evil, just like being human doesn’t make a person automatically good

                      Sent from my D2005 using Tapatalk”
                      Cut out the spoilers. Page 25 of my original. XD

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • magpie14031983 says:

                      I stand by my “amateur” comment lol this time directed at myself… Jupveline SMH wtf was I thinking smha
                      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Livvielove says:

                      Eviter does roll off the tongue better… I still love them either way. Rewrite them will be hilariously fun.
                      For what it’s worth, you’re the best ship-namer out there!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • magpie14031983 says:

                      Aawww thanks, Livvie ❤ I still have that shipname pic you sent me as my FB profile pic 🙂
                      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Livvielove says:

                      It really did make me think of you. I love that picture so much. Magpie – the Queen of all ‘Ships. ;D

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • magpie14031983 says:

                      Aaw shucks •does the whole bashful, looking at the ground and moving my foot in the “dirt” thing that they do in old movies•

                      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

                      Liked by 2 people

                    • magpie14031983 says:

                      Aaw shucks, you guys •blushes• I ❤ you too •another group hug•
                      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

                      Liked by 1 person

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